Friday, September 23, 2005

9-11 Letter Campaign

President Bush said on September 22, 2005 that pulling out of Iraq would repeat the mistakes that led to 9/11.

We invite you to write a short letter to the editor of your local papers expressing your outrage that the president would use 9/11 as a justification for a continuing war in Iraq, when all of the evidence points to the fact that 9/11 itself was an inside job. You can use this very helpful web tool for finding the email address of your local papers.

You may wish to note that most large, mainstream media companies are too intimidated or co-opted to write anything real about 9-11. See Dan Rather's recent comments. Therefore, small papers and free weeklies are your best bet for getting published.


Blogger Daniel Levesque said...

Youve been listening to that crazy Farrakhan fellow haven't you?

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