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9/11: a 7-Man Job

A common objection to the argument that 9/11 was an inside job is that the conspiracy would be too big to keep quiet. In other words, the argument is that it is impossible that so many people could have kept quiet for so long. SOMEONE would have talked or made a mistake, so that the conspiracy would have been discovered.

Is that true? Maybe.

But we didn't learn about the conspiracies to cook the Iraqi wmd intelligence, or to spy on Americans, or any of the many other Bushco conspiracies until years later.

Moreover, to anyone who knows how covert military operations work, it is obvious that segmentation on a "need-to-know basis", along with deference to command hierarchy, means that a couple of top dogs can call the shots and most people helping won't even know the big picture.

I Can't Hear You

It has now been shown that a handful of people were responsible for willfully ignoring the evidence that Iraq lacked weapons of mass destruction. See, for, example this article. Indeed, Iraq was not the first time the U.S. has ignored or faked intelligence in order to justify war.

The facts are also clear that it was also obvious to U.S. intelligence that 9/11 was going to happen on or around the date it happened.

So how many people would it have taken to ignore the intelligence that hijackers were going to attack? How hard would it have been for a handful of top-level administration officials to stick their fingers in their ears, say "nah nah nah" (like kids do when they don't want to hear what you're saying), and let it happen?

Its Happened Before

As confirmed by a former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence, NATO, with the help of U.S. and foreign special forces, carried out terror bombings in Italy and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism. As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: "You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security."

In the early 1950s, agents of an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, then left behind "evidence" implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers). Israel's Defense Minister was brought down by the scandal, along with the entire Israeli government. See also this confirmation.

But not in the U.S., right? Well, recently declassified documents show that in the 1960's, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a plan to blow up AMERICAN airplanes (using an elaborate plan involving the switching of airplanes), and also to commit terrorist acts on American soil, and then to blame it on the Cubans in order to justify an invasion of Cuba. See this ABC news report, the official documents, and watch this interview with the former Washington Investigative Producer for ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings (click link entitled "Joint Chiefs Guilty-Northwoods").

But that was a plan that – while it would have involved a large conspiracy - was never carried out, right? True.

But as shown by this BBC special (which contains interviews with some of the key players), it is probable that America knew of the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor -- down to the exact date of the attack -- and allowed it to happen to justify America's entry into World War II. The case for foreknowledge is even more definitively made by this short essay by a highly-praised historian summarizing some of the key points (the historian, a World War II veteran, actually agreed with this strategy for getting America into the war, and so does not have any axe to grind). According to top WWII scholars, the Pearl Harbor conspiracy involved hundreds of military personnel. And -- most stunning -- the FDR administration took numerous affirmative steps to ensure that the Japanese attack would be successful

These are just a few of many examples of what are called "false flag operations", where governments attack their own people or allies – then blame it on their enemy – in order to justify a war against that enemy. There are many more examples from recent history.

In all of these cases, more than a handful of people were involved in planning, funding and carrying out the attacks. And yet no one spilled the beans or – if someone did – they were not believed.

But 9/11 Was Much Bigger

But 9/11 would have involved a much bigger conspiracy theory, which – unlike the examples above – would have been too big to keep quiet. Right?

Not necessarily.

NATO's Italian terror campaign would have involved quite a few people.

Pearl Harbor, according to top historians, involved hundreds of people.

9/11, in contrast, could have involved fewer people.

Indeed, one could argue that it involved ONE person. Let's say -- just as an example randomly pulled out of a hat -- Vice President Dick Cheney.

Cheney was apparently in charge of the entire U.S. government’s counter-terrorism program prior to 9/11, and in charge of ALL 5 of the war games which occurred on 9/11, and Mr. Cheney also coordinated the government's "response" to the attacks. See this CNN article; and this essay. Being in charge of all counter-terrorism in the U.S., Cheney was probably the person who moved up major war games so that they would overlap with games and terror drills already planned for 9/11. And see this interview of the former head of the Star Wars program and a former Air Force colonel.

And Cheney is the one who monitored flight 77 for many miles as it approached the Pentagon and -- when a military man asked "do the orders still stand?" -- Cheney responded affirmatively:

"The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out." And when it got down to, "The plane is 10 miles out," the young man also said to the vice president, "Do the orders still stand?" And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, "Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?" Watch the video for yourself.

In addition, a former Los Angeles police department investigator, whose newsletter is read by 45 members of congress, both the house and senate intelligence committees, and professors at more than 40 universities around the world, claims that Cheney was in charge of the entire military and the secret service during the 9/11 attacks, that the secret service has its own communications system which is parallel to and can even cut into normal military communication channels.

Most people acknowledge that Cheney is one of the most powerful vice presidents in history. In addition, Cheney has a long-standing history of falsifying and manipulating facts and taking brutal actions in furtherance of his imperial goals. For example, in the 70's -- Cheney was instrumental in generating fake intelligence exaggerating the Soviet threat in order to undermine coexistence between the U.S. and Soviet Union, which conveniently justified huge amounts of cold war spending. See also this article. And the former director of the CIA accused Cheney of overseeing torture policies. Colin Powell's former chief of staff also stated that Dick Cheney is guilty of war crimes. I'm not trying to be long-winded about Mr. Cheney's resume. I'm simply pointing out that Mr. Cheney seems to have the ability to make large U.S. policy decisions and take sweeping actions -- and to order others to do so -- without much problem.

Now, of course, there was probably more than one person involved in this hypothetical example. Mr. Cheney would probably have had 1 guy manning the secret service communications system and another guy sitting at a computer inserting false radar blips onto air traffic controllers' screens. But this demonstrates that you didn’t need thousands to pull off 9/11.

Wrecking Crew

Let’s take it one step further. How many people would it have taken to demolish World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 with bombs? Hundreds? Thousands?

How about 3.

Specifically, there was plenty of opportunity to plant bombs in the Twin Towers. By way of example only:

Bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly and inexplicably removed from the Twin Towers in the weeks preceding 9/11

There was a power down in the Twin Towers on the weekend before 9/11, security cameras were shut down, and many workers ran around busily doing things unobserved

The Twin Towers had been evacuated a number of times in the weeks preceding 9/11

And, as an interesting coincidence, a Bush-linked company ran security at the trade centers

So here's a potential scenario:

One guy in the Bush-linked security company lets in the bomb-setters;

A 2-man crew of demolition experts sets the radio-controlled explosives while everyone is out of the building;

And the same crew detonates the explosives using a radio transceiver.

That adds only 3 more guys.

So, we're now up to perhaps 7 people total to pull off 9/11 (Cheney, another guy making sure intelligence warnings aren't acted on, the secret service agent and the the radar guy, the security guy and the two-man demolition crew).

9/11 Commission Cover-Up

Indeed, there is already documentation of a cover-up about 9/11. By who? Well, let's start with the 9/11 Commission itself.

Years after the 9/11 Commission issued its report, governmental whistleblowers have leaked the following facts:

The Pentagon and Norad intentionally lied about what happened on 9/11 (free subscription required), and the 9/11 Commission knew this, but concealed this fact from the American people

The U.S. government was tracking many of the 9/11 hijackers long before 9/11, and the 9/11 Commission was informed of this, but hid this fact from the American people

These cover-ups were carried out by the Commissioners, their staff, and the Pentagon, Norad and other military personnel directly involved in the relevant acts on and before 9/11, numbering collectively in the low hundreds.

So a cover-up regarding 9/11 has already been established.

How did they Keep Them Quiet?

Jason Bourne (the fictional character in the Bourne movies) kept people quiet by offering 2 alternatives: He told them that he'd pay them alot of money if they cooperated; or he'd kill them if they didn't.

Bourne had his own code of honor and was a good guy. If the 9/11 masterminds wanted to keep people quiet, they would probably be alot more ruthless, as they apparently do not follow Mr. Bourne's code of honor.

In addition, there already have been whistleblowers who have come forward. See, for example, this short essay. But these whistleblowers have been wholly ignored by the 9/11 Commission and the media.

Indeed, famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Ellsberg has confirmed the media's censorship about 9/11:
Ellsberg seemed hardly surprised that today's American mainstream broadcast media has so far failed to take [9/11 whistleblower Sibel] Edmonds up on her offer, despite the blockbuster nature of her allegations.

As Edmonds has also alluded, Ellsberg pointed to the New York Times, who "sat on the NSA spying story for over a year" when they "could have put it out before the 2004 election, which might have changed the outcome."

"There will be phone calls going out to the media saying 'don't even think of touching it, you will be prosecuted for violating national security,'" he told us.

* * *

"I am confident that there is conversation inside the Government as to 'How do we deal with Sibel?'" contends Ellsberg. "The first line of defense is to ensure that she doesn't get into the media. I think any outlet that thought of using her materials would go to to the government and they would be told 'don't touch this . . . .'"

Because the whistleblowers who have come forward have been completely ignored, other whistleblowers have been discouraged from risking it all to come forward. For example, 9/11 family member Patty Casazza stated:
"part of the problem with testifying ... as someone who's working for one of the agencies, is that, they have to be careful with state secrets, what they reveal. And, in order to be a whistle-blower, and not be retaliated against, most whistle-blowers need to be subpoenaed, cause then their co-workers, and those who might retaliate against them, know that under penalty of, ya know, law, they could be... um... ya know, accused of being traitors and what not, and put in jail, or executed. So, most whistle-blowers were... did not come forward on the basis of what happened to Sibel Edmonds [since the 9/11 Commission refused to subpoena her or make her testimony public].
Moreover, many of the people who carried out 9/11 probably did so for ideological reasons -- they actually believed that killing 3,000 Americans was justified in a "ends justify the means" way as an excuse to carry out their agenda. Never underestimate the conviction of an idealogue.

These people would not need to be quieted. Even after the disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, torture, spying, etc., they probably still believe they did the right thing by creating the justification for the administration's policies. They would thus have no desire to speak out.

Just because no one you know is this extreme an idealogue doesn't mean people like that don't exist. There are people who will go to their grave believing that their monstrous crimes were the acts of patriots.

As famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg said:
It is a commonplace that "you can't keep secrets in Washington" or "in a democracy, no matter how sensitive the secret, you're likely to read it the next day in the New York Times." These truisms are flatly false. They are in fact cover stories, ways of flattering and misleading journalists and their readers, part of the process of keeping secrets well. Of course eventually many secrets do get out that wouldn't in a fully totalitarian society. But the fact is that the overwhelming majority of secrets do not leak to the American public. This is true even when the information withheld is well known to an enemy and when it is clearly essential to the functioning of the congressional war power and to any democratic control of foreign policy. The reality unknown to the public and to most members of Congress and the press is that secrets that would be of the greatest import to many of them can be kept from them reliably for decades by the executive branch, even though they are known to thousands of insiders.
Indeed, a BBC documentary shows that:
there was "a planned coup in the USA in 1933 by a group of right-wing American businessmen . . . . The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression."
Moreover, "the tycoons told General Butler the American people would accept the new government because they controlled all the newspapers."

Have you ever heard of this conspiracy before? It was certainly a very large one. And if the conspirators controlled the newspapers then, how much worse is it today with media consolidation?

How Many?

Were more than 7 guys involved? Probably. But it could still have involved many less people than were needed to carry out NATO's Italian terror campaign or to hide the fact that an entire fleet of Japanese ships was sailing towards Pearl Harbor.

Contrary to popular misperception, conspiracies are not that uncommon. Just because the government tries to claim that conspiracy theories are crazy does not mean that they don't exist.

There are, to be sure, crazy people who believe that everything is a conspiracy, which it isn't. However, it is just as crazy to believe that nothing is a conspiracy as it is to believe that everything is.

Indeed, the commonly-parroted statement that there are no conspiracies is propaganda spread to protect the criminals who carry out false flag operations, and just may be the biggest conspiracy of them all.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always, good article.

I want to add that there maybe was another possibility, besides murder co-conspirators or silence them with fear.

A conspiracy of silence by common criminal past.

Just look at all the Bush gov' members.

Bush Crime Line

• Vietnam
• Bay of Pigs
• Chile
• Watergate
• October Surprise
• El Salvador
• Reagan Survives Hinckley and Bush
• NAZI Ethnics for Reagan-Bush
• Voodoo Economics
• INSLAW/Promis
• Haiti
• Iraq-gate / Banca Nazionale del Lavoro arms to Saddam
• BCCI International Money Laundering for Terrorists & Intelligence Community arming Dr AQ Khan
• Savings & Loan scandal in general and Silverado in particular
• Iran-contra Guns/Drugs/Martial Law
• Gulf War I Glaspie Gives Go-Ahead
• Selection 2000 Shreds US Constitution
• Tax Cuts for UltraRich
• Criminal Justice Department
• Suicidal Environmental Policy
• ENRON Energy Policy
• 9-11 Criminal Negligence, at best; Treason, most likely
• Illegal Iraq Invasion
• Paperless Selection 2004

Just because it fits:

In 1992, George H.W. Bush told White House reporter Sarah McClendon: "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."

11:30 AM  
Blogger JesusOverIsrael said...

awesome comment. thank you. wish doug thompson would read it. but his eyes are inside his rectum so he cant see anyway...

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For more on managing conspiracies, see my article, "Conspiracy and Closed Minds on 9/11" at

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of your best posts yet. The "massive conspiracy" defense is weak at the best, if it's used by people do dismiss all the other inconsistencies.

6:43 AM  
Blogger author said...


I have long maintained that the "must have needed hundreds of complicit conspiritors" objection was the primary reason so many people won't even LOOK at the evidence.

And I arrived at a similar figure - less than 10 required.

Cheney sitting at the top of the "executive". though perhaps NOT "chairman of the board...".

As for the building demo teams? Out of towners. With months to prepare. probably from some middle eastern locale.... who like dancing!

Ask yourself one (of many) question.

HOW would the hijackers have KNOW to pull this stunt THAT day. the day of the NORAD exercises that messed up their screens and made interpretation of events so ... difficult?

I have NO DOUBT this was a planned black op, though I also think the buildings falling MIGHT have been Silverstein's own sidebet/money-making scheme.

i.e. planes crashing ALONE would have been sufficient cassus belli.


Complicated.... not only oil. But mainly. The need to control the price of oil to effect a RISE in its price for two reasons.

a) to try to effect a '70's style inflation to ward off an inevitable deflationary bust.

b) to delay peak oil by making exploration once again affordable.


And a small price to pay to save the global economy.

I think they had planned for about 2-300 deaths. Not 3,000.

Flight 93? Probably shot down AFTER passengers got control. Needing to destroy the evidence. i.e. the remote controlled plane itself.

The Pentagon flight? NOT the plane you think it was... of that I am sure.

Where did the actual plane go?

OUT TO SEA. To a watery grave.


12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did the government not mention other disturbing failures in security lapses. Clues that should have sent up the flags and possibly preventing 911 from ever happening?

On the day Billy Clinton was going to sign-in the new "Crime Bill". A man named [Frank Corder], had stolen a single engine plane , flew it all the way to Washington and crashed it into the WhiteHouse wall two stories below the Presidential bedroom on SEPTEMBER, (12th) 1994. When I skipped work on that day of 911, just so I could watch the horrible event unfold live , because I really thought that the end of the world was near (I figured America was going to start nuking every other suspect country)and as I prayed for the people who we're holding hands and shown jumping to their deaths I figured most American's must have real brown stuff for brains because you let it happen again 7 years later, almost to the day.

And you are going to again let a man who is the poster rep for adultery and corruption once again back into the American limelight. The man who has a death list of people nearly two pages long (more dead body gaurds then all presidents combined, 12) who surrounds himself with merc's and mafia kingpings who are protecting his image cause he is going to walk into the WhiteHouse doors once again with his wife as the "virtual president" this time.

12:45 PM  
Blogger ziz said...

Interestingly Estee Lauder moved out of the WTC weeks before 9/11 ... Mr Lauder is a HUGE supporter of Ariel Sharon ... coincidence ?

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fully remote-controlled F-16 was retired to the General Dynamics museum early in 2001, perhaps with the remote control equipment removed. At nearly the same time the Chairman of the System Planning Corporation, which makes the remote control equipment discribed above, himself joined the Pentagon leadership in a position where he could both oversee production and financing of operations fitting his expertise.
Here is what Steven M. St. John tells us about Dov Zakheim:

“Harking back to the Zionist-Neo-Conservative principals of the PNAC, I note that one of them, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, was the Chairman of the International Division of System Planning Corporation (SPC), which
designs, manufactures and distributes highly sophisticated technologies for remote control of aerial vehicles. Rabbi Zakheim left his position at SPC in early 2001 when President George W. Bush appointed him Under Secretary of Defense and Chief inancial Officer at the Pentagon. Thus, as comptroller, Rabbi Zakheim had command of the Department of Defense's labyrinthine, bottomless accounts for six full months before the attacks of 11 September 2001. As a Zionist, Rabbi Zakheim had an interest in putting American muscle on Mesopotamian patrol. As signatory to a document including a psycho suggestion that "a new Pearl Harbor" would quicken Zionist-Neo-Conservative designs for global military dominance, Rabbi Zakheim had a motive to bring these plans to fruition by finding or even creating such a pretext for war. As a former corporate executive with a background in technologies for remote control of aerial vehicles, Rabbi Zakheim had a way - remote control of aircraft - to create "a New Pearl Harbor" which would launch the USA into invasion and occupation under false pretext. Again, the 9/11 Commissioners failed to take these circumstances into account and to weigh and consider them.”

5:48 PM  
Blogger Daniel F said...

You will have to add Larry Silverstein, who held the lease on the WTC, and the fire and public safety officials unnamed who consented to pull down WT 7.
We need to broaden our horizona and include the bombing of the OKC federal building on 4-19-95. It also happened during a "terror drill." But Bush was not in office.
168 people died including 19 children in the daycare center. Tim
McVeigh was the first of two men seen leaving the Ryder truck. The second man was never indicted, never sought. Reno and Clinton gave a mass murderer a free pass. We need to broaden our list of suspects to include OKC and 7-7 in
London. Take alook at" .

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting subject.I still pray for Bush to do the right thing.I am amaze how this people seem to get away with the crime committed.In order for conspiricies to work one must know the game of politic.If people don't believe in conspiracy theory they just gave the government a licence to kill.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ author: You forget c.)

A rising oil price means higher amounts of Dollar abroad needed. Though the US needs 25 % of the worlds oil, it has a positive outcome. Now 5,5 Billions of dollars on a daily basis are needed. Stable demand for a currency which besides the oil factor is only worth the trust you set in, and exists in amount of hundreds of billions virtually, isn't it?

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest factor that motivates the Common Man to disregard discussion of conspiracies is an implict trust that the powers that be have the Common Man's best interest at heart.

This is a ridiculous sentiment. Never in history have any leaders had the Common Man's best interests at heart.

The second factor that motivates Common Man to disregard discussions of conspiracies is their belief that all bad people commit their terrible atrocities overtly in plain sight of the public eye.

This is also ridiculous. Any atrocities that you see commited in the public eye have been revealed as a means to further condition the Common Man through the use of fear and propoganda and to maintain the illusion of justice.

The third factor that motivates the Common Man to disregard discussions of conspiracy is convenience. Common man realizes that if, as they believe in their heart (these are the known unknowns, a catagory of information conveniently ignored by Mr. Rumsfeld and for good reason, as the unknown knowns are the biggest category of information available to the common man); the rumours of conspiracy are more true then false, it would require an inconvenient and energy consuming re-evaluation of all the factoids and sound bites the common man holds to be true: morals, history, social responsibility, free-will, politics, etc.

In today's sleep deferred, ultra-fast paced and often terrifying world, re-evaluating the entirety of one's psyche is a task too great for the Common Man.

If you examine these three motivations, you will also discover that for the most part, they are the same factors that keep Common Man from accepting the truth about the growing police state, climate change, or any of the other massive challenges that face our global civilization.

And this, is unfortunate, to say the least.


10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arguably, already, the conspiracy has not held. It seems
unlikely now that we will see any new evidence that will effectively
counter even a fraction of the mountain of inconsistancies in the official story. The famous Silverstein "pull the building" slip, if really a slip, constitutes an enormous faultline coming directly from an insider. One would have to class some sort of insider job as an "open secret."

So one may then ask why such an "open secret" has not brought down the government. The "act-of-war"
scale of 9/11 made it possible for
the presiding powers to bypass any
sort of traditional criminal
investigation. Clean-up rapidly
disturbed the unimaginably complex "crime scenes." Traditional media,
even if they had the will, would
not have had the resources or the
access to mount effective investigations. A major newspaper
or television network cannot afford
to publish speculation. Their
audience requires the sort of air-tight proof that would only come
out of a full and honest government investigation. That leaves them no means to get such an investigation started.

The conspiritors remain safe because only a dramatic political sea-change brought on by the sort of evidence that the public will never see can harm them. Indeed they orchestrated 9/11 at least in part to control the poltical landscape. Prior perception that American leaders would never undertake butchery of Americans on such a scale filters the interpretation of all available data.

Indeed, I sometimes wonder if
more people died at the WTC than
even the conspiritors intended. Perhaps the original plan called for demolishing the buildings only after
maximum evacuation; they moved
up demolition in panic to conceal leaking evidence. My point: the
conspiritors, the planners of
the inside job, though willing to
accept "casualties" to further
their ideological ends, may nevertheless have killed far more people than they meant to kill. The possibility that they really meant to kill fewer people, while it does not in any way exonerate anyone, may open for some skeptics the possibility that Americans could have planned this crime.

While critics of the official
story will make much of 9/11 as
a pretext for war profiteering,
they should recognize the
possibility that the conspiritors
acted as "true believers." We
regularly hear, as a commonplace
out of the mouths of "mainstream"
right-wingers, that the west finds
itself locked in an epic battle with
(radical) Islam, writ large. Construing Islam as some sort of unified beast, they defend the war in Iraq as an attack against the
beast's point of vulnerability.
They sweep aside quibbles about WMD
by saying that the public doesn't
understand the looming danger, so
the elite has to sell them the vital action by whatever means possible.
This mind set passes for plausible
common sense in public fora where
one cannot mention, say, universal health care without facing the charge of Stalinism. Moreover, just as fake intelligence swayed the public to undertake the invasion of Iraq, one can imagine top secret fake intelligence circulating in elite circles persuading credulous insiders to get on board with a
scheme to save the nation from some
greater evil, just as surgeon would
attack a limb by amputation before
they let a cancer spread.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was definitely one of the better blog pages. Very thought provoking.

Okay, here's 9/11 in a nutshell. (You have to look at it from a distance.) Let's say you own a pet monkey and I hate you so I give your pet monkey a stolen gun. You can imagine the aftermath of that, right? So what if the courts say you're innocent. Tell that to your biker neighbours at their child's funeral.

Okay, very powerful people saw to it that Israel's pet monkeys were armed to the teeth.

Who benefitted the most from 9/11? The people who wanted Jews expelled. Laugh at me all you want, but extreme anti-Semitism is now acceptable in circles where it never had a chance before and all Israel's supporters can do is jump up and down, scream and throw jerrycans of gasoline at the fire.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's where you lost me in laughter: "But anyone who's seen a Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum movie, or even watched enough Stargate, Star Trek or Alias, knows that a handful of bad guys can pull off big conspiracies..."

Obviously, if it can happen in a movie it can happen in real life!

Have you ever watched "Superman"?

You loon.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So 9/11 was all about oppressing the poor poor Jews.

That has to be the most rediculous of all conspiracy theories I have ever heard in all my life - and I have heard a lot of them.

There is no reasonable doubt that the coup that was run on 9/11 was an inside job. Anyone still defending the 19 arabs hoax is either a mis or disino agent.

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add Ted Olsen, Solicitor-General, whose MIA wife Barbara Olsen was channelling a-rabs via her cellphone to her hubby during the mystery flight of AA77.

Ted Olsen nobly offered his CNN-famous wife for The Cause. Call that Coincidence? Hmmm ... think Conspiracy. The man was a self-confessed liar, who helped win dubya's Supreme Court Selection in 2000.

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

martial law

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As regards the evidence: why hasn't anyone been sued for destroying almost all of the steel debris from the towers? I've understood that it was against the law.

If a skyscraper collapsed onto itself in seconds here in Finland, I find it unimaginable that the debris were destroyed before the publication of the very final report. (The debris from the towers had been recycled by the time FEMA published their preliminary reports, and NIST has yet to come up with their report on WTC-7.)

Here's my WTC 7 analysis in case someone is interested:

The Destruction of WTC-7

It contains a link to more detailed calculations by a Finnish Doctor of Engineering.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The demons within those around the government satanic circles are growing restless. Looks like they're gearing up to sacrifice some more poor souls to the diety of war and profits and the sorceress Hillary shall lead and guide the acts over a carpet of death.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article. Nice job.

Thank you very much.


Mr. J.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911, 7/7/2005 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great article, and I can't wait to visit all the links. However, I think I should tell you that an article as good as this should not have annoying typos (which turn some people so far off that they will not believe the rest of the page).

So, I offer you these errata which should be easy for you to correct.
Bob Locke

9/11: a 7-Man Job

How hard would it been -- should be How hard would it have been

lilke –should be like

a kid does when they -- should be kids do when they

How about 3. -- needs question mark

security company let's in the – should be lets

a lot – should be a lot -- at least twice

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Mr israoil

"There are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who think that they are free."

"The big winner today, intended or not, is the state of Israel. There is no question that as a result of these attacks the Israeli leadership is feeling relief."
-- George Friedman, director of, a pro-Israeli intelligence think tank, commenting upon the attacks of September 11th.

." We……………………………..
We ………..the west find
itself locked in an epic battle with
(radical) Islam, writ large. Construing Islam as some sort of UNIFIED BEAST, ……………………………………………….
the elite has to sell them the vital action by whatever means possible.

Please read this:
No Beauty in the Beast —•— 2005 by Mark Glenn


The Shadow Puppet's Master —•— Oct. 31st, 2005 by Barbra-renee Brighenti

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best comment here is by the blogger who points out the we are to believe that 19 men pulled off the crime of the century - on their first try. (the 20th, Zacarias Moussaoui, will soon be put to death by the U.S. government - for being an inept terrorist.)

Worst comment here is the blogger who laughs at the comparison with novels and films in which few people carry off monster missions. Is he also laughing at the official version of the attack? If not, the guy must be very silly indeed.

A special mention goes to Vesa from Finland who has delved into the WTC7 mystery. Is there still anyone in America who think it collapsed because of fire??? Then we should inform all those demolition experts out there that all you need to 'pull' a 47-story steel building is to spread some diesel on a couple of floors and sit back and wait while the skyscraper crumbles nicely into a pile of dust - instead of spending time and money with awfully expensive explosives and technicians.

Good luck America

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

SourDove said:
I'm having trouble with this part.
I'm picturing a truck full of materiel
parked outside the front door while
our dedicated duo run in, wait for
a series of elevators, plant, wait,
run, grab, repeat.

Though a 2 man crew MIGHT be a little small, the WTC went through a number of upgrades prior to 9/11, including a 36 hour power down (to the top 2/3 of the buildings) the weekend before for "network upgrades", and a few weeks prior to that, "fireproofing upgrades" to the steel columns (though if there was a power down, there's no concrete info on that). This was roughly the same timeframe that bomb-sniffing dogs were removed from the buildings.

I'm sure if a group were operating within the network or fireproofing upgrade capacity, then they would have access to a service elevator, as opposed to going from floor to floor on foot.

Whether 2 men would be enough, I'm not sure, since other than the 36 hour powerdown, no completely solid timeframe exists.

But rest (un)assured, there WAS a timeframe to make it plausible.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please, oh please : will some Bush fan/apologetic please come forward with a credible explanation for the collapse of WTC7 ? I can't sleep at night, I hardly eat and have lost my sexual instincts because of this.If you dont give a dime about my suffering, then do it for America, or better still, do it for the one million dollars promised by Jimmy Walter to anyone who can PROVE it wasn't a classic demolition job.

I would love to have a response from a real nasty commie-basher, one of those who, with brainless insults and lame one-liners, vomit their disgust over 'unpatriotic-pot-smoking-wackos-without-a-day-time-job' and laugh idiotically at anyone seeking the truth.

I hope this appeal may provoke and bring on those numbheads which frankly don't deserve residence on this planet. Come on ! Spit at me! Spit at one million dollars, you cretins!

Joe from Texas

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But anyone who's seen a Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum movie, or even watched enough Stargate, Star Trek or Alias, knows that a handful of bad guys can pull off big conspiracies"

I can understand some of your points but are you seriously using television to prove a conspiracy? If you've watched enough roadrunner cartoons you can also prove that the laws of gravity are made up.

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Blogger Tom Dennen said...

One Day in the Life of ...

About six hundred Hippies (and some who were not) met and mingled once on an ocean liner our little group later called the Ship of Cools, an experience that ties us together today, unlike all the other friends and aquaintances of my youth who were Lost By Moving Around.
We were part of a mass exodus of young people in the ‘swinging’ sixties, running away at about the same time as the Zionists were trying to sink the USS Liberty during the 1967 June 5th to 10th ’Six Day War’ using a false flag ruse to get America to attack Egypt.
It didn’t work.
The world is full of conspiracies, many of which are true creative advertising and marketing projects, if we but believe them - like the fact that only in Japan (which is seriously good marketing by the de Beers people), America and a few other English-speaking countries do women expect to be given a diamond engagement ring or there is something seriously wrong with her guy.
One of those childish fantasies we civilize our children with, helped along by some great marketing.
Marketing is cool. Everyone actively entertains a belief system most of which was certainly created, and if creative enough, has legs and is driven or at least overseen by its creators: The ‘mainstream’ marketing, film, tv, newspaper and spin doctors try to direct our lives, however contrived the current system they have created may seem to be, filled with movies and myths, monsters and mothers-in-law!
And this document could possibly be one of those contrivances, so read it carefully always watching for the bear traps ... Unlike Alice, study perhaps very carefully the label that says, “DRINK ME”.
It’s an amazing thing to be aware of that a book called Alice in Wonderland is a hardly innocent yet intricate part of the English-speaking world’s belief system: A system that is a self-fulfilling, self-sustaining and self-supporting psychic internal organisational construction that is programmed to agree with everything that happens within that belief system. This seems today not to be such a good thing because our consciousness of all the interactions in everyday life which is inter alia the entire field of incoming data you interpret (at every concious and unconcious level of awareness) during all of the time you are awake and aware as well as the incoming data you interpret during all of the time we are asleep and unaware dictates how you live out your life within the constrictions of your belief system.

Which is basically who you are – part of your ‘culture’.


Don’t worry, I’ll get it out of my system - and into yours if I can!
OK. Let’s call that system ‘my being in the world’ or just ‘my life’. And I ask you also to interpret it as what is real in your life without trying too hard to make sense of the philosophical definitions - shit happens and that’s definitely part of life, we all understand that, Arab or Indian, Yankee or wetback.
Still, simply, we all have a life that is defined by the total accumulation of all our experiences, the sum total of which defines our unique ‘belief system’ - remember the first time you got laid?
Experiences outside of our own lives are added to our lives through education which gives us access to other cumulative cultural belief systems through which we grow into by learning things we don’t actually experience ourselves.
Reading a lot helps.
In essence, all of the above reasoning explains why we used to believe without question, the ‘mainstream media’.
It’s a little different today with instant access to minds that ask very good questions and post them on web logs.
We are now at the point where we may have lost one of the first battles in the war against the military industrial complex that feeds us quite a large part of our belief systems – our collective defence.
Unless we join the people who are asking questions and begin asking ourselves carefully whether or not we’ve been told the truth. Whether the Anglo-American military industrial complex doesn’t use every trick in the book – DRINK ME!
For seriously educated and highly focused critical opinion go to and run through the political cartoons at the bottom of the page.

Tom Dennen

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is mind boggling and has bothered me these past 5 years is that I can accept one plane hitting the towers but two ? They would have had to have been very experienced pilots indeed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is mind boggling and has bothered me these past 5 years is that I can accept one plane hitting the towers but two ? They would have had to have been very experienced pilots indeed.

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Blogger Tom Dennen said...

But you are the guys who handed America over to the neocons. You, the Baby Boomers, the guys sitting now with not quite enough medical aid to keep things going.
"What people need to hear loud and clear is that we’re running out of energy in America.”
- US President George Bush, May 2001
No one listened.
“Falling oil production will change the world.”
- John Vidal, THE GUARDIAN
LONDON Wednesday, Apr 27, 2005, Page 9
No one listened.
"Just kiss your lifestyle goodbye."
- US ‘peak oil’ analyst, April, 2005
Who would listen to that?
“Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon. This is not the wacky proclamation of a doomsday cult, apocalypse bible prophecy sect, or conspiracy theory society. Rather, it is the scientific conclusion of the best paid, most widely-respected geologists, physicists, and investment bankers in the world. These are rational, professional, conservative individuals who are absolutely terrified by a phenomenon known as global Peak Oil."
- Matt Savinar - Life After The Oil Crash (LATOC), 2005
No one listened.
"Peak oil" refers to Shell geologist Dr. Marion King Hubbert’s peak oil theory announced in 1956 which predicted a global oil peak in 1970 that didn’t happen.
Thirty-five years later peak oil is suddenly a widely and hotly debated subject because the global financial system is entirely dependent on a constantly increasing supply of oil. And we may just have entered the second, decreasing, half of the oil age.
Oil peak is the point at which half the total oil known to have existed in a field or a country [or a planet] has been consumed (peaked), beyond which extraction goes into irreversible decline.
By ‘debated’ I refer to the shrill flurries of accusation and counter accusation in the global oil markets today (filled with speculators mind you who tend to take your eyes off the ball):
All available evidence points to the FACT that we are about to fall, or have already fallen, onto the ‘downslope’ of peak oil’s irreversible decline.
Part of the debate is that it is ‘common cause’ that the United States does not base any long-term policies that take peak oil data into consideration.
Perhaps that cause is no longer so common as a new US government-sponsored report obtained by says the US is now starting to do exactly that.
Get into line, folks, for gas and oil ... and get some serious blankets for the coming winter.
“US report acknowledges peak-oil threat”
- Adam Porter, Perpignan, France.
Wednesday 09 March 2005, 18:23 Makka Time, 5:23 GMT
“Authored by Robert Hirsch, Roger Bezdek and Robert Wendling and titled The Peaking of World Oil production: Impacts, Mitigation, & Risk Management, the report is an assessment requested by the US Department of Energy (DoE), National Energy Technology Laboratory.
“It was prepared by Hirsch, who is a senior energy programme adviser at the private scientific and military company, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).
“They work extensively on defence and geopolitical issues for clients, including many for the US government.
“While global information for predicting this “event” is not so straightforward as the data
M. King Hubbert used in creating his famous curve that predicted the U.S. oil production peak, there are indications that most of the large exploration targets have been found, at the same time that the world’s population is exploding.”
- L. F. Ivanhoe, Novum Corp., Ojai, California
from WORLD OIL, October 1995
Adam Porter adds that this “brand new senior-level report on "peak oil" is unprecedented in US government circles. It is not just the existence of the report itself that is such a landmark in the current oil debate. Its conclusions also pull no punches.
Uncertain timing
"World oil peaking is going to happen," he says. “Only the timing is uncertain".
The Guardian’s John Vidal agrees, saying that the wake of the Iraq war, the rapid economic rise of China, global warming and recent record oil prices have shifted the debate from “if” there is a global peak to “when”. Add hurricane Katrina - and whatever else is coming our way - to the growing certainty of the timing.
“But,” says (Oxford awarded) Doctor Colin Campbell in a message that he has repeated to businessmen, academics and investment analysts at a recent Edinburgh conference, "don't worry about oil running out; it won't for very many years.”
That is not the point!
"The issue,” adds Campbell graciously, “is the long downward slope that opens on the other side of peak production. Oil and gas dominate our lives, and their decline will change the world in radical and unpredictable ways."
That decline begins at the point of global peak production of conventional oil and, while it may not run out ‘for very many years’ the ‘radical and unpredictable ways’ it will decline are the concern.
OK let’s look at it from a dying man’s point of view:
A 200 lb human being has about 70% or 140 lbs of water integral to the system.
If the person enters into a dehydrative decline the internally integrated delivery sytems (and all other water-dependent systems) will probably fail when some 10 to 15% of the water is gone.
After ‘peak oil’ we are all running out of petrol, and that petrol can not only not be topped up but will become more and more scarce and more and more expensive.
Starting now and watch what happens when we hit the 15 to 20% shortfall across the planet.
Dr. Campbell writes in The Financial Consequences of Peak Oil, “the continued expansion of this (global) wealth is only possible so long as the oil supply continues to expand...”
Dr. Campbell is considered a consummate industry man who helped to found the London-based Oil Depletion Analysis Center. Vidal says Cambell’s the best man for the job because he’s retired, “he has no financial agenda and has spent most of a lifetime on the front line of oil exploration on three continents. He was chief geologist for Amoco, a vice-president of Fina and has worked for BP, Texaco, Shell, ChevronTexaco and Exxon in a dozen different countries.
“Campbell reckons global peak production of conventional oil -- the kind associated with gushing oil wells -- is approaching fast, perhaps even ...” (2006).
This may be the reason for the apparent confusion in the marketplace from oil producers blaming inadequate refining capacities on Katrina and buyers blaming deliberately slow production for shortages, to OPEC’s blaming China on pushing up prices because of her huge and rapidly climbing demand.
All of which, again, tends to pull your eye off the ball.
The point is that when ‘peak oil’ is reached, the ‘downward’ slope is over ever-steeper social and economic downsides that we cannot, after two hundred years of cheap energy, really imagine.
Has it already happened?
An increasing number of theorists believes some peak in world oil production has already occurred. After Hurricane Katrina, Saudi Arabia admitted that it simply could not increase production to make up for the loss of Gulf of Mexico oil rigs. This was widely believed, albeit speculatively, to be the beginning of a final oil crisis, in which there will be no choice but to radically curtail the use of oil.
A week after Katrina long gas lines were reported in Denver, Indianapolis, Hartford, Conn., Atlanta and Orlando, Fla., among other cities across America. In North Carolina’s capital city Charlotte, “between 13% and 15% of stations had no gasoline and prices have soared as much as 70 cents a gallon in those stations that still have fuel to peddle”, said AAA official there Tom Crosby.
While global demand is expected to grow by nearly two million barrels a day this year -- from 82.5 million barrels a day last year - the world's capacity to refine and process crude oil is expected to grow by less than half that, according to the Petroleum Industry Research Foundation.
How does this affect the global economy?
Central banks are fully aware of the severity of what we are facing as they, more than any other institutions, know that debt service requires economic growth in proportion to the size of the debt. When you borrow money, you borrow with the expectation that there will be more money available to you in the future than there is now so you can pay back both the principal and the the interest. If we posit money as really just a symbol for oil, you are actually borrowing with the expectation - whether you realize it or not - that there will be more oil available to you in the future than there is now.
The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) "the central banker's central bank” does not perhaps believe so much in that oil-money parity anymore. This from a warning regarding the economic fallout of further rises in the price of oil:
“Oil prices may well remain high for a prolonged period of time ... Further rises - if they materialize - may have more severe consequences than currently anticipated ... Everyone needs to commit to some unpleasant compromises now, in order to avoid even more unpleasant alternatives in the future ...”
 Bank of International Settlements, June 28, 2005
Gary Duncan, the economics editor for the UK based Sunday Times further summarizes the BIS report:
“The US current account deficit meant that a further slide in the dollar was "almost inevitable", while the BIS sounded a warning that the deficit could yet lead to "a disorderly decline of the dollar, associated turmoil in other financial markets, and even recession."
Make no mistake: a bank as crucially important to the world economy and as influential to the markets as the BIS doesn't just casually toss out terms like "unpleasant compromises", "severe consequences", "even more unpleasant alternatives", "turmoil," and "disorderly decline" in relation to the oil markets and the dollar (which is the reserve currency for all oil transactions in the world) unless something very nasty is brewing in the background.
One of George W. Bush's energy advisors, energy investment banker Matthew Simmons, has spoken at length about the impending crisis.
(Simmons' investment bank, Simmons and Company International, is considered the most reputable and reliable energy investment bank in the world).
Given that background, what Simmons has to say about the situation is truly terrifying. For instance, in an August 2003 interview with From the Wilderness publisher Michael Ruppert, Simmons was asked if it was time for Peak Oil to become part of the public policy debate. He responded:
“It is past time. As I have said, the experts and politicians have no Plan B to fall back on. If energy peaks, particularly while 5 of the world’s 6.5 billion people have little or no use of modern energy, it will be a tremendous jolt to our economic well-being and to our health - greater than anyone could ever imagine.
When asked if there is a solution to the impending natural gas crisis, Simmons responded:
“I don’t think there is one. The solution is to pray. Under the best of circumstances, if all prayers are answered there will be no crisis for maybe two years.
“After that it’s a certainty.”
In May 2004, Simmons explained that in order for demand to be appropriately controlled, the price of oil would have to reach $182 per barrel. Simmons explained that with oil prices at $182 per barrel, gas prices would likely rise to $7.00 per gallon.
Simmons predictions are downright tame compared to what other analysts in the world of investment banking are preparing themselves for. For instance, in April 2005, French investment bank Ixis-CIB warned, "crude oil prices could touch $380 a barrel by 2015."
If you want to ponder just how devastating oil prices in the $200-$400/barrel range will be for the US economy, consider the fact that one of Osama Bin-Laden's primary goals has been to force oil prices into the $200 range.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Un-frickin-believable. Tom Clancy? Jason Bourne? What are you, a twelve year old? That your government is evil is not something I would argue with. But 3 men to plant enough explosives to bring down the WTC? What friggin planet are you living on? Do you know anything about Controlled demolition? Physics? Radio transmission? Dude, just do a little research. "Moreover, to anyone who knows how covert military operations work, it is obvious that segmentation on a "need-to-know basis"..." Gah.. you tit.

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Blogger Tom Dennen said...

Pass this one along, guys:

Consider Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad's letter to Bush as a Rosetta Stone that might solve the conflict between the cultures.

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Blogger beervolcano said...

Why would they shoot down Flight 93 when they wanted the other planes to hit?

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To roll out the "Let's roll" story? To show that terrorist didn't succeed completely?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read a number of your articles and I must say that I have rarely seen anyone so gullible as you, Mr. Washington.

I would urge you to take a course in critical thinking. Many people in this country have not had the benefit of a good education in critical thinking as is evident by the number of people who have trouble evaluating fact from fiction about 9/11.

It is such gullible people who are unaware that they do not know what they do not know that fascists, frauds, and totalitarians take advantage of to promote their political and sick views of humanity, people like Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, and numerous new frauds like Webster Tarpley, David Griffin (posing as a theologian of all things!), James Fetzer, Steven Jones and numerous other fraudulent liars who have chosen to lie about facts because they know people will not think for themselves.

Such laziness in using one's brain is what made Naziism and Communism possible. Don't make it possible again, Mr. Washington. Choose to think!

Head yourself down to your local library and check out any one of numerous good books on logic and critical thinking. You'll soon disabuse yourself of the lies you have been led to believe and come to have the self-respect you have been missing.


7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the critical thinker. You are kidding aren,t you? Critical thinking techniques are all very well, but if you are wrong, you are just plain wrong!
My reading of Mr. Washington's essays are that he is very critical in his thinking, and that he has decided that the explanations which best suit the facts are not those being espoused by an obvious government whitewash, but are those from whom commentary is being hidden from the public.
Your post shows you to be devoid of scientific reasoning, or of true philosophical understanding. All you seem able to do is cast aspersions on and insult those who have removed the wool from over their eyes, and are not either plain stupid or more likely a shill.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

911: Sure enough, Big money and bullets are mighty good hushers.There were criminals aplenty to be interested in the deal, so no problem recruiting.
But one should not forget that, if needed, manchurian candidates are also great prospects for 911-type operations, and they are not in short supply either, fully programmed and ready for the task (and the next one as well).
Thanks for the good article

11:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It is really really difficult to read and take seriously any writing when someone habitually uses "alot." "Alot" is not a word. Look it up.
It may seem like nit-picking but it will add a lot of credibility to your otherwise well worded writing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we need to look at the various institutions and ask whther there were people in place who could have orchestrated what happened.

For example:

White House: Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz

Pentagon: Rumsfeld, Zokheim

Intelligence: CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Mossad

Secret Service:

Military: Myers, Winfield, Eberhardt

Media: NYT, FOX

WTC: Giuiliani, Silverstein, M Bush


aviation: FAA (canavan)

Commission: Zelikow, May


Putting the jigsaw together one can see how things could happen with cheney as the maestro.

Forien Countries: UK, Pakistan,

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My scenario is simpler and a little intuitive.

1. It only takes ONE person (Cheney) to put out the word to Mossad/Saudi spooks to recruit 19 willing jihadis for a mission for glory.

2. It only took ONE person top pass the word that NORAD would be playing confusing wargames on 911 (Cheney).

3. It only takes ONE person (Cheney) to declare and emphasise that the whole aftermath was "classified" - and the FBI etc. would dutifully follow suit.

4. The buildings were not supposed to fall down. The multi hijack would have been cassus beli enough. BUT....

5. via Mossad back channels, Silverstein got word of the plan and a) rigged the buildings to come down with explosives (using a Mossad out of town crew over a period of weeks - the guys in the white van getting ready to admire their explosive handiwork).

So. Total...only One person (Cheney ) in USA made it happen, via Saudi/Mossad spook contacts. NOBODY else required to know within USA govt.

Bush only aware of the big outline picture of the plot. Fully committed to the evil scheme once the buildings came down. Which none of them expected.


Saudi Royals (via Bandar Bush) etc. figured they could get rid of Saddam and upon that success... see USA forces roll in to Iran on a wave of regional democratic euphoria. Their problems solved. The Israelis playing willing assistants.

A massive corrupt gamble which has failed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I add that collaborators have always been essential for governments to accomplish criminal acts. Guilt and possible reprisals as well as guaranteed rewards keep them hidden until someone discovers concrete evidence. Stasi members, Nazi SS, Pinochet's and Milosevic's hired guns, Rwandan Tutsi murderers working with Kagame, even NYC police are good examples of walls of silence.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too used to think that 9/11 was carried out by only a handful of people. But the very extent and success of the cover up in itself suggest a much larger conspiracy..
There were the people who carried out the technical aspects of the attack itself i.e. CD of 3 buildings, Pentagone missile /bombs, those who prepared the planes that stuck the towers, the bombing in Shanksville and subsequent cover up, those who faked the cell phone calls, the fake witnessess and "experts" who planted the offical story on TV as the events unfolded and during the following days, weeks and years,
those in the control rooms of CNN, ABC, BBC etc who succesfuly controlled the message, those who "took care" of the real witnessess and whistlblowers. It required complicity whithin the FAA, Norad, NSA, CIA, FBI, FEMA and others..That is actually an awful lot of people.
It might well have been a few hundred in total..Don't forget that the Northwoods documents were signed by the entire chief of staff and that they seemed to be very confident that no one would spill the beans..

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i sure knew bush done it within the week...the glee in his eyes as he mouthed the appropriate consoling words were just too incongruous, and the buzzword "911" is just too "bush" to have come from anywhere else. when i first caught wind of the invasion on afghan, i knew for sure he had done the whole thing as a means to begin his agenda of world domination.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think a giant fireball shooting down 3000 feet through a elevator shaft melting steel, thats a conpiracy theory....the more u look the more u can see if u dont look you wont see......its up to us we can do something...but like i sid its up to us, are u scared prob, the gov. has u like that on purpose the only thing to fear is fear itslef, listen to the secret society jfk speech on youtube......911=illuminati do your homework knowledge is power. the gov wants you dumb

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it odd why some people find the need to abandon reason to justify thier quest for truth. I myself consider washington to be hollywood for ugly people, that being said, I can't understand the lust for the notion that 911 was an inside job. I beleive that war is a profitable business for some and have spent considerable time looking at the 911 issue. How a reasoable rational person can still beleive it was an inside job eludes me. Is it to protect ones identity they have assigned to themself? Have we all become Shawn Hannitys'? I'am an anarchist therefore I'am! Could it be that most of the so called 911 truth sqaud has learned to profit, much like some defense contractors from conflict? I've often heard love is blind, hatred must be deaf dumb and blind. Some day people will figure out washington is much like world wrestling FAKE the dems play on the same team as repubs, sure they have some mello drama for the spectaters but after the lights go down they count the money. washington's biggest fear I would imagine is that the people would become unified ( in other words they can't blame each other for doing nothing) if we as people were to speak as one, they would quake in thier shoes and we would fire them all and start over. I fear our identity politics will be our ruin.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel and the Zionist Terrorists were responsible for 9/11 and many other False Flag operations like the King David Hotel bombing, The Lavon Affair and the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty.
If you do the research you will see that there is a patten where Israel/Zionists commit a terrorist act and then try to blame another group/country for their crimes. This is called a False Flag and 9/11 was one of these crimes!

Learn the truth about Zionism and their terrorist activities here

If anyone wants to know what Israel is really like then read
The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel
by Jack Bernstein

The following is a quote from an Israeli Prime Minister!
"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

-- Menachem Begin - Israeli Prime Minister 1977-1983

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . The anti-semites shall be our best friends”.
-- From Theodor Herzl's Diary, Founder of Zionism in 1897

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much like the fantasy of a Tom Clancy movie (your point, your arguement belongs in the same realm: fantasy. The moment you start to use movie plots as a basis for your arguement is the moment your arguement ceases to have any basis in reality. Pass the crack pipe please.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In regards to your statements about the morality necessary in the conspirators to justify killing thousands of NYers, you seem to be neglecting a crucial detail: They didn't need conscience apathy because they did not intend to collapse the buildings. The buildings were struck high on purpose. The smoking twin towers, against the NY skyline, was expected to be enough. The collapse was unintentional. An early version of the plan called for striking the buildings much lower to ensure collapse, but was rejected as excessive.

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Blogger Robert Basler said...

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Blogger Unknown said...


Having read many of your blog entries, I have to tell you one certain fact. It would take 3 people about 10,000 hours total to plant enough explosives to bring down a 110 story building. Given the fact that I am a nationally recognized pyrotechnician, and have done demolition work for many years, I can tell you with absolute certainty that 3 people did not plant enough explosives in the WTC to bring it down. I have done a smaller building, 14 stories to be exact, and it took my crew of 12 almost 14 days to wire it for implosion. So how long do you think it would take 3 guys to do this?? Alot more time than is alloted. But, believe what you will.

11:48 PM  

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