Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tucker Carlson Just Told Me To Stop Paying Taxes!

Tucker Carlson wrote today, regarding Dr. Steven Jones' belief that the world trade centers were brought down with bombs:

"If you really thought this - or even considered it a possibility - how could you continue to live here? You couldn't . . . CONTINUING TO PAY TAXES TO A GOVERNMENT CAPABLE OF SOMETHING SO EVIL WOULD MAKE YOU COMPLICIT IN THE CRIME."

Personally, I've always paid my taxes. And yet, after looking at the evidence, I am convinced that bombs brought down buildings 1, 2 and 7 of the world trade center.

I guess I should stop paying taxes now? The popular commentator and de-facto government spokesperson just instructed me to do so. I am a law-abiding citizen, and I don't want to be complicit in a crime. Being complicit in a crime like 9/11 might end me up in the pokey.

I haven't looked into whether or not it is illegal to stop paying taxes. Some pretty smart people have said that it is not. But, being somewhat conservative, I've always kept paying 'em.

But even if illegal, wouldn't non-payment be excused by the "necessity defense" -- in other words, committing a crime in order to avoid a greater evil?

I may have to reconsider this whole tax thing.

Legal disclaimer: I am not a tax or a criminal lawyer, and so I am obviously not providing legal advice. I am not recommending that you do or do not take any actions or non-actions. Think for yourself. I do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog here, I love it.

Tucker Carlson is a whore, I learned today with his totally spinned view on Fitzgerald. Nethertheless I wrote to him:


Dear Tucker!

I appreciate that you get tons of e-mails in case Steven E. Jones.

There too many questions that you can't afford to dismiss this subject via: "I can't imagine such stuff."

Please remind what Prof. Jones stated: First the science!

My standard sentence for all this "cannot be possible I couldn't imagine" was:

The world doesn't care somewhat to what you can imagine. The world follows a strong functionally principle.

Money rules. That's nearly all you need to know.

And: Why does the government seems to doing such terrible things- because they can. Full stop.
They can, the have the possibility, the opportunity and the aim for this crime, mostly all motives for a commited crime were granted.

And they have a great chance to get away with it, the bigger the lie was, because people like you coudln't imagine this.

And yes, the insights may be painful, but does that mean you don't have to look at it? *

You said: "for obviously no reason". That's clearly false. They got their deserved "New Pearl Harbor", which was
prospected and needed, stated in the "Rebuilding of Americas Defense, Page 51 ff, PNAC, )

They get their Unocoal-Afghanistan Pipeline, worth some 15 trillion dollars. Also remember the Cheney Energy Task Force of 2001,
in which plans and tactical orders were discussed with the energy-companies.

They got their "rule of fear", with unprecented approving rates for the president, their agenda comes through without congressional resistance, and they dismiss
all possible "not elected rumors" for a long time.

And they got their long planned iraq-war, too ( see Statement on above mentioned website, Letter to Clinton 1998! )

Iraq oil reserves worth: Some 15 trillion dollars, too.

Now: If you have to make a decission: 30 trillion Dollars, 3000 lifes. How would you choose? You??

And then imagine what this bunch of people which connected to every scandal in the modern US-history ( Bay of Pigs, Operation Northwoods, Kennedy-Assasination,
Vietnam, Team B, Iran-Contra, Heroine-smuggling ) to corporate-industry-military-complex connected people will choose.

Please remember also that there's plenty of evidence for wars built on lies in the history:

Pearl Harbor was known in advance, but nothing was done ( Stinnet! )

Tonkin was completely faked. The Operation Northwoods was well planned, but not worked out- but only the long time need for the planning shows
what your government is able to do.

The Kuwait-baby-scandal was completely faked under governance of a media-agency. And so on.


* Now: Please consider the use of thermite in the WTC-Towers.
Force a scientific-examination. The same with the ANTHRAX-letters. Force a real criminal investigation. Scary that the senders weren't find yet, not?
The same on WHIG and PNAC and OSP.
Where's Osama? Force the government to built court-remaining evidence for the indiction of all possible terrorists.

What have you to loose, beneath your General Electric co-sponsored job?
But imagine what you can win! The rebuilding of free and heroic corporate-interest-free journalism.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Memo to Tucker Carlson
re: Interview with Prof. Jones on MSNBC, and "leaving the country" - if we suspect 9/11 was an inside job.

I was been born here in the USA, worked here all my life, own a house, have always paid taxes, and have my life savings invested.

Why should I cut and run just because my society has been hijacked by gangsters, psychopaths and their obedient whores in the media ?

9/11 was America's "Reichstag Fire".
I'm not leaving anywhere, anytime.

We're going to organize the American people to deal with the bastards in our own government, military and private sector who engineered 9/11 as a false-flag psy-op, and a pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq and launching a phony "war on terror", forcing us to surrender our most basic Constitutional liberties.

We already know that most people in the Middle East suspect 9/11 was an inside job.
Mainstream public opinion in Europe and Latin America is coming around to that point of view as well. The dramatic success of Ian Henshall's book in the UK is a pretty clear indicator of that.
The rest of the civilized world is on OUR side.
It's only a matter of time.
And , as David Ray Griffin ("9/11 - The New Pearl Harbor”) has observed, time is on our side.

What Tucker Carlson is afraid of, is that once we've arrested and indicted the real perps of 9/11, then we'll move to deal with their fascist collaborators in the controlled corporate media.
It's understandable he would be looking to save his own sorry ass
Carlson... you and the rest of the slime mold at CNN, Fox, MSNBC.... etc., we'll deal with you just like the Nazi propagandists Alfred Rosenberg and Julius Streicher, were dealt justice at Nuremberg.

They were strung up
But first they got nice legitimate public trials.
Which is what we'll give you first... as well.

Elkridge, Md.

6:09 PM  

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