Thursday, June 01, 2006

Great Danes

I have long heard rumors about Danish experts saying that there were bombs in the Twin Towers . . . but I couldn't track down the source material until now. I've finally found it.

Initially, Danish bomb expert Brent Lund really did say that explosives brought down the Twin Towers:

In an interview in a leading Danish newspaper, Lund said that bombs must have been detonated inside the World Trade Center complex in order to make the Towers collapse in the manner they did

And in a TV interview, Lund stated that "there apparently have been explosives set in the World Trade Center, that's responsible for the entire collapse, otherwise the towers would not collapse the way they did . . . ."

Additionally, the former chief of NATO, Denmark's Kjeld Hillingsøe, really did ask in a TV interview whether explosives brought down the Twin Towers

Thanks to "JointPlays" for both leads and translation.