Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ink Blots

You know those "rorschach tests" you've taken or seen on TV? Where the psychologist holds up ink blots and asks what the person sees? And you know how the person sees whatever he or she is preoccupied with?

Have you heard the expression "to a carpenter, everything looks like a nail"?

Those are the things I thought of when I read the article "Bush Administration Ignored 9/11 Warnings". Specifically, the author, just like millions of Americans, assumes that the Bush administration accidentally let 9-11 happen because they were incompetent or distracted with other stuff.

But the leading scholars of history tell us this was NOT an accident. See this article and this one. Then, after you've had a cup of coffee and are sitting down, read this.

When will the American public see what is actually THERE, as opposed to projecting their own images onto ink blots or seeing nails that were never there?

It is 2006 -- don't we have any more intellectual or psychological sophistication than the German public did in the 1940's?


Blogger freethoughtguy said...

We see what we want to see!

12:34 PM  

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