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Readers' Ideas on Creating a 9/11 Tipping Point

I received numerous reader responses concerning the 9/11 Tipping Point essay. Some of these responses were private, but I don't want to keep the ideas to myself. We we are more creative collectively than we are individually, so take a look at these ideas.

Joe says:

Get the best 9-11 videos onto your local access tv channel. If you have to, start your own local access tv show to discuss 9-11.

Also, show 9-11 videos at your local libraries: schedule video nights.

Kevin says:

For reaching people who question Bush's policies

An efficient way to reach a lot of the right people is this:

Carry a bankroll of Deception Dollars whereever you go:

These are amazingly inexpensive if you get them in quantity. You can finance your purchase by "selling" them at antiwar rallies, etc. by offering a one-deception-dollar for one-US-dollar "currency exchange" -- telling people that "the way things are going, these are going to be worth more than real dollar bills pretty soon!"

Whenever you see a parked car with an antiwar, anti-Bush or libertarian bumpersticker, slip a deception dollar into the crack where the driver's door opens. The person will return to their car, see the bill, think "what the hey! someone's leaving me money?" take a look at it, and crack up. This experience will open them psychologically to looking at the information on the deception dollar. Marketing studies show that when people encounter new information in this sort of "coincidental" way they open up to it; and the humor/surprise adds to this. The really cool thing about
Deception Dollars is that it's "The gift that keeps on giving."

Unlike almost all other forms of printed literature, people will keep them and show them to other people--not wad them up and throw them away.

Those willing to put controversial bumperstickers on their cars are "opinion leader" types. For every such person, there are a dozen "followers" who will listen to what they have to say, no matter how controversial.

The biggest single obstacle to spreading 9/11 truth is fear of ridicule. Those self-assured enough to bash Bush and his war (or express congruent opinions) via bumperstickers are good prospects for 9/11 truth.

If the driver comes back while you're inserting the deception dollar, tell them they've won a "best umpersticker" prize and hand them the bill. This always gets a smile.

For reaching people who support Bush

First step: contact your local Libertarian party and go to their meetings. (They're close to the kind of Republicans who are open to our message.)

I went to the local Libertarian meeting two nights ago and spent four hours discussing 9/11. Two people were enthusiastic supporters of 9/11 truth, two resisted, and the rest were open-minded and leaning toward supporting us. They're going to co-sponsor Willy Rodriguez and Faiz Khan's visit.

James Ha says:

I take a black sharpie marker with me everywhere I go and write easy to remember urls on bathroom walls, bus stops, grocery stores, etc. - - - - - etc. - I write them on every bill of any denomination that crosses my path as well

EmptyGround says:

I am admittedly an eBay junkie and regularly sell (drum-related) stuff. I've started to just leave a web address like at the bottom of the item description even though it has nothing to do with percussion.

bb says:

Oprah should have the Jersey Girls on, if she hasn't already. That could be a tipping point.

[My comment: does anyone have connections to Oprah?]

Who else has creative ideas for creating a 9/11 tipping point?


Blogger carlweis said...

Did I miss something? Where and what are these deception dollars? How do get a supply of these? I will go back and reread.

The more little signs there are floating around, the better.

As for Opreh, just call up the show, tell them who they should have on the show! Jim Fetzer would make a good guest.

The Charlie Rose Show is another focus point. THAT would be a breakthrough. I will resume my efforts on that score.

5:40 PM  
Blogger ian campbell said...

Here is the number to the Charlie Rose Show: 212-617-1600

Here's what they say: "Make sure your full E-mail address is included, or we might not be able to respond. Mail is not checked everyday. If your question requires a more timely response, please call us at 212-617-1600"

Worth a try.

8:44 PM  
Blogger bb said...

Oprah's website has a show suggestion page, at

8:04 AM  
Blogger PozDevil said...

I think one way to reach a number of people with minimal effort is to distribute LooseChange2 dvd's to every firestation in the country. Those guys have plenty of time to sit back and watch the videos and see the fellow firmmen from NY talk of the explosions.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raw Story is collecting reader questions for Nancy Pelosi- they will pick "the best" from the submissions and she has agreed to answer the list-

Submit your favorite question on 9/11- I asked something to the effect of- the Commission has been exposed as a fraud- what should the American People do, and what is she doing to get some accountability for these intelligence and defense failures, the mass murder of 3000 people and Bush Co's exploitation of "9/11" for wars of conquest, budget rampages and suppression of dissent and civil liberties?

115 ommissions and distortions documented by David Ray Griffin

Pelosi was House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence for 10 years- i think she's got some answers. As minority leader she could and needs to make getting answers for the People an issue. After all, she herself talks about putting the power back in the hands of ALL the people, and all the polling done on the subject has shown a majority of people don't think the whole story has been told, and want answers.

Here's a blurb from the Raw Story article:

"Please submit your question or questions for House Minority Leader Pelosi to Please include your first name, city and state for publication (last names and e-mail addresses will not be shared). Questions submitted on the comments form will not be considered.

Reader questions will be collected through noon PST on Sunday, March 19. That evening, the most relevant, interesting and thoughtful ones will be forwarded to Representative Pelosi, who will answer as many as possible in the time provided. We ask that readers be respectful, but will not omit questions because they may may considered "tough" or could portray the lawmaker in an unflattering light. The answers will then be featured on Raw Story, Wednesday, March 22."

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Careful with SOME of these videos. Like for example Loose Change covers some great stuff, but serious critics have pointed out that the one thing -- no plane hit the Pentagon -- has been 100% debunked.

Now certainly something ELSE hit the Pentagon and made the small hole, something other than Flight 77 did the 270° loop and 7000' drop, etc., and someone other than Hani Hanjour controlled it --- which proves the govt is lying but the "no plane" meme appears to be a trap, created by some disinfo people.

At very least, it's not proveable or credible, and zillions of credible witnesses did see the plane, and did ID bodies. The exposure of the crime is too important to blow it on that ONE point. "What happened to Flight 77 then?" ans: You tell me.

I combined some videos with Mike Ruppert AND Alex Jones.

Ruppert first for giving to cops, plus he sounds more credible at first. Neither guy is necessarily 100% accurate. Ruppert has a Peak Oil agenda, when they would have done it whether Peak Oil is true (likely) or not.

Jones has an anti-communist, anti-conspiracy, Birchite, Christian agenda, which he usually soft pedals to secular audiences, and some don't consider him entertaining but obnoxious.

BOTH TOGETHER is golden. Each proves the others points, and they don't even like each other.

Add on Michel Chossudovsky doing his Noam Chomsky impersonation (if you get my drift .. MTV people might consider him 'dull') on the War and Globalization video (except unlike Chomsky, he's not a 9-11 denier). He explains the politics behind it and proves that Al-Qaeda is nothing more than a CIA and Pentagon project, still running.

With that, the case is CLOSED.

I have some compilation videos of five or more on one DVD. I rip them, use some tools to convert to MPEG and then burn them alongside other MPEGs at low fi settings. (they are usually sort of low fi anyhow, not Star Wars)

One other, I picked up Drug Lords from Dan Hopsickers site. People like to learn about drug scandals, only this goes all the way to the top, to Bush, Clinton, and shows a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald on a CIA training environment.

Also the video JFK ii, about the ties btw the Third Reich, Allen Dulles, Prescott Bush, Nixon, Bush Sr. and the JFK assassination -- completely laid out -- superior in content to the Oliver Stone movie (apparently Stone gave him permission) -- this is a wonderful lead-in to Sept 11.

Hopsicker's "Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying circus" gives a different angle, excellent video.

MY GOD. It clarifies the HISTORY.

JFK and 9-11 were not disconnnected anomalies floating in space.

Put a 9-11 video on with the juicy ones first, and people might get sucked in. Or put on one brief clip of Alex Jones getting ARRESTED for asking Bush a question.

IF ANYONE WANTS THESE AS AVI FILES TO BURN, ASK ME AT takeoverworld [at] I have them at on slow bandwidth.

Also, go to my website below and see the Video Links page.

9:42 PM  

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