Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shout Out

Andrew Lowe-Watson has the following idea for a 9/11 shout out:
"I have been thinking of an idea for a mass worldwide protest on September 11th. This year is make or break time for the movement.

This is my idea: A minute's shout. Like the two-minute silence in reverse.

The plan - called SHOUT FOR TRUTH - is to post all over the internet the time and day of this event. At 09:11 a.m. [local time] on "9/11/06" every truther in the world stops what they are doing and shouts "Nine-eleven was an inside job!" for a minute. It could have quite a dramatic effect on those watching."

I like this idea. There will be some great events occurring on 9/11. But if you can't make it to one of those, you can spread the truth loud and clear by participating in Andrew's shout for truth.

This is especially interesting because of the Hundredth Monkey and social proof principles of sociology.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi George Washington: I've read and appreciated your essays. Nice work.

I have an idea for a major 911 Truth event. I sent it to Janice Matthews at, and she liked it - but said 911 Truth didn't have the funds to make it happen. If you think this idea has merit, perhaps you could post it on 911 Blogger - and just maybe someone with the means will see the potential and run with it.

You are likely familier with the yearly "Burning Man" event (if not, go to

The 911 event would be called "Burning Beam"... It could take place on 9/11/06.

~ It would take place in a large open area, preferably a desert.

~ A steel beam, exactly like that used in the WTC
towers, would be securely positioned vertically in the ground.

~ Two large flame throwers (the sort to be determined) burning jet fuel, would be
positioned on either side of the beam.

~ The flames would blast the the beam continually for a predetermined amount of time (certainly longer than the WTC fires).

~ As you know, the fire will not reach melting temperature, the beam will continue
standing the entire time, and end up acting as a compelling testimony to the lie
of the governments' melted/compromised steel claims.

~ There would be speakers, food and other happenings, all centered around
the Burning Beam. I'm not saying it would be a festival or party, but a serious and historical gathering of Truthers, all handing out info to new people while sharing ideas and support with each
other, while proving a major point.

This event would:

1. Get a lot of buzz in the alternative press, and
possibly even break through into the MSM.

2. Demonstrate the fallacy of the melting steel argument.

3. Be a great gathering place for 911 Truthers and bring in new advocates.

Here's a photo of the last standing beam at WTC to illustrate
how the vertically placed beam would look:

Here's a very quickly retouched version of the above, giving
a crude indication of what I'm talking about:

I'm also thinking:

~ Put a huge digital clock on the top, ticking away the time that the beam is
not melting.

~ Possibly put some kind of heavy load on the top of the beam, to eliminate any argument that
the beam didn't buckle because there wasn't stress on it, as there would be in a structure.

~ It also occured to me to build a platform on top, that would hold one or more people,
demonstrating the faith we have that it won't buckle. But perhaps that's too crazy!

It will be somewhat costly, but with the help of Jimmy Walters and/or other sympathetic benefactors, the concept could materialize. Admission donations could also be accepted before and during the event.

If this idea is not feasable, then there still needs to be other major, public attention getting events happening soon and often... not just conventions.

Best Wishes,

Alex Carson ("Alex" at 911Blogger)

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is vital that the movement comes up with concrete results fast. Don’t seat on your fat behinds. Demand action from your teachers, legislatures, public prosecutors and various do-good public organizations.

Take legal action. Sue various individuals involved in or for complicity in the 9/11 massacres. Raise hell until something is done... because if you don’t, you’ll soon find that you can’t even talk about 9/11 send an email or post something about it on the internet...

If the 9/11 movement fails to produce results before its “sell by date” the whole movement would become irrelevant:

1. Another, much bigger, war could break out and drown all voices seeking the truth about 9/11...

2. A fake or an intentional outbreak of some virus or another (try the avian flue pandemic for starters) would result in mass quarantine of the population; martial law would be imposed...

3. National emergencies caused by global warming, Peak oil, food shortages would result in martial law; anyone voicing dissent would be punished by immediate imprisonment, banishment to a concentration area, or worse...

4. Imagine you’re told that your personal data was “stolen” and every time you voiced dissent money was mysteriously taken from your bank account, or someone else laid claim to your entitlement. Well, you don’t have to imagine that, because it may already be happening...

5. Other possible scenarios...

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are these other "great events" you allude to? i will be in college at that time and i want to make a big impact. could you please post some more info about what other events are going on that day

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've bought people to honk their horns in support

7:36 AM  
Blogger Tahoma Activist said...

George, I just added your blog to our site - love your work, and I love all the energy around the movement these days!

Keep it up!

12:34 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

"If the 9/11 movement fails to produce results before its “sell by date” the whole movement would become irrelevant:"

The whole "movement" HAS become irrelevant. You kooks are always the last ones to realize the obvious...

3:06 PM  
Blogger Andrew Lowe-Watson said...

Thanks George.

Humans are amazing things. They can be capable of magnificent feats of courage, heroism and endurance,
a paradigm of all that is good and true.

Or they can be like the last poster.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like alex carson's idea and it got me to thinking. Thanks, alex. I think it should be done as part of the Grand Finale of Burning Man when you have a ready-made cadre of fellow Truthers. It ends on Sept. 4, this year, just one week from 9/11!

Remember that Burning Man is widely covered and photographs of the goings-on are numerous and archived. There is also a small but diligent contingent of the MSM on hand.

To add to the realism of the "Burning Beam" you really need something hard to hit the beam first duplicating the force of a 767 hitting it. That will give the beam a slight bend and damaged look adding to the realism of the demonstration.

Fortunately, Burning Man has had in the past just the sort of things that you need to pull this off realistically. If you can find the owners you might be able to borrow them.

Here are some ideas for the attack planes: plane 1, plane 2, plane 3. I really like the "missle" connotation in the first 2 images.

For the fire here are two great ones. I like the first one because of the symbolism of "Uncle Sam" attacking the world trade center. You could really decorate it. And the second one projects the huge power of the government: fire 1, fire 2.

Here is a great prop of Uncle Sam that could be running around the whole time: Uncle Sam

Here is 2 good props for the mainstream media: cupcakes and pussycats: msm1,
msm 2

If you want to make fun of the Hologram gang here are 2 webfairies! The Webfairies

This could get us a lot of coverage.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I support anything that makes morons easier to spot. Sounds like a great idea. Will this include wearing neon pink "OMGCONSPIRACY4REAL!!!!" t-shirts to assist deaf moron hunters?

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google Search: Morgan Reynolds on the 911 Hoax

1:24 PM  
Blogger Andrew Lowe-Watson said...

New blog on the block: Shout! for Truth

4:12 AM  

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