Thursday, May 11, 2006

Killing the Truth

It is well-known that people who are crazy may have a very strong drive to silence those who are sane. Why? Because the very words of a sane person challenge the psychotic beliefs of the crazy person, and are thus "dangerous" to his or her world view.

One well-known example of this is Mark David Chapman, who shot John Lennon because he thought that he was John Lennon. He killed Lennon because Lennon's very presence threatened his crazy world view.

Similarly, a judge in Cleveland has just ordered that an anti-war activist be sent for an involuntary psychiatric examination because of her beliefs that the Administration's war in Iraq was illegal.

Odd, right? But this is not an isolated incident. For example, a high school student at a private school in Texas took a test regarding the Middle East, and one of the questions was who was responsible for 9/11. One of the choices was George W. Bush, and the kid, having studied the facts regarding 9/11, chose that answer. The teacher referred the student to the principal, and the principal is sending him to a psychiatrist.

Additionally, anecdotal reports from across the country suggest that people are being fired, arrested, and even beat up for speaking out against the Administration.

Clearly, the government is using Stalinist tactics to crush dissent in this country. But something else is going on as well.

Some Americans are willing to use violence -- terminating an employee without cause, arresting people, or even physical violence -- to silence the voices of reason which are pointing out that the government has lied its way into war, has committed war crimes and vote fraud, and has killed 3,000 of its own people to justify its imperial agenda.

In other words, many Americans are acting just like Mark David Chapman, and trying to silence the voices of reason and sanity that challenge their crazy world view.

We -- the sane people who know what reality is -- have to act boldly to ensure that sanity prevails. The Mark David Chapmans of the world might not want to hear it, but we must force them to listen, and take away their ability to lash out against the truthtellers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The causes of Chapman's insanity are interesting. I think it's a little different with the US public. You're right, though - - people can get pissed off when confronted with facts that would force them to change their world view.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in this scenario it is always wise to look to plato's allegory of the cave

Suppose one of the prisoners (we could call him "Socrates") escaped, and made his way up the rough track and into the daylight. On the way up, he'd seen the fire, and the causeway, and the two-dimensional figures. In the real world above, to begin with, he was blinded by the sunight. As he got used to it, he was amazed by the shapes, the colours, he textures - now he knew what a tree was, or a girl, or a house. He couldn't wait to get back down into the cave to tell the others. He tried to describe the brilliance of the light and beauty of the things he'd seen. The prisoners soon got tired of his nonsense and killed him. They preferred the pictures on the wall. They preferred the world they knew and understood.

5:37 PM  

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