Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sound Bite

In this age of sound bites and fast-moving entertainment, many adults may have the attention-span of a child. Moreover, many people have such strong preconceptions about what happened on 9/11 that they will not listen to new information if you try to engage them in a long, rational discussion (they are too good at filtering out new information which comes in through normal channels).

So what's the answer?

Hit 'em fast and hard with a one-liner which makes a winning point in a humorous or unusual way, and so slips 9/11 truth in "under the radar" before they have a chance to censor it out.

Here are some readers' ideas for 9/11 sound bites.

JaneDoe says the following worked on her father after all the discussions of controlled demolition didn't:

"Why hasn't Bin Laden been indicted?"

Damien has a whole list:

"Mohammed Atta liked pork chops, did cocaine and had a stripper girlfriend. Muslim fanatics are all like that."

"The top floor of the WTC fell down in ten seconds. Wasn't it nice of all the lower floors to just get out of the way?"

"We couldn't stop the planes because the 911 Report insisted that the airforce radar towers were all pointing the wrong way."

"Planes never go missing over London, Frankfurt and Tokyo, but because we were busy on 9/11 we lost some and only found them an hour later."

"You know they found one of the hijacker's passports unmarked in the wreckage of the twin towers. Do you think they should return it to him?"

"Bush didn't leave Sarasota school till 9.30 because he only got the first news at 8.30 and the CIA warning from the month before had only mentioned multiple hijackings."

"When the government made the fake Osama confession video in Dec 2001 they didn't actually intend that you should look at it - you have looked at it haven't you?"

"Do you like it when people lie to you? Then why do you believe it when they tell you that Bin Laden confessed to 9/11?"

"VP Cheney watched flight 77 approach Washington from 50 miles out and he didn't lift a finger. But if he wouldn't discuss it with you I don't see why I should."

Somebigguy says that if he's having trouble getting a cell phone signal, he'll make the following comment to those around him:

"I'd probably get a good signal if I was 30,000 feet up."

Anonymous says

"Is it too late to get the evidence back from China regarding the biggest crime in history? Maybe the Chinese took better care of it than we did."

Ab has this:

" 'Hello, Mom, this is Mark Bingham'. What kid calls their mom and says THAT?"

Keep the one-line sound bites coming. And let me know which ones are "battle-tested" and really work in waking people up.

By the way, bb uses this sound bite:

"Why did the currency component of M1 grow so rapidly in August 2001?"

That's an awesome question, but probably requires a couple more sentences of explanation before people understand the implication.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

IF anyone would like to use the Terrorism Quiz I have posted, I think these are the hottest question.

Plus quizzes are FUN!!! Everybody spams them, sex quizzes, astrology quizzes, etc.

The point of this quiz is now it's set up to organize points in terms of ok, what evidence does this prove?

Take Northwoods. It does not prove 9-11. What it DOES prove is motive and intent, a history of the suspect developing criminal conspiracies.

Many of the facts are like that.

Then think about Odds. Four aces is luck. Four aces 4 times in an hour is very very suspicious.

ANY one of these things could be an anomaly, and circumstantial evidence.

But what are the ODDS when you add them all up?

How hard is it to successfully hijack one plane? Not easy, but possible.

Four planes?

Four hijackings and zero intercepts, despite that being STANDARD operating procedure, while the previous year there were 67 intercepts in less than 20 minutes? What are the odds now?

Four hijackings, and one of them glides through Pentagon airspace undetected AFTER high alert due to the first two?

What are the odds of training drills, some based on a 9-11 attack scenario, apparently confusing the Air Force, though Eberhard said the training improved response time?

What are the odds that BOTH NYC and London would have terrorist attacks which matched simultaneous training drills?

What are the odds that the security company running the WTC and running United and I think American or possibly Logan would be managed by Securacom, a company run by the President's brother Marvin on a contract ending on Sept 11, 2001?

Did Marvin buy a lottery ticket?

Did Osama send three Al-Qaeda cells to spike the coffee at Langley and NORAD and the White House with valium? And FAA too?

Did Osama use Mooslim MK-Ultra to mind-warp key people in our $12T defense infrastructure?

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, my name and website went missing when i did a preview first.


9:47 PM  

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