Friday, November 25, 2005

Osama bin Laden - Evil Supergenius?

A reader sent me this essay called "Osama bin Laden - Evil Supergenius?". I think it is a very interesting analysis of why Bin Laden would not have carried out 9/11 the way it actually occurred on that terrible way.

Note: Contains foul language. But the ideas are well worth reading.


Blogger Brian de Ford said...

Hi George

I do not regret using expletives for emphasis, because with regards to this evil, corrupt administration nothing less will serve the purpose of expressing my total and utter contempt for them.

However, for those of a delicate disposition, I have absolutely no objection to you posting a modified copy here or on a website, with the expletives redacted or replaced, provided it contains a link to the original.

However, I have to ask those of a delicate disposition, why the bleep they get upset by mere words (which can only upset them if they already know what the words mean in the first place) when the thing that should be upsetting them is the many evil acts of the Bush administration.

Of the two "F" words, I think "fascism" should provoke the greater upset. My use of one "F" word has not killed or physically injured anyone; the Bush administration's fascism has killed over 2,000 US soldiers, maimed and/or caused PTSD in over 20,000 US soldiers, killed over 20,000 Iraqi civilians, maimed probably ten times that number - and that's the result (so far) of one of many fascistic policies.

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