Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I predict that CNN's decision to cancel actor Ed Asner and 9/11 author Sander Hicks is going to backfire.

I predict that the administration's attempts to stifle any real investigation into what happened on 9/11 is going to create a pressure-cooker which allows 9/11 truth to break out bigger than if a half-decent investigation had taken place.

I predict that the bad guys' attempt to punish any whistleblower -- such as Sibel Edmonds, Robert Wright or Kevin Ryan -- that questions why 9/11 happened or criticizes the official story is going to boomerang when a high-level insider whistleblower decides to spill the beans to save our country from turning overtly fascist.

Let's make these predictions come true . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't we call for the creation of a Truth Commission on the Events of September 11, 2001 which would grant amnesty from prosecution to all those willing to come forth and give testimony on the events of that day.

People will be more willing to speak out if they can declare that they wish only to learn the truth, not to punish.

Imagine the impact that would be made by photos of thousands of people in Washington carrying signs reading: "I forgive you, George Bush. I just want to know the truth."

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dennis Kucinich suggested a 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation Commission modeled on the one in S Africa some time after the attacks... I personally wouldn't be opposed to that- how do you punish such monstrous crimes anyway- cruel and unusual punishment? Electrocute, resurrect and electrocute again for every one of the victims, every one of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, every one of the innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians tortured, maimed and killed? etc., etc. Is the Neocon Cabal even rich enough to pay restitution for all the damage they caused? The real terrorsists should be studied extensively to learn how to guard against the threat their existence poses to humankin.
I would oppose such a Commission if it did not somehow guarantee the restoration of our Republic to the People- really, establish it perhaps for the first time, as the Constitution does as much or more to protect property rights than human rights and civil liberties.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Opposite of what was suggested, the further away, the fewer the chances of the truth being uncovered. Why?

It is simple. As you know, the things that are visible and known already provide more reasons than enough for a doubt.

What percentage of people are doubting it? Especially on higher intelligence level, such as those to whom it must be painfully plainly visible, such as structural engineers? Because, once made a fool, it is best to kill the witness. Nobody wants to be a citizen of new Fascist Germany. Things were made based on assumption that we were attacked. There was an uncounted and unprecedented level of hostilities, both physical and verbal toward arabs and muslims, who would want to admit that?
We are doing things everyday, as fast as we can, to pile up more and more on top of that, because the more we do, the more people it will touch, and the more people with phsicologically reject the reality.
It is only about rejecting the reality, not prooving it, isn't it? Or do you have no eyes and ears to still have any doubts?
Does an immediate removal of evidence tell you nothing? Everybody knows already, in their subconcience. It is only, and will be increasilgly so, about actually rejecting the illusion, or "coming out of the closet".

As we live on, there is going to be less and less things found new, but more and more forgotten. If right now there might be a piece of steel from WTC, still rusting on some chinese junkyard, three years from now, it probably will be gone. If the photo-video evidence could be ordered to be made available now, three years from now, there will be nothing left. If there are people on assignments far away, three years from now, they'll be surely gone according to plan. Accidents and deceases.
But three years from now, we will be in war with Syria, Norway and Iran, at very least, and who would want to admit that we were wrong the whole time?

Think of Pearl Harbor. Do it now or loose the illusions.

5:25 PM  
Blogger jph wacheski said...

the psi-ops are DEEP now ain't they,. old dog new tricks,. regecting held belife is not an easy task,. even in the face of OVERWEALMING evidence., . will it be enouph? I hope so,. the current system must die, so that a real civilization can be born.

3:18 PM  

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