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A Mighty Wind

If a 110-story building suddenly collapses, and each floor "pancakes" on top of the one below, there would be a tremendous downward rush of air, right? The Twin Towers each weighed about about 100,000 tons. And the 9/11 Commission found that both towers collapsed in well under 20 seconds.

So that's alot of building falling really fast, right? Common sense tells you that there should be a tremendous downward wind as the building collapses, right? That makes sense. If a mountain suddenly collapsed, there would be a tremendous downward force created. And the Twin Towers were, in essence, man-made mountains.

Indeed, look at these photos of the collapses.

It looks like the force of air is down while the buildings are collapsing, right?

So far so good.

Well, look at these eyewitness reports:

In this video clip, a firefighter states "this, huge incredible force of wind and debris actually came UP the stairs, knocked my helmet off, knocked me to the ground"

Another firefighter, in the second floor of the stairwell of one of the Twin Towers, said that described the wind was "fierce" and almost lifted his body, and he had to hold on to his helmet so it wouldn't blow off.

And a third firefighter described a "rush of air going up" when he was between the first and second floors when the building began to fall.

Doesn't this show that the collapses of the Twin Towers were upside down? Specifically, don't these strong upward winds tend to prove that powerful explosives were detonated from below the floors which the witnesses were on?

Remember, the official story is that each floor of the Towers pancaked down on the one below. That would have forced air straight down, and air probably would have "squirted" out the sides of the buildings when the downward force of wind became too great.

Can you think of a way that the collapses, if they were not brought about by explosives, would have created such huge upward winds? I dare you.

You might argue that the upward rush of air at lower floors was due to some type of outward expansion of the dust clouds as they reached the bottom of the buildings. However, an employee of an insurance company on the 67th floor of the South Tower (below where the airplane hit) heard an explosion from BELOW the impact of the airplane, an "exploding sound" shook the building, a tornado of hot air, smoke and ceiling tiles and bits of drywall came flying UP the stairwell, and the wall split FROM the bottom UP. This occured right as the plane hit the South Tower.


Blogger bb said...

'tend to prove' is a good phrasing. I'm not an engineer, but wonder if it is possible that a progressive non-explosive collapse could still explain a sucking upward within stairwells? It certainly doesn't seem likely, however.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an experienced home builder, granted no engineer, I know that tracing down problems that homeowners are complaining about is not always straightforward.

For instance, a new home had an annoying draft, and all obvious air sources were ruled out. It took an infrared camera to show a very convoluted path from an uncaulked wire penetration hole in the attic, down into a cabinet soffit, across through a small, unsealed seam in firestopping drywall, and eventually out an electrical box for a wall sconce . The draft was most intense when burning the nearby gas fireplace pulled in combustion air, reversing the usual escape of warmer air into the cold attic (heat rises!)

I am deeply troubled by the lack of transparency surrounding investigations of 9/11. But I want to base my conclusions on facts, not fear.

There appears to be evidence that certain demolition explosives detonated in the WTC. My own knowledge of building, though, includes this fact, which is considered during building design: A steel beam, being the same dimensions as a softwood beam, will fail earlier in a house fire, because it loses strength as temperatures increase, and will sag long before a wooden beam will. When a supporting beam sags, the forces on fasteners and joints above it increase exponentially. Sometimes, the shearing of one nail will suddenly load others nearby and cause unexpected and immediate collapse.

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Blogger peacemom said...

Charlie Sheen opened the door....but then CNN SHOW BIZ TONIGHT CANCELLED ED ASNER'S FOLLOW UP more 9/11 talk! Big surprise. Here's the only way to go and YOU CAN HELP:

9/11 Truth Calling Oprah!
An Appeal from

For more than five years now, the entire mainstream corporate news media apparatus has been controlled by a handful of behind-the-scene power brokers. In all that time there has been a total blackout on any mention, never mind discussion, of the truth behind the events of 9/11.

Despite their credibility and expertise, high-powered and extremely convincing voices of truth have been denied access to the public via the mainstream media. In the years following the attacks of 9/11, a significant number of knowledgeable people have attempted to alert the nation about the mountain of evidence that has been unearthed by their investigations, and which shoots large holes in the ‘official’ version of events sold to an unsuspecting and unquestioning public.

These people include former Bush administration officials, CIA analysts, FBI whistleblowers, scholars, academics, theologians and eye witnesses to the events of that tragic day. Not one of these people has been allowed to present his or her individual and collective conclusions that the Bush administration was either totally negligent or fully complicit or in the events of 9/11.

The media blacklisting of any and all members of the independent 9/11 truth community, no matter how impressive his or her credentials, has resulted in widespread ignorance of the huge number of anomalies and inconsistencies in the official version. No questions have been allowed to be raised, and not one shred of evidence that refutes the official version has been presented to the viewing or reading public anywhere but on the Internet.

Recent events, however, suggest that there may be a breach in this wall of silence. It seems that the only way for the 9/11 truth movement to attract the attention of the public is for well-known individuals in the entertainment arena to come forward and demand the truth.

Sad but true, a large number of Americans believe nothing until they see it on TV! There can be no question about the enormous influence and effect of television broadcasting on public opinion, a very frightening fact in these troubled and dangerous times. It was exactly for that reason that I created and dedicated these past years to exposing the lies and deception emanating from our broadcast news industry. And that is why I now am calling for help from one of TV’s most popular and respected performers.

Article continued here:


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Blogger Washingtons Blog said...

Hey, Jess. Thanks for dropping by!

Folks, is a great source for news.

Check it out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center complex. I just wanted to say that I regret what I said about World Trade Center 7, the third steel building that collapsed horrendously on September 11. I did not decide to 'pull it down' as I said in a video interview shortly after the horrific attack. What I meant to say was "I wish it could collapse so that I could collect the insurance money". Luckily, thanks to 2 small fires (as perfectly proved by the 9/11 commission), it fell neatly down on its own footprint at 5:20 pm. I was so happy I popped a bottle of vintage Veuve Cliquot !!! (I have also made some fat cash by patenting this new discovery : all you need to 'pull' a steel-frame skyscraper is to pour some diesel on a couple of floors, throw a matchstick and sit back sipping champagne as you watch the crappy old building crumble into a pile of dust ! - to hell with those expensive demolition experts! )

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