Monday, December 04, 2006

Exotic Weapons NOT Needed to Pulverize the Twin Towers into Dust

The main argument of folks pushing the theory that the Twin Towers were brought down with exotic weapons like mini-nukes or directed energy weapons is that conventional explosives (like thermite) could not have pulverized the concrete into dust as observed in videos of the event.

Are they right?

Well, compare this video of the collapse of the South Tower collapse:

With this video:

(Obviously, the second video shows the demolition wave going from right to left, instead of top to bottom. But the second video is quite reminiscent of the destruction of the Twin Towers.)

See also these videos:

The above videos show conventional explosives (they are examples of a method called "cast blasting", which is very low-tech. Cast blasting just means that holes are pre-drilled and explosives placed in the holes).

Bottom line: mini-nukes or directed directed energy weapons aren't needed to explain the pulverization of concrete in the Twin Towers. Conventional explosives could have done easily crushed the concrete as observed, and conventional methods such as thermite ignition could have destroyed the core columns.


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