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Truth and Reconciliation

What's the end goal of the fight for 9/11 truth and justice? Is it to see the perpetrators impeached and tried for their crimes, and then sentenced to life in jail? Or executed?

I think that's aiming too low. That's not going far enough.

Why? Because the gentlemen who carried out 9/11 will likely be replaced by some other corrupt, ruthless folks. Meet the new boss ... same as the old boss.

If all we do is punish the perpetrators, the spin will be it was just a "handful of bad apples". This is the same angle that was used on the grunts at Abu Ghraib, even though we now know that the orders for torture in Iraq came from the very top.

Sure, the 9/11 perpetrators apparently were at the very top. But a 9/11 criminal prosecution is more likely to sacrifice a couple of small fish than to point to the true ringleaders.

Further, many American military, intelligence and political folks are afraid to expose what they know about 9/11 for fear that it will plunge the country into chaos. As someone wrote anonymously in response to a previous essay:

"I think this is the key question. What would happen if this great crime were exposed and justice meted out to the many involved? How would the system be rebuilt and who would keep the broken pieces together during the healing process? Without some thought along these lines, many people will see exposing 9/11 as stepping into the abyss."

So unless we can provide a way to obtain truth and justice and save our country, many people with inside knowledge or who are in positions of power will hinder rather than help us.

Finally, even if the true leaders of 9/11 are prosecuted, other countries will just blame it on the "crazy Americans". Who cares about other countries? Well, countries all over the world have carried out operations like 9/11. And China will probably replace America as the world's leading superpower in twenty years or so. So even if the American leaders of the 9/11 attacks are brought to justice, it is likely that the true lesson of 9/11 will not be learned by others.

A Different Strategy

Some of the main 9/11 truth movers and shakers have suggested an alternative strategy: a 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

As you may recall, South Africa set up a truth and reconciliation commission. The Commission granted amnesty to the people who committed brutal acts of murder and torture under the apartheid regime. I wasn't in South Africa at the time, but my impression is that the Commission helped South Africa heal its incredibly deep wounds quickly. Not only did the victims have a chance to tell their stories, but the people who carried out these horrible acts had a chance to confess in public.

Would the same work with 9/11? Maybe so.

What if the perpetrators of 9/11 and their assistants were granted amnesty from prosecution on the condition that they fully explain how and why 9/11 happened? And anyone caught consciously lying would automatically go to jail? The following might occur:

• Lower-level 9/11 conspirators would probably be more likely to come forward and tell what they know

• When they come forward, they are more likely to point their finger at the real masterminds of 9/11

• Seeing a way to support the truth without destroying the country, others who have knowledge of the true 9/11 facts -- even if they are not direct participants in 9/11 -- will be more likely to work publicly for truth and justice, instead of hindering us

• People in other countries will hear the true facts about 9/11, so that false flag terrorism will be less likely to be used in their countries

Less is More

Does this sound like I'm being soft on the criminals? Well, initially a 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation Commission would not grant amnesty to anyone who failed to fully confess. So let's say higher-level people did not admit their role in 9/11: they would be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.

Moreover, sometimes less is more. Remember those Chinese finger cuffs you played with as a kid? If you tried to pull your finger out quickly, you got trapped ... but if you patiently pushed the ends towards the middle, you could free your finger.

Well, 9/11 may be like Chinese finger cuffs. If we insist on executing all of the perpetrators, the resistance might be so great that we stay "trapped" in the current "cuff" of immobilization and resistance to 9/11 truth.

But if we are a little more patient and a bit more intelligent in our approach, we might be able to "free" the forces of truth and justice, and free ourselves from the nightmare in which we are currently trapped.

We need to be fierce and unrelenting in our push for 9/11 truth and justice. And -- though it may seem paradoxical -- with a 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation Commission as an end-game, I believe we might get there alot quicker than if we demand the heads of all those involved in 9/11.

I am not talking about going easy on the bad guys. They've got to come totally clean or they get life in prison or worse. But I am talking about doing something that actually might work.

I'm also, frankly, talking about turning lemons into lemonade. 9/11 was an act of tremendous evil and deceit. But through the idea of a 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we might be able to use 9/11 to wake up America and the world to the secret history of false flag terror, the true nature of governments and manipulation, and the possibilities for a better society. We might be able to confess our sins as a nation, and to -- perhaps for the first time ever -- truly start living up to the ideals expressed by the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.


When is the time to hold a 9/11 "T &R" Commission?

Kevin Barrett, co-founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, argues that we cannot make a T & R real until we have more leverage. As Kevin told me in an email:

"You may recall that what caused regime change in South Africa was fear of increasing societal chaos and an eventual "bloodbath" -- and that the Truth & Reconciliation Commission was set up AFTER the regime change, as a way of exposing and healing past crimes. Having a new regime willing and able to prosecute the members of the old regime was a precondition to getting people to come forward in return for amnesty."

"I don't see how talking about T&R now is going to have much effect. Most of the population still hasn't understood the magnitude of the crime, and will have to work through feelings of anger when they do understand it. As I see it, the progression will be: first, a large enough slice of the population is howling for the perps' heads; then, regime change is forced on the perps by powerful but non-directly-complicit folks, backed by the angry masses and the prospect of an ungovernable society without a shred of governmental legitimacy; and finally, after the threat of prosecution is credible, T&R is set up to heal and get the full truth."

"So a big part of our job now is to take the fear/anger instigated by 9/11 and turn it into pure, righteous anger against the perps."

I think Kevin has a realistic view of the timing of a 9/11 Truth & Reconciliation commission. However, I also believe that by deciding on a T &R as our end-game, we can encourage some high-powered people -- perhaps including insiders to the 9/11 crimes -- into becoming allies in the struggle for truth and justice.

And by fighting courageously, tirelessly and fiercely for truth and justice, with compassion and mercy in our hearts, we will be acting according to the highest principles of what it means to be human, and we will bring about the best outcome for all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amnesty for the perpetrators sounds like a strange idea, but actually it is a quite good idea. That way at least *all* of the truth will come out. The people who committed these crimes will have to give up their power and wealth and live the rest of their lives in shame, that will be sufficient punishment.
The important thing is, that *all* of the truth should come out. That will only happen with a total amnesty. We must stand above any feelings of revenge.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i somehow cant see the families of the firefighters in the towers being as lenient as you

we must rise above revenge indeed for it is a base reaction

but what future deterrent does it set as an example to others who would murder and lie to their own countrymen for grace and favour?

your suggesting one rule for one and one for another ....

you think a mugger who takes your grandmothers purse should get 20 years but an organised cabal who steal an entire nations pensions should be let off?

am i living on the same freaking planet as you?

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what I would like to see the people do in reaction to the inside job of 911.

We must get rid of the Federal Reserve which is not federal at all but private
Did they have something to do with 911 ?
If you read the url below it is possible.
The URL below will at a minimum shock you.
THey are beyond brilliant, to be feared above all.

Read this. It will take you at least 4 to 6 hours to read it. But its well worth it.
Its also in book form "The secrets of the federal reserve".

And look at this one;
The bankers have their hands all over the mother of all missile company's, Ratheon.

I think amnesty for those who confess ALL is not a bad idea.
Remember this is for the very survival and re-birth of our nation.
We must have whistleblowers.
I know I might sound different if I had relatives in the WTC towers.
But the person will still suffer losing nearly all the money they have, and will for life not be able to hold any kind of office, or be a lawyer or a CEO etc...
And this will cause a constitutional revolution.
The government will be shaken to its core.
Great good can come out of great evil.

We must add new articles to the constitution to make it clear that there is a fourth balancing branch of the USA, the people. This is what has been missing. Lets face it the other 3 branches by themselves DO NOT WORK; they have UTTERLY FAILED. These three branches have been bought with big money from the federal reserve and the corporations. The rewritten constitution must declare the people the fourth branch of government that watches the other 3 branches. The people's branch is the PIT BULL (watch dog) to all the other branches. It bites and does not let go. It investigates thoroughly. Lets not fiddle around with only 3 branches. The three branches have done a miserable job. Lets not leave it up to some Diebold machines to determine if the three branches can balance each other or not. That is lunacy. Lets always have an unelected people's branch that will balance the other 3 branches. The unelected people's branch could rotate every six months. No one in the people's branch will stay in office for more than six months. We need to come up with ways to select people that is random. There would be some necessary qualifications (no felonies, no relatives of those in office,...etc.). The randomness would have to be made public. No secret drawings or such. No committee of people making the choice. The picking would be in full public view. The penalty for cheating in someway is a forfeiture of all that you own. Their would have to be some teeth in the random choosing to make sure it was unbiased....

We must deal with the corporations to bring them in line. We must do something drastic here in our thinking and in our process. We need to shut down corporations if they don't follow the rules of the constitution. No slapping of hands. Shut them down !!! Let someone else take their place.

We must deal with lobbying. NO MORE LOBBYING ALLOWED EVER.
If a senator is influenced by a lobbyist and its proven he is fired and barred from public office for life.
We must do something drastic here in our thinking and in our process.

No money given to candidates at all. If a candidate takes money he is banned from elected office for life.
No amnesty, nothing. Singapore canes people for chewing gum and executes drug smugglers. The USA bans people for life from elected office if they take any money. PERIOD. No money can be taken !!!!!

We must not be NAIVE anymore.

The corporations, the mafia, the secret organizations, the super rich will come back but the evolution of America must be such that we can deal with these. We know they will come back and we know that they will try to take over America again.

The fourth branch of the government does the investigations into things like JFK assassination, the Oklahoma bombings, Waco and 911.
We never have the other three branches investigate anything like the aforementioned again. It has been clearly shown that they cannot investigate themselves in even the slightest way. So, we learn the lesson and give the right of investigation to the people's branch.

Income tax is abolished!

These should all be written into our new constitution.

The present educational system is abolished.
It is replaced with 10,000s of independent schools. Competition is promoted between schools and those that don't cut the mustard go the way of the Dodo.

We teach in these schools as one of the subjects the new constitution and the lessons we learned from 911, the Federal Reserve, the secret organizations, the rise of the Military industrial complex, the patriot act, the JFK assissination, corruption on wall street, the lesson of Vietnam, the lesson of Iraq, the lesson of a concentrated media, lessons of what super rich people want to do with the "common" people. This is the only thing that is utterly mandatory in all the indepedent schools. We nurture to the max critical thinking. We demand that all get involved in our government at a very young age. We need to make the students street wise in the sense of politics. Like New York city kid who knows about the streets of New York. We teach kids how to start their own businesses at very young ages.

We break up the monopoly of the media. The present media must sell 95% of their holdings. Companies are only allowed to own small chunks of the media. They will try to own more but we must be vigilant. We will have teeth in our laws and independent courts will try the offenders severely. if Singapore can cane people for chewing gum and put to death drug smugglers we can put media monopoly mongers into jail for 25 years, no parole. Don't mess with the fourth branch of the government, the people. Why not. it would stop the foxes from trying to take over the hen house. We need some "draconian" punishments for these very serious crimes. The media takeover is a serious crime. It is much more serious than murder.... It is mass murder. This is not a game. Secret monopolies or collusion of people to make the media concentrated is punishable by losing the entire company. The companies are taken from the owners and then re-sold in a public auction. We need to think always about protecting the system from the obvious things foxes would do.

Maybe we have wandered in the wilderness the past 40 years, after JFK's death, to now just to acquire the necessary street smarts to bring the USA into the next stage of an evolving society. We have been in the back alleys. We have seen how the crooks operate. we have seen war profiteers first hand. We have seen the unmerciful hands of the criminals. We have seen how he has his hand on the public till. We have seen the bribes and the lying. We now have a 40 year education and now have grown out of our naivity into a street smart nation. Time to act on those street smarts.

We need to starve the military industrial complex. THE budget goes from 500 billion to 25 billion and stays there.
A free nation cannot coexist with a money rich war machine.
We must have one or the other. We choose the former.

We pull out of Iraq.

A Damn president cannot at his whim get us into any more vietnams and Iraqs.

The president no longer has power to make any wars and this power transferred to the people's branch.

The people's branch has the final say on all wars.

In future wars, for lies in getting us into wars the punishment is death.
We don't mess around.
If you say there are WMDs and because of what you say the USA goes to war and then its found out there are no WMDs then you are executed.
Look at the consequences of people lying to us about WMD: 21000 US injured, 2600 US dead, 300 billion dollars out the door, more bleeding in every way to come and 150,000 Iraqis dead.
IF people knew their lives were on the line they would need to put their hands in the bleeding side of the WMDs before they would say that they are there in that country we are attacking.
This would solve the pathological lying of the government that we have.
There need to be GODZILLA teeth in our laws when it comes to the constitution and truth and balancing the different branches because the consequences of slaps on the wrists has nearly destroyed our country. No more slaps on the wrists. We start cutting off hands and heads. The Moslems cut off hands when people steal, I don't think there is a lot of shop lifting in Muslim countries.

If Singapore will execute a drug smuggler than why can't we execute for severe breaches of branch integrity.
You know what, I don't think too many people smuggle drugs in Singapore. Or chew gum.

Another thing I would like to happen is that threatening witnesses or killing witnesses has a sentence of a minimum of 10 years.
Any witness who is killed their is a full investigation by the people's branch.
All perps get a minimum of 10 years in jail. For murdering witnesses perps get executed.

Again, we have to somehow keep the people branch from getting corrupted. This is the challenge. This is where we have to concentrate our thinking in our evolving society.

Even we could have a fifth branch of the goverment which is the public at large. And weekly there are local meetings on a TV station that is owned by the public at large. And everywhere in the USA, once a week, people bring their complaints and questions to this TV show....

Just brainstorming. Its getting a bit late. I need to hit the sack.
But I guess my general theme is to know the fox is going to go for the hen house and somehow to stop him. This is the question we are faced with. How can the people, without getting corrupted themself, watch the other 3 branches of the government and provide for the balance that we have not had for 200 years.

Maybe we with this modified constitution with the fourth branch know that within time it too will become corrupt and we need to have another revolution. BUt at least the fourth branch of the government will provide us a way to go on from here ...

Hey, I know I have left some loose ends in my long harangue but please pass around any ideas that you like and leave the rest. And develop further any that you can improve upon.


3:17 PM  
Blogger Kung Fu NoVa said...

agree, truth and reconciliation commission- those who don't come clean can be prosectuted in full, but with crimes these monstrous and treasonous, and the coverup widespread and well-orchestrated, it's important to flush out all those who knew and contributed so we can put the proper safeguards in place, amending the constitution if needed. I don't see how the death penalty would help- better to keep the perps alive and question them til the end of their days, so we can learn how to keep people like them off corporate boards and out of high office

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth and reconciliation is indeed the best way to handle this. Not least because the perpetrators may honestly feel that their actions were for the best of the country, as twisted as that may seem. Others may not have been in a position to say anything for a variety of reasons.

I say amnesty for whoever allocutes to their crimes in, say a 2-month window. We can make positive societal changes afterwards, like getting rid of the IRS.

8:50 PM  

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