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A Hundred Firecrackers

There were numerous eyewitness reports of loud explosions right before the collapse of each of the Twin Towers.

Defenders of the official story argue that the explosions were actually floors "pancaking" on top of each other.

However, such a theory doesn't explain the reports from credible witnesses of a series of rapid-fire sounds like "gunshots" or "firecrackers". For example:

A witness interviewed on television stated "it sounded like gunfire . . . . bang bang bang bang bang . . . and then three big explosions"

And a paramedic said "at first I thought it was -- do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear pop pop pop pop pop -- thats exactly what I thought it was" (page 9)

Now, the guys who made the video Loose Change have found another witness. Specifically, the brand new trailer for the final cut of the video Loose Change includes a news interview with a witness who heard the following, right before the collapse of one of the towers:

"It sounded as if you had a hundred of those . . . firecrackers and you lit them all off at once . . . it sounded like the finale of the Fourth of July over the East River"
(at 15:21)

How can pancaking floors sound like hundreds of firecrackers during the grand finale at a major fireworks show?

On the other hand, wouldn't hundreds of cutter charges going off at once make exactly that sound?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent article GW!

Here's the information from the comment section that you asked me to repost here:

Below is a video clip from the BBC, in which the sound of explosions can be heard seconds BEFORE the North Tower falls:

Click link for BBC video:

(I recommend wearing headphones when watching/listening to this video clip in order to hear the sound of explosions and the reactions from the bystanders.)

Thunderous booms can be heard just after the "motorcycle" drives past the man being interviewed (Steven Evans) -- and then after the booms occur, you hear bystanders say "Oh my GOD!" while looking and pointing toward the North Tower. A few seconds after that, there's another explosion -- the person being interviewed then covers his ears in a fright and turns around to see the tower begin to fall.

(FYI: The camera that recorded this audio evidence of explosions was obviously some distance away from the North Tower (my best guesstimate is about 3/4 of a mile away) creating a sound delay, so the explosions would have occurred a couple of seconds earlier than what is represented in the video)

Here's a partial transcript of the interview:

Steven Evans: "...someone said they saw an airliner go into one of those towers. Then... I don't know... an hour later than that, we heard that big explosion from much, much lower. I don't know what on earth caused that...

(Motorcycle drives past Steven Evans)


Bystanders: "Oh my GOD! (pointing and looking in the direction of the North Tower)


Steven Evans:
"...People were just talking to each other, nodding their heads... (stops talking and raises hands up to ears in a fright)

(Screams are heard from the people standing in the street as more explosions occur -- and then the North Tower begins to fall.)

And just to clarify, the South Tower had already fallen when this interview took place -- and that is what Steve Evans is referencing when he said:

"Then... I don't know... an hour later than that, we heard that big explosion from much, much lower. I don't know what on earth caused that...

^so he heard a "big explosion from much, much lower"? Hmmmmm? Probably just a transformer; right? LOL.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your input, Andrew!

Btw, here's a clickable link to the vid on YouTube:

BBC clip - Audio evidence of explosions @ the WTC on 9-11

And here's a downloadable version: presents BBC Footage

Spread this "shit-hot proof" like wildfire :)

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