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Can We Have a Peaceful Revolution?

In 1776, the founding fathers of America waged the Revolutionary War to gain independence from the British monarchy. Indeed, founding father Ben Franklin said something to the effect that we need a revolution every 200 years, because all governments become stale and corrupt after 200 years. The French then followed with their own revolutionary war.

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela proved that you can have a non-violent revolution, at least when the people have convinced the rulers that they have the power to shut down the government and economy, and that the outcome from refusing to step aside would be even worse.

Is a non-violent revolution better than a violent one? Of course it is. Many lives may be spared, countless scars avoided, and untold emotional suffering prevented.

In addition, some wise person once said that you shouldn't tear down something unless you can replace it with something better.

And for those Americans who want to stay in this country, trashing the place in which we and our grandkids are going to be living for generations is not very smart.

Cindy Sheehan has said that “nonviolent civil disobedience is the way we have to go” to end the war.

9/11 activist Jimmy Walter says "NON-Violence is the only way!"

Is Revolution Inevitable?

The government has angered the majority of Americans with its lies, brutality and indifference to human suffering at home or abroad. Yet the empire is hell-bent on carrying out its plans for global domination devised by the Project for a New American Century and others before Bush took office.

And while impeachment and criminal indictments would be the normal avenue for ridding the country of leaders who do not follow the constitution or the rule of law, congress closed ranks years ago to protect the criminals, and is not likely to allow impeachment proceedings to go forward.

However, the imperial alliance doesn't have the means necessary to crush dissent at this point. In fact, millions of brave Americans are raising their voices now more than ever, even in the face of increasing repression and censorship.

And when they drew up their imperial plans, they did not count on the power of the Internet to spread truth. Even if they shut down the web based upon some imaginary necessity, they cannot re-enslave minds once liberated.

The stubborness of the imperial rulers and their refusal to change course is crashing into the rising awareness, anger, outrage and courage of the public, like two tectonic plates grinding together.

Revolution is inevitable. The only question is whether it will be violent or non-violent.

But is a Peaceful Revolution Possible?

I don't know. On the one hand, the crazy warmongers are gearing up right now for full-scale wars against Syria and Iran, and covert operations have already begun in both countries. And Saudi Arabia and Venezuela are on the radar as future targets for invasion.

Despite Bush's plummeting poll numbers, and the CIA leak, torture, and WMD disinformation scandals, the guys in charge of our country are going pedal-to-the-metal to launch us into a further series of imperial wars of aggression.

Furthermore, the U.S. mainstream media refuses to cover the real stories, such as 9/11, which would take the wind out of the sails of the war ship.

On the other hand, the time is ripe for change. The U.S. is running a huge deficit, is overextended militarily, and has lost credibility in the world.

The powers-that-be are clearly following the old adage that "the best defense is a strong offense". They are desperately trying to play a strong offense (starting new wars, cracking down on civil liberties, killing whistleblowers, and maybe planning new false flag operations) in order to play defense (avoiding impeachment, indictments, guilty verdicts for war crimes, and exposure of the unholy alliances they have formed with the ruling elites of other countries and with established criminal organizations).

But a sizeable portion of the public is catching on to at least the basic dihonesty of the leaders, trust in the administration is plummeting -- even in wartime -- and ever-increasing numbers of people are reading websites that are exposing their real game.

The public is finally waking up, and the momentum has shifted away from the bad guys.

So How is A Peaceful Revolution Carried Out?

Obviously, some wimpy, rose-colored-glasses strategy is not going to work against the ruthless criminals who run our country, or their media lapdogs. Any strategy must be realistic, taking away the sources of power that fund the criminal enterprises and illegal wars.

Certainly, the actions of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., might be instructive. Their sit-ins and other non-violent acts of civil disobedience impaired the ability of the repressive regimes to function, and drew outrage from around the world.

Boycotting all corporations -- whether defense, media, or otherwise -- that support the barbarians would also be helpful. And while I have not researched the legality of non-payment of taxes, IF non-payment is in fact legal, that might also be a good way to cut off funding of further imperial mischief.

But, unfortunately, I don't have many of the answers. There are people with far more wisdom, creativity and experience than me who would have a better idea of how to win a peaceful revolution. I urge them to step up to the plate.

And I urge you to use every ounce of wisdom, creativity and strength you have, and all of your passion to avoid a bloody mess for you and your family, to create and implement a successful non-violent revolution.

Legal Disclaimer (the small print):

I am NOT calling for the overthrow of the government. In fact, I am calling for the reinstatement of our government. I am calling for an end to lawless dictatorship and a return to the rule of law. Rather than trying to subvert the constitution, I am calling for its enforcement. Do you disagree with these goals? If so, then YOU are anti-American.

I am not, in short, using the word "revolution" to mean overthrowing the government. Rather, I am using it in the original meaning of that word: to "come around again" to the ideals upon which America was founded.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not try to overthrow the government: he tried to promote justice and strengthen the government by promoting a non-violent alternative to Malcolm X. I am trying my best to be a peacemaker and to help avoid bloodshed. I am trying to prevent a civil war in this country, not start one. I am trying to prevent illegal acts, not incite them. I am a peaceful man.

The best way to avoid all types of revolution would be for the government to start following the rule of law. I passionately hope it will do so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd enjoy hearing more of your ideas about a peaceful revolution. my own idea at current is a sort of internet network of people that can deprive the corporate war machine of a criticalo mass of grunt labor, at will. if they cannot build, sell or otherwise carry out business, they will be incapacitated, and with enough people, not all can be fired. if they are, that is thousands of revolutionaries unemployed and angry...

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Washington was a coke head and a slave owner.

I believe in revolution by, as Jimmy "JJ" Walker would say, Dyno-Mite!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too believe it is time for a reveloution, peaceful? I would like to think so but at this point I do not know if that is a workable solution. I would so dearly hope so.
Three years ago I was blindly going along shopping just to fill a need. Made good money at a job I had had for 17 years. A nice home , nice car, plenty of food in whatever restaurant I decided to eat in at the time. Living a life of blind bliss. I was 49 then, got sick or a sniffle off to the doctor and fully paid by my companies insurance. Then BAM, BAM BAM BAM. The world changed. Job, out sourced to another country. Unable to shop, unable to make car or house payments. My little dream world ripped right out from underneath me.
And in a way thank goodness for it, I WOKE UP! Started reading instead of shopping. Started seeing my family and friends going through the same thing. Met new people that had been like this for a while and saw what it took to try and survive in this world.
It has been a eye and brain awakening last three years! I have noticed hey I don't need to buy much new stuff from major stores, people are throwing it away by the tons, because like my dream self they were bored and tired of THINGS, so threw them out and got NEW Things. So GOODWILL and SALVATION ARMY and garage sales I was now learning to shop for NECESSITIES. Food was not so easy, at 5.95 an hour (my new job) it is hard to have utilities , gasoline, a phone, clothes and FOOD. But we manage. The dollar stores help allot. May not taste so good right out of the can but hey a few spices! God only knows what we are eating but its food. Make just a little to much for food stamps and no kids at home so no medicade for any illness. Better not get sick, well at 52 you start having medical problems. Its just get sick and live with it or die. Better keep a checking account because they don't pay with checks any more, auto deposit is the way everyone is going these days. So the banks have to report any unusual activity in your account , a red flag goes up. FOR WHO AND WHY? Well guess they want to know I am only buying my 2 bags of beans this month and if I get three good lord they may want to know where the money for three came from.
YOU BET ITS TIME FOR A REVELOUTION. I am a advocate for PEACE. YES I WANT A PEACEFUL REVELOUTION! But will a peaceful one work?
Its not a matter of IF we will have one it is a matter of when. When it hits enough AMERICANS sitting watching TV and hearing reports of food lines, people living in shanty towns and tents and instead of going back to their dinner they figure they can no longer afford the cable or DISH Satalite that it may hit them over the head “hey now wait a minute its in my backyard now” Thats WHEN.
Do I love my country? YOU BET. I always thought of the USA as a wonderful place full of growth and opportunity, Full of people that helped their neighbours cared about their community, but hey they moved the jobs tot another country, people are to busy with their little personal lives to GET INVOLVED with anyone else even taking care of their own parents much less helping the 90 year old living next door. It hopefully will be re-created as a great NATION again in time. But it wont be our time I am afraid. Maybe not in our childrens time, but maybe just maybe in our grand childrens time.Maybe HUMANITY will be re-built and re-defined, not just in our country but all over the world. You cant be a rock or an island any more.
Did we learn nothing over the past 100 years? Taking a good look at AMERICA and seeing a third world developing NO we did not.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im glad that so many people are catching on to this murderous, disgusting group we call our Government, i want to vommit every day i open the newspaper, every day i sit on the computer for more than 10 minutes.... i too the other day was wondering if peaceful revolution is possible.... i certainly hope so.... if not ive got my gear and my guns, if i never shoot a human in my life i will be happy. Keep preaching for those of us who just dont have the time to do much else besides tell every friend, relative and person they meet.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rather than post some idea that I have about a tiny portion of a solution I propose an assingment for whoever out there has the best idea and resourse to research how major traitors have been successfully dealt with in the past...However---I am o f the opinion this is gonna go more along the lines of the way hitler was removed. Much destruction ahead.

This MUST hae been what it felt like to have been a reasonable German trapped inside hitlers germany.

He is a sabateur at the very least... And to think i cooked dinner for his father when i was in college.


2:03 AM  
Blogger Shrink Rat said...

The only reason Ghandi's nonviolent revolution worked was because of the socio-political climate of the day. That is not the case now. Nor was it for King.... who was assassinated by the government. The true powers that be, will not, I believe countenance any dissent that may actually diminish their power. Peaceful protest, peaceful regime change will not occur. Unless you know of a trick I've not heard of. You can choose to be a serf in the NWO or you can choose the alternative. In the first case you will succeed. In the latter, you are likely to fail. But I would rather fail in the attempt to achieve freedom than ....'to go meekly into'.... THAT particular night.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I explored the potential for a non-violent revolution in my online novel, Revolution 2.0. The characters use cutting edge Internet technology to foment a popular (but largely virtual) insurrection against which the government has no defense. You can read it free at:


7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you say the goverment your talking about your neighbors who work for them.The people responsible are sitting at the top of corps and oil companys CEO"S The guy or woman who would sell their mother,Know anyone like that?

If you want the (Peaceful REVOLUTION get a head start

!!!! Go to Your Congress office ,it belongs too you you pay for that space and start demanding not asking anymore

Watch how the Oil companys rape America this summer and buy up all the idea's of small American companys and then advertise it as if they been working on it. Do you really think the give a shut. Oop's

You can get results when you <

Let the Show begin

Thanks for the blog

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GENE SHARP has written a plethora of information and books on non-violent strategies. Check it out!

12:56 AM  
Blogger Blake Miller said...

It worries me to hear peeps chatting about a non-non-violent revolution. That would be a disaster! When you feel angry or afraid, it is very, very important to think carefully: why do you feel that way, what does it make you feel like doing, and most importantly who might have included your emotions+reactions into their strategy?

Non-violent action is our only shot at instituting new government in this country, and it is certainly within our power to do that if enough people are willing to make sacrifices. They will make those sacrifices if they see why reform is necessary.

7:51 AM  

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