Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Save the Net

As I've previously said, the Internet has been the main reason that the criminals who carried out 9/11, got us into the war in Iraq, and have stripped away our basic freedoms have not been even more successful in carrying out their agenda.

As Kevin Barrett has said "We've already taken the net. Now we've got to go out and take the rest of the world with the truth."

Well, we're about to lose the Net unless we act right now.

Why? Because congress is allowing the big telecoms to charge for "fast" webpage loading. Those websites which can't pay the fast-loading fee -- which would include 99% of the websites and blogs, including THIS ONE, which provide real truth and provide an alternative to the mainstream media -- would lose readers, because
no one wants to wait around for a slow-loading webpage. More importantly, the growth of readership of such websites would stop dead in its tracks, because people just starting to question the "official" version of things will simply go to faster-loading pages. And once the telecoms and government start down this road, do you think they'll have any problem "accidentally" preventing hard-hitting truth sites from loading at all?

Congress is THIS WEEK considering "net neutrality" legislation. What's net neutrality? Its an awkward phrase which just means that the telecoms can't let some websites (whose owners are rich enough to pay new quick-load fees) pop up faster than others. Net neutrality is the antidote to the current plan to tame the net and make it into a corporate message machine.

As stated today in an email action alert sent out by the group Free Press:

"Senate and House committees will consider Net Neutrality legislation this week—just as we have achieved great momentum in our fight to preserve Internet freedom.

Our coalition passed 700,000 petition signatures to Congress, we've picked up new bipartisan support in the House, and leading editorial pages are supporting Net Neutrality. Plus, a group of popular artists and musicians joined our Coalition.

Please help keep the momentum going by calling on your three members of Congress to support Net Neutrality, even if you've called before.

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121"

This might seem like an abstract issue, but it is central to whatever particular issue you are concerned about: 9/11, torture, spying, vote fraud, the environment, or whatever.

Don't let them take away one of the main tools in our arsenal for truth and justice. This is a meta-issue, which will directly affect your ability to spread the truth about the issue which is important to you. Please call Congress and tell all of your allies to call today to support net neutrality.

While you've got them on the phone, also demand that Congress release the evidence called for in the Scholars for 9/11 Truth Petition


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