Friday, November 25, 2005

Video of Construction of the World Trade Center

In searching for blueprints of the World Trade Centers, I stumbled upon an 18-minute film made in 1983 of the construction of the Twin Towers called "The Center of the World".

I have not seen this video referenced anywhere before. In fact, I have never before seen any video on the construction of the Twin Towers.

This video should provide source material for 9-11 researchers analyzing the construction, strength and heat-dispersing properties of the towers. I have not yet had time to analyze the video in detail, and so I cannot yet say what useful evidence the film contains. I'll leave that up to the physicists, engineers and other dedicated 9-11 researchers to determine.

Postscript: I have also found a lead for at least a small portion of the blueprints for the Twin Towers. Stay tuned...


Blogger dodge said...

Hey man,
You haven't seen Loose Change? I've got three minutes dedicated to the construction, a majority of which was in fact extracted from that PBS documentary.
E-mail me and I'd love to send you a copy of the 2nd Edition. I've got a money shot of the WTC's core which disproves any belief that those buildings were flimsy.

11:48 AM  

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