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Nutty Conspiracy Theory

The police set up surveillance on a businessman who -- according to tips from several witnesses -- is laundering money for an international cocaine cartel.

The police videotape the businessman through the window of an adjacent building. They send in an undercover agent. And they break into the suspect's office in the middle of the night and copy all of his paper and computer files.

In short, they build a very strong case that the businessman is in fact laundering money for the drug cartel.

So they barge into his office and arrest him. While he's being handcuffed, the businessman asks what he's being arrested for, and the police tell him.

"That's a conspiracy theory" the businessman taunts. "I'm just a businessman carrying out legit biz."

"But we have several different lines of evidence proving that you have been laundering cash for the Columbian boys," replies the lead police investigator.

"What, do you think that I shot JFK, too?!" mocks the suspect. "Do you boys believe in UFOs? Do you fellas think that little green men are running a global drug network, and using Area 51 to hide the goods?"

"Well, we didn't say that", reply the police.

Later, on the stand at trial, the suspect shouts "These guys are nutty conspiracy theorists!". "I'm a respectable businessman, and these guys are making up some crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy which doesn't make any sense!"

Before ruling, the judge mutters under his breath -- "that's a nutty conspiracy theory." The judge finds the defendant not guilty.

That's obviously a ridiculous story. In real life, we all know that Columbian drug cartels and international money laundering schemes occur, and that people wearing business suits may act as front men for such operations.

In other words, we know that that type of conspiracy does -- in fact --take place.

But how do we know that? Well, the media reports on it, and the government reports on it, and so it is common knowledge.

But what if the media and government had not reported on it? We assume that we --informed, smart people -- would know it was possible anyway, and not a whacky conspiracy theory. Right?

Well, what if the cocaine conspiracy was really complex and elaborate, and involved well-known people? What if, for example, the Columbian drug cartel had bribed the former Vice President of the United States to be the front man for its money laundering operations? That would be harder to believe, right, at least if the media and government had never reported on money laundering operations run by drug cartels?

But you -- as a "can't pull the wool over my eyes" kind of person -- still think you would be open to the possibility of such a conspiracy. Right?

Okay, let's take it a step further. Let's imagine that the former Vice President had inside knowledge of an affair the current American President had had with an underage girl. And let's imagine that the former VP was blackmailing the President to keep quiet -- and even to provide some logistical cover -- for the money laundering operation.

This is right out of a Tom Clancy novel, right? But its POSSIBLE -- even if far-fetched, right??

Finally, let's say that part of the operational cover the President provides to avoid the info going public is ordering the Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S Treasury to stay away from the VP's operations and the drug cartel behind them.

That would be far-fetched, disgusting, and one of the greatest scandals in the nation's history ... but possible. Right?

Okay, now there's a DIFFERENCE with nutty conspiracy theories about 9-11, right? Maybe.

But remember, the reason that we recognized that the initial story about the businessman could be possible -- and the reason the judge seemed so stupid --
is that in real life the press and government have repeatedly discussed that type of conspiracy.

On the other hand, they never talk about THIS.

And while it may be complex and elaborate, and involved well-known people, the theory that 9-11 was carried out by elements of our own government is borne out by the evidence and is backed by some very smart people.

Are you going to be like the ignorant judge? Or are you going to think -- and look at the evidence -- for yourself?

You might assume that if the government really had a hand in 9-11, the media would have reported it by now. While that may seem like a logical assumption, it is probably an incorrect one.


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st911 may have long-ago been infiltrated/compromised.

Please go to instead.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

qx"Nutty Conspiracy Theory" is 21st century jargon to discredit anything that brings you closer to the truth about how the world really works. If you really want to know how things work, follow the words "conspiracy theory" and prepare yourself to sift through piles and piles of conflictive information and disinformation.

For years people have been branded as "paranoid", "schizophrenic", "demented" and other very convenient and effective labels, in order to discredit warnings which, were the masses not so blind and deaf, would certainly cause a global meltdown of society.

For years now, individuals have argued that an elitist and masonic secret society called the Illuminati was essentially behind the manipulation of world events such as WWI and WWII and now the War on Terror. Naturally, they were branded with all those nice names above so that no one would give them any sort of credit. "The Illuminati were extinct in the 18th century!", academic historians would argue and the sheep just followed because - naturally - academic historians have spent their entire lives studying (fake) History and must know better than we. Well, as it happens, the Illuminati just got a "new" website, but - interestingly enough - the domain was actually registered in 1995. This is part of the WhoIS record:

Domain ID:D719004-LROR
Created On:21-Apr-1995 04:00:00 UTC
Last Updated On:08-Sep-2006 20:59:38 UTC
Expiration Date:22-Apr-2012 04:00:00 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR)
Registrant ID:23421324-NSI
Registrant Name:Ancient Order of Bavarian Seers
Registrant Organization:Ancient Order of Bavarian Seers
Registrant Street1:245-M Mount Hermon Road, Suite 137
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Scotts Valley
Registrant State/Province:CA
Registrant Postal Code:95066
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.6502123765
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+1.9999999999
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:pace@ILLUMINATI.ORG

The site is a single front page that has a login for members (who aren't supposed to exist) with a title "Setting the record straight"... Up until recently, they were not supposed to have a record to set straight since they had been extinct for over 200 years. It also says "A public relations portal is under development." Fantastic... An organisation that doesn't exist is preparing to speak out. If you need your login details, you can contact your non-existing lodge...

One should ask, if they were involved in organising an event such as 9/11, what else could they have done? How far would they go to keep power? How far is their reach? How many countries are under their control?

Start looking and the questions will multiply like rabbits... My feelings? Democracy doesn't exist in the entire world. Call me paranoid, if you will... Power is too precious to leave it to the ignorant masses...

But, as the sheep begin to catch up with the backstage of events such 9/11 and the Illuminati, the elite are already one step ahead... The Illuminati is now becoming the target of fury of the "Truth Movement" while, quietly, the skins are shed and power is shifted.

If you want a shortcut to understand what this is all about and where it is going, take some time to read Lord of the Rings alongside Revelation for it is all there, believe it or not. The One Eyed tower of Sauron representing the Illuminati with its One Eyed Pyramid, Saruman the White and his tower representing the Vatican... Two centres of power on Earth, one dark one white, Two Towers, Gog and Magog... Coincidences, coincidences...

The Matrix also gives us some hints, though of course wrapped in metaphors. All we need to finish this charade off is a Messiah, the return of King Neo and pray for a happy ending...

Of course, there is always a chance that our Messiah will in fact be a earthling representative of an advanced civilisation from outer space that is more interested in our planet for its extremely valuable resources (biodiversity, minerals, etc), in a universe full of rocky planets and gas giants. Who knows, maybe they are homeless after their own planet was destroyed... As it is possible that we have been fooled for thousands of years to believe they were God, angels and the like, appearing out of the sky with all their high tech gadgets that we couldn't even begin to comprehend. As it is possible that the only interest that they have in the indigenous "homo sheepiens" that dwell on it, which they may have "created" through genetic engineering while mixing their own genes with homo erectus, is to use us as workers... After all, someone has to do the dirty work...

But don't take notice of me... This is just another "Nutty Conspiracy Theory". Maybe its true, maybe it isn't... I really couldn't know...

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