Thursday, April 27, 2006

Truth Ministry

In a previous essay, I addressed the Scriptural call to "do justice". In this essay, I look at the concept of 9/11 truth as a ministry.

While I focus mainly on the Christian concept of ministry (85% of Americans are Christian), Jews also have a concept of ministry, Buddhists of "dharma work", Hindus of "karma yoga", etc. These are fairly universal concepts. Indeed, even atheists have the analogous concept of helping their fellow man live a better life in a humanistic sense. And if you are an atheist, please remember that you will not be able to reach the vast majority of Americans unless you understand a little about Christianity.

The word "ministry" is defined as "the act of serving".

The traditional Christian concept of "ministry" includes converting non-believers to Christianity, so that they may be saved. But is that enough? In order to "save souls", what types of darkness do we have to save people from? Is it solely from beliefs other than Christianity?

And the concept of "ministry" often includes helping the poor. But what about the poor in spirit, and the poor in understanding? Financial poverty is not an impediment to salvation, but lack of understanding of the big picture may be. For isn't failure to embrace God a lack of understanding which prevents salvation? Isn't poverty of understanding more harmful to the state of the soul even than financial poverty?

If so, then wouldn't helping people to gain understanding and insight, saving their souls from ignorance and false assumptions, be a vital component of ministry?

Who are the Needy?

We can't just preach to the choir. We have to find out who and where the souls in need of salvation are and reach out to them.

The good news and the bad news is that they are easy to find. As shown in this discussion, the marketing industry has dumbed-down and confused most Americans (I don't agree with some of what the author says; however, he does summarize some very important and interesting information from other sources).

The majority of Americans -- no matter what they may call themselves -- are likely suffering from ignorance, confusion, false assumptions, and lack of awareness. Most Americans still wallow in darkness regarding the secret history of false flag attacks, hold incorrect assumptions about the "evil" nature of the Islamic faith as a whole, and have a childish view about the goals and intentions of our political leaders.

Exciting Ministry

Our political and military crises are really manifestations of a spiritual crisis: the poverty of the soul. Millions of Americans are too afraid to look at the darkness of deception and manipulation that surrounds us, and at the same time are too afraid to reach for a more empowered, gratifying, meaningful, spiritually-connected life. Remember, willingness to face the darkness and to reach for the light are connected: for only when people are filled with the light of spiritual connection, hope and meaning will they have the courage and ability to face the darkness and take appropriate action. Without a high-power flashlight, no one would head off into the darkness and kill the tigers that lurk there.

It is exciting that we have the opportunity to minister to people who so desperately need it, to educate, teach, and raise awareness.

We should use every ounce of our strength to try to spread 9/11 truth, to prevent another false flag attack, and to bring the perpetrators of the 9/11 crimes to justice. We should and must do this, as I've said in previous essays.

But if we only think of 9/11 work as an "activist" campaign, then we will be thrown by every curve, be battered by the ups and downs, and quickly burn out.

If, instead, we remember that we are engaged in a ministry, then we won't be so thrown by downturns in our progress. As the prominent pscyhologist James Hillman said, even if the world is going destroy itself, we can still ease people's suffering along the way. (Even if people do not thank us in the short-run, we will be easing their suffering in the long run, and their souls will be thankful.)

Not only are we engaged in a heroic outward struggle to save our nation and prevent terror and fascism, but we are also helping souls by educating them, stripping them of false assumptions, shining a light into their darkest corners of ignorance, whether or not we win the ultimate battle for nationwide truth and justice.

Talking about 9/11 is a chance to simultaneously reveal the darkness of false flag attacks and to give them the light of hope of obtaining a true democracy, a sustainable politics, and a better way of life.

9/11 is the most traumatic thing to happen to Americans in modern times, and it is also an unprecedented teaching opportunity: for evil has shown itself, and the velvet glove has come off to reveal the iron fist of empire and greed.

I hope and pray that we win the struggle for 9/11 truth and justice in an outward sense, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen. But along the way, by talking to people about the real facts of false flag terror, of propaganda and disinformation and fascism, by exposing the dark secrets and by lighting candles of hope and of clarity, I am engaged in a truth ministry.

I can't think of a higher calling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fight for the truth is hard. It is a fight that can be won. It is a fight that must be fought.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a very good way to look at how to approach this work. One thought I've had recently is that we must be patient and understand how others think about 9/11.Sometimes I've been frustrated with those close to me because they haven't seen what seems so obvious to me. However, in a ministry, Christ would teach with love, patience and understanding. If we carry those attributes with us, it may help us as well. Another point to remember is that Christ was also bold in his teachings. We must also be bold and share this with every person around us.

I will never stop fighting for truth and justice.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

geez there's a lot of fighters here...don't you guys get tired from all that fighting? It sure tired me out. I just stopped participating in the matrix...step outside the prison..there's not many of us here yet but the air sure is better....don't support that which you would do away with.

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pS..religion is untenable insanity hence the necessity of seperation between church and state and preferably the doing away with religion by teaching people where it comes from.

1:30 AM  

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