Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Now What?

What are your ideas for promoting 9/11 truth, preventing a war with Iran, and protecting the U.S. Constitution?

Best idea wins a prominent mention in a future post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best way to protect the US Constitution and prevent war with Iran is to promote 9/11 truth.

10:23 PM  
Blogger janedoe said...

I first read your offer as "he with the best idea wins a future."

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Bush says, take the battle to the terrorist. Let's do that. Run for Congress.

Once you are an official candidate for Novembers election you may "earn" some press coverage. Otherwise, in their eyes, we're just a bunch of aluminum foil hat wearing nuts. This might be the only way you and I can break the media silence.

If you're not up for that then identify the people who are running for congress and distribute information to them and catch it on camera (as Alex Jones might) AND their supporters at rallies. Ask the basics: did you know 3 buildings collapsed, fire never has taken down high rises, do you know who Marvin Bush is...etc...it is important to come across as creditable.

The next congress will be the people who decide what Cheney can get away with for the next 2 years. “They” need a supportive (or passive) Congress. They would much rather have us all spend our energy typing away in blogs, and recruiting people a few at a time at screenings.

Congress is where true change will take place. We want democracy & representation well this is where it happens. This is where it gets their attention...just look to New Hampshire.

Candidate Gary Dodds (who knows about 9/11, and calls for troops out of Iraq by 2007)from the 1st district in NH, had mysterious single car accident, swam across a creek, went missing for 24 hours, then can't remember anything. I believe this is a warning to him.

So, get a DVD of Jones or Griffin to every State and Federal official currently in office. Go to GOP and DEM national web site, find your State’s candidates and go to their events. Face to face contact with people who aren't looking for this information is where me must go. Distribute Griffin DVD’s to churches. But with each new contact you meet, make a request of them: sign ST911 petition, make your own petition, form a rally at your State house, enter a “9/11 memorial float” in your towns 4th of July parade; pass out flyers along the route. This will be a huge opportunity to tap into peoples patriotic feelings.

Approach them with a positive attitude, not fear and hate. We have an opportunity to build on our countries mistakes and apathy. I believe that Cheney really thought this was what we had to do for national security (ie Oil). It seems as though we are going to run out soon, and then 9/11 won't seem all that important. We must look at this as a wake up call for where we need to go in the light of the looming peak oil crisis, not merely a witch hunt of the evil doers.

What ever you do…start right now.


8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder, too, if it would not help, in presenting to the press, Congressional leaders and the public at large, a simple list of declarative statements (truthful, or at least for which no contradictory evidence exists) about 9/11. Whether we need to have war against Iran is debatable; issues of the Constitution are subject to interpretation. But simple declarative statements are tough to rebut and lead to further inquiry.

"For example, never in history prior to 9/11 (or since) have any buildings of steelcore construction ever collpased due to fire."

It might take a while to agree on unimpeachable wording for certain items. If we cannot get widespread consensus on such a statement, it gets tossed until we can.

"The Commander-in-Chief, on being told of the second WTC impact, took no action, make no inquiry, and communicated with no one for 15 minutes."

Every effort should be made to wash out any adjectives that might suggest bias.

Do you get my drift?

5:09 PM  
Blogger MDH said...

We do have to find a way to expose the control over our government for the world's sake...People are afraid to speak out...if the MSM echos the swiftboat lies and the Republicans take pride in winning with this type of behavior...we have a big problem. Somehow, we have to protect the whistleblower and support anyone that comes forward. Sibel Edmonds and Daniel Ellsberg are trying to do that. Maybe the bloggers could organize a system that protects the truthtellers...a 911 for truth demonstration in DC...Just maybe some MSM news organization will have the guts to stand up...if we ask them to ....with our support. We are not well enough organized in Congress or the MSM yet to be effective...but we are growing stronger.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Boris Epstein said...

I would say the best way to get people (at least those reluctant to listen) to realize that they have been lied to is presenting them with proof that the events could not have unfolded the way the official story would have us believe. Don't tell them what happened - just tell them what could not have happened.

"9/11 Revisited" would be a nice video to use towards this end (by far not the only one, of course),

4:59 PM  

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