Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Podcast The Truth

One of the members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth had a great idea. Its worth reading the whole thing to get why his idea is such a good one:
"I was in a state of disbelief from the get-go about the 9-11 attacks, but finally seeing the video of WTC7 coming down convinced me, as it did so many others, that a false flag operation had happened.

We are a culture finely tuned to video. My question, whenever I get into 9-11 discussions with random bystanders, is "But ... have you seen the video of WTC7 coming down?"

Their response is usually "What building 7?"

So I picked a used Palm Tungsten T running PalmOS 5.0 on Craigslist for $40, and I can now whip out and show them. I chose a Palm T over an iPod because it is so much cheaper, takes a standard SD memory card, and has a 320x320 color screen. Also it is the smallest Palm PDA. Drawback is it doesn't have much memory for multimedia. Movies and stills run fine, but a slideshow with movies AND underlying audio runs into trouble.

I am working on a slideshow in 323x320 format that is a tutorial about controlled demolition (shows various characteristics of CD, using zoomed-in WTC buildings as examples) Then only when these principles are firmly established in the viewers mind, will the slideshow zoom out and identify the buildings as WTC edifices, show where they were located and when they came down, etc. Identifying yourself early on as a 911 revisionist primes some people for a defensive posture."

I'm not enough of a portable device geek to know what the best hardware or software is. What I do know is:

• Building 7 is the strongest lever in prying open the minds of people who do not want to believe that 9/11 was an inside job

• The new Zogby poll shows that 70% of people who know about building 7 think it should have been investigated by the 9/11 Commission

• The net is under attack, and we might lose that resource in the not-too-distant future

• Websites like can make this type of video available, so you can download it and show it to others. Ideally, the video should show the WTC7 collapse and the collapses of verified controlled demolitions (clips of the WTC7 collapse itself can be downloaded from here or here)

So everyone should get a used or new portable player (you can afford $40), download the WTC7 footage, and show people the video where you work, eat, commute, shop and play.

Ready, break!

DZ, who runs and, says: "Another cheap solution is a $99 portable dvd player.. sure it is more bulky, but it also can play DVD's on a 7-9" screen with sound."


Blogger Tahoma Activist said...

Great idea, George! I hope everyone who can afford it takes your advice. It'sreally going to take ingenuity to get the real news out to America's people, butwe're trying.

I would also encourage everyone in any progressive or anti-neocon group to get active in supporting and creating local independent media. This is the only way that we can possibly fight back against an increasingly dangerous propaganda machine that is the mainstream media.

I liken the truth to a vaccine. Everyone has a weakness to this particular disease (ignorance) and we have the vaccine. Meaniwhile the big pharmaceutical industry (the media) is lobbying congress and spreading their PR far and wide to ensure that we, the makers of the only thing that can cure the people (the truth), are under attack from all quarters.

Viva la revolution!

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watermelon Buildings

I was watching CNN somewhere in Asia at the time of the controlled demolition of the twin towers. I am not a demolition expert, but the whole thing looked unusual, nay surreal!

Buildings might burn but they just don’t explode, pulverize, or collapse when they are made of steel and concrete- that’s why they build them that way.

Regrettably, I have shot a few watermelons in my youth (my best friend and I supervised by his father once wasted a few innocent otherwise delicious watermelons out of hubris).

Sure enough watermelons explode when hit by a fast-moving object like a bullet. But surely the twin towers couldn’t have been made of watermelons. Could they?

After the first tower exploded, I did a quick calculation to visualize the amount of fuel that might have been spread over the floor(s) of the building. I rushed to the Internet and calculated the base area of the building from the information available; then I tried to estimate the amount of fuel that the strange plane might have been carrying before impact. I say the strange plane, because of the way it made a cork-screw motion a fraction of a second before it hit the building- it looked like a toy operated by remote-control.

Incredibly, the original estimate was subsequently proven to be well within the acceptable error margins. Having recently recalculated the initial figures, based on widely available estimates of the “Plane’s” fuel load, and assuming no explosion had occurred outside the tower walls, I found that if the entire fuel load was spread evenly on one floor of the 110-story building it would make a pond of fuel only 0.9 cm deep- less than the thickness of the average fiction book. How could a building explode in such a spectacular way? Watermelon!

However, this wasn’t as incredible as the discovery I made 5 years later.

Next there was the war in Afghanistan, and then the Iraqi invasion. And both wars used 9/11 as a pretext. The gruesome news and pictures of the atrocities committed by our brave troops in Iraq compelled me to take a moral stance against the ongoing carnage. Either, you’re a human being, or you are not. Human beings don’t rape, torture, murder – nor allow others to commit genocide.

Finally, in 2006 I made what was the most amazing discovery of all times: the suicide of building no 7 at the WTC.

Thanks (!) to the news media I, the average politically literate Joe, didn’t know for nearly 5 years that a third building had collapsed on 9/11 for no apparent reason. Yes, I found out about the poor building, No. 7 WTC, only after the real possibility of a new global war had spawned renewed concerns compelling me to find more information about 9/11.

Boy not only they make 110-story buildings out of water melons in NY, but they make them so emotionally unstable they actually commit suicide!

10:15 PM  

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