Sunday, February 12, 2006

Outsmart the Bad Guys

The Internet has been the main reason that the criminals who carried out 9/11, got us into the war in Iraq, and have stripped away our basic freedoms have not been even more successful in carrying out their agenda.

Specifically, when the Straussian neconservatives (and their nefarious allies) formulated their plans for global domination in the 60's, the Internet had not yet been invented. When they publicly expressed their plans through the writings of Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Project for a New American Century, the power of blogs had not yet shown itself.

Because the corporate media has not been able to completely suppress the truth, due to blogs and news websites, the imperialists have not been as successful as they otherwise would have, and the coup still faces some obstacles before it can be overtly and openly completed. In other words, but for the Web, the coup probably would have long ago been completed in an unchallengable fashion, and the corporate media's "talking heads" would have lulled us all to sleep with comforting myths and completely suppressed the true facts.

The web has provided life-blood to the truth; a way to get the truth, to call the rulers on their falsehoods, to proclaim via electronic pamphlet that the emperor has no clothes.

That's the good news.

But the net is now under massive attack by the government and corporate America.

For example, a recent BBC article reveals that the U.S. military views the internet as an enemy which should be fought (see also this article for further detail). And the big telecom companies are trying to erect virtual "toll booths" on the net which would limit access to the well-to-do, and make it much more difficult for people to access content which has not been pre-approved by the media conglomerates. See this article.

What to do?

First, take out insurance to protect against a worst-case scenario lockdown of the Internet.


Download and save all information which you absolutely must have to continue to do your truthtelling and justice-seeking work. This article explains how to do it. Save the information to your computer or CDs. That way, even if they take down the Net, you will still have the most important information for yourself and to share with others.

Second, redouble your efforts to take information on the Net and convert it to something physical you can use out in the world to reach people who are not as web-savvy as you. Make flyers, posters, bumper stickers, pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, etc. Put the info on your car, on the street. Make freeway blogs.

Third, get creative and brainstorm how to most effectively use the Net in the most high-leverage ways possible. Remember, the Web is an incredible tool for democracy, truth and justice and its potential has only BEGUN to be tapped.

Figure out a way to use the Web, or the Internet itself, in a brand new way to stop the coup from being completed outwardly, to spread truth and obtain justice, to stop the planned wars against Iran, Syria and Venezuela, to prevent another false flag terror attack.

We all thought that we would have years to harness the Net for good purposes, and hopefully we will. But the powers-that-be are trying to shut it down pronto or -- at the least -- tame it into a whimpering poodle, a sitcom-level boob-tube like media toy to spoon-feed comforting mush to the sheeple.

So its carpe diem time, folks. Alot of you are very creative, smart people. Engage that intelligence and creativity to implement RIGHT NOW the highest possible leverage and use of the Net to spread the truth and obtain justice. Compress 20 years worth of brainstorming into a week or two, and DO IT . . . . while you still can.

Those who use brute force to obtain imperial control are not very creative. They are using the same false flag terror playbook they've been using for thousands of years. They're trotting out the same old "great leader will protect us from the bad guys" schtick they've been re-using again and again ever since the days of Caesar.

WE'VE got creativity, truth, passion and justice on our side. Plus, we are defending our own country, our homes and our families from people who have no loyalty to America or the Constitution.

WE CAN outsmart them and out-create them.

We can "be the media" ourselves. We can be the movie-makers, the commentators, the reporters and writers. As the poet The Voice points out:
"They bought the politicians and the news
They've got all the weapons (which they like to use)

But they are few and we're billions strong
We are the giant ... been sleeping for too long
Time to wake up and sing our victory song"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am working to try to get google to change their adwords server to serve up ads for 'scholars for 9/11 truth' regardless of the page hosting the ads. if i can pull that off, 80% (!) of the webpages on the internet will suddeny start displaying said ads.

we need to convince all the internet-related companies to join us now -- and pro-actively get the truth about 9/11 out there -- as a way to protect their own existance.

as i said to the board of wikipedia: in a world that pretends that the laws of physics don't apply to buildings owned by silverstein properties, you can't have wikipedias anyway.

if anybody has an additional ideas regarding this please feel free to contact me at (330)281-3407 or at

see ya-
benjamin pritchard

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the asshats that be HAVE LOST THE INITIATIVE!!!

they have tried to grab a tiger by the tail, and have only brought about their own destruction, they have stirred up a hornets nest!

prepare to be stung you globalist/satanist MOFOs!!!

We are going to win, its only a matter of how many of us they take out in their fall from their ivory towers!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reverse publishing, web to print, is key to getting the word out to the 99 percent of people out there that don't access alternative news on the web. SFT should include 1 page printable leaflets with clear bullet points that are designed specifically for the print medium, along with a short fact sheet on the laws pertaining to leaflet distribution at public venues.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THE Big Problem for Google: Eventually, the current anti-google propoganda about China censorship could have a serious effect on Google's revenue both in advertising and elsewhere.

Since the government wants control of the internet and is putting pressure on the Google's censorship policy in China as leverage, Google will either be forced to capitulate to current and future warrants for information, or they will have to fight back against the Bush-CIA-CNN machine.

If Google decides to capitulate both in the near and long terms to government demands then many consumers (myself included) would be very sad and might stop using their services.

Solution: However IF Google decides to fight against government instrusion, then I have a simply strategy to win. Here it goes: On September 11, 2006, make the main logo at a picture of the World Trade Center Towers. When people click on the main logo it will take them to a web site with a list of links. The very first link could be the following physics research paper:

The rest of the list of links would inlcude other research and news stories related to this topic. This would immediately put tremendous pressure on the government. For those who don't have time to read research papers you would need to have links to news stories like this one:

You could let the logo and linked list remain for the entire week of 9/11 as a memorial to the victims of this crime against humanity. The rest of the mainstream media would have a field day with this if Google were brave enough to pull it off.

As a search engine Google has media power that can reach more people than CNN can. If anti-google propoganda continues and they decide to fight Big Brother then this might be the only way they have a chance.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Rizzo said...

Fucking word to this whole post. I agree wholeheartedly, and will do as much as I can.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Problem is google is already cooperating with the government

9:23 AM  

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