Friday, October 07, 2005

Save Important 9/11 Information

Even today, 22% of all Americans have never used the internet. And while the readership of web news sources is dramatically increasing, and the mainstream media is quickly losing readers and credibility, many Americans who do have web access still prefer to get their news from old-school sources.

The powers-that-be are also trying to shut down free speech on the web, since it challenges their "official" stories. See for example these headlines.

Luckily, there are now several free programs which allow you to download the contents of an entire website (1). By downloading the info from important sites, you will help to preserve the evidence. For example, if alot of us download a key document, and then the government tried to "disappear" the document, enough of us would have it on our computers that we could prove the document exists.

You can also copy the info onto a CD, after you have downloaded it, and pass the CD on to others who aren't web-savvy or who still get their news from the mainstream media.

If you set the downloading program to grab external links, you will also download the actual linked web pages and linked multimedia files. In other words, you would then be downloading and saving the materials linked by the website you are caching (2).

Some software even allows you to reproduce the look and feel of the website on a CD, including the linked pages, so that the CD-user doesn't even have to access the web to read all of the linked materials. So you can give CDs to people who won't spend the time to look at the site on the internet. And in the privacy of their own (or their library's) computer, they can view the information for themselves.

(1) If you don't already know about this kind of software, I have found the free Httrack Website Copier and its free companion software, ProxyHTTrack, to be effective.

(2) Because some of these website materials or linked-to materials may be copyrighted, you should contact the copyright owners to get their permission before copying the material.


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