Monday, July 10, 2006

More Pentagon Videos to Be Released

Many people interested in 9/11 truth are falling into a big trap.

Specifically, they believe that the government is refusing to release any videos of the aircraft which struck the Pentagon on 9/11 other than these two inconclusive clips.

Whether you believe that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon or not, please get your facts straight: many more videos will probably be released soon.

The reason is that there are actually two separate Freedom of Information Act requests for Pentagon videos. The first two videos were released in response to the first FOIA request. But the second FOIA request is much broader in scope, and will probably lead to the release of 84 new videos, including the Citgo gas station video and the Doubletree Hotel video.

By way of background, the group which initially prepared the FOIA requests -- -- drafted the first FOIA request too narrowly and, after they realized their error, submitted a better-written, second FOIA request. See the Flight 77 Info website for details.

So whatever you think about the Pentagon, and whatever you think the still-unreleased videos will show, please keep in mind that a boat-load of new videos will probably be released within the next couple of months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they're not going to release any more... because that would show a missile going into the pentagon... mind you, they have newer versions of photoshop...

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And exactly where did this airplane originate - that we are going to see?

And who was flying this airplane at 2 ft above the ground?

The BTS says it never took off.

The passenger lists are fake - see the SSDI database!

The FAA database shows that both UA craft are still registered and that both "AA" planes were not owmed by AA but an Enron shell company called Wilmington Trust, and they werent declared "destroyed" until 2002.

Your data has got some holes in it George!!

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We now have political leaders telling us to be afraid; that the next "terrorist" attack is not a matter of if but when, and it will be bigger than 9/11. (whenever someone tells you that, I think you should wonder, if not immediately ask them out loud, how they could possibly know that for a fact!)

Formerly, we had leaders who would tell us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. (That was back in pre-Homeland [bunker mentality] days.)

Within the "9/11 truth movement", [only] some of us have had the insight and integrity to point out that the Pentagon video images reveal, as they have since March 2002!!!, that whatever aircraft is [barely] shown in the image(s) is TOO SMALL TO HAVE BEEN A 757!!!

The government's own visual evidence thus hoists the lying government by its own petard, coming and going, whether the image(s) are real or not!

But, also 'within' the "911 truth movement", we have had bad leaders who have kept, and keep, telling us that we need to be afraid of some imaginary [booby] trap. They tell us that if we point out the inconsistencies in the government's video, and then the government's own evidence is later contradicted by other evidence, that that would hurt our credibility (instead, somehow, in an unexplained fashion, of demolishing the lying government's credibility!).

Well I'm here to tell the world that that manufactured fear is total bullshit.

The only booby trap is fear of a booby trap.

(Jim Hoffman, a big promoter of that illogical "booby trap" fear, is an evil genius, one who merely pretends to oppose The Big Lie of 9/11, but whose actions and words indicate otherwise.)

The core element of The Big Lie of 9/11 is the false blaming of "Muslim hijackers" for 9/11. Evidence which reveals that the government lied about what aircraft hit the buildings on 9/11 is but a single logical step away from demolishing the core element of The Big Lie (that's a goal of mine, how about you?).

3:40 PM  
Blogger PerpetualYnquisitive said...

Those videos are going in the vault on the same shelf as the OKC videos showing Tom McVey, err I mean Tim McVeigh and his cohorts at the Murrah building.

Only 2 words are needed to commit these 'videos' to the memory hole; "NATIONAL SECURITY".

3:56 PM  
Blogger Sternhund said...

I expect some new videos to be released.

Personally, my thought is that a 757 DID hit the Pentagon. The damage is consistent enough and this case study supports that.

Now, did Hani Hanjour fly the plane? That is up for debate. I believe the 757 was probably a drone.

So since I believe a 757 did hit the Pentagon, I wouldn't be suprised if they released loads of videos to debunk the no-plane theory. But I'll be interested in whatever happens.

In any case, I expect the videos to be held back due to "national security".

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

‘The 9/11 Flying Carpets and the Magic Jet Fuel from Aladdin’s Lamp’ will be continued at

6:16 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

IMO, if they release any other videos-- which I tend to doubt that they will-- I very much doubt that they will release anything that conclusively shows the attack aircraft (assuming there even was an attack aircraft).

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt they'll release any more videos.

When they released the Judicial Watch Pentagon videos, all the quotes from "authorities" said basically the same thing, "We are releasing this video. But the videos from the other cameras don't add anything, so there's no point in releasing them."

In other words: move along, nothing to see here...

10:56 AM  
Blogger Andrew Lowe-Watson said...

Are we to believe this person is lying?

Audio report from Republic Broadcasting Network.
Summaries via LibertyForum July 7, 2006:

"Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, reports:

Samuel Danner (electrical engineer for AmTrak), was involved in the clean-up at the Pentagon crash site and inspected the debris at the site. He said, "It was not a Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon. The plane looked like a hump-back whale." He thinks a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. (There were only seven made as of 9/11/01 and two were missing at the time.)

Danner is a former pilot. He said the aircraft that hit the Pentagon was very quiet with one engine near the back. He also saw a second plane overhead and wonders if it was controlling the plane that hit the Pentagon. He walked the lawn and picked up small pieces of debris with others. He did not see any bodies from the aircraft.

Danner is very ill now with lymphoma, which may be the result of DU exposure at the Pentagon on 9/11. He wants to talk now (after seeing "Loose Change") because "it's been bugging me."

The Global Hawk fired a DU missile that penetrated the thick concrete wall of the Pentagon. DU was detected at the time and workers on the scene later in the day wore protective equipment.


Yep, this 53-yr old Sam Danner, a pilot since the age of 16, was a first-hand observer of the crash. He pulled his car over to the south of the pentagon on the right side of 395 when he saw the approach of the plane that hit the pentagon.

He also observed a bunch of guys outside the pentagon standing there looking through binoculars.

He got a good view of the plane's approach, for a duration of at least three seconds. He says that the plane was not a 757, no way. "It was like a humpback whale" he says. . . . one engine on the backside with a "V" tail and no windows he could see. And it was very quiet. Going about 400mph. Overhead, at an estimated 15,000 feet he saw another plane.

As an EMT, he ran over to help at the pentagon, but found no bodies, no wreckage from a boeing aircraft on the scene. He smelled cordite and he saw a 3-foot single engine on the ground there. He picked up graphite pieces similar to the composite wings on a global hawk.

This engine matches the description of the single engine of a globalhawk. The globalhawk is a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) but could not have caused the damage if it wasn't containing a bunker-busting missle deployed on impact. The plane observed overhead might have been the plane controlling the remotely-controlled mission.

If a 757 had crashed into the pentagon, then there would have been aluminum all over the grass and two 9-foot diameter engines.


sorry GW, but I think you have allowed yourself to be led, not into a 'honeypot' but an elaborate double-bluff . Maybe more like a 'vinegar jar'?

3:26 PM  
Blogger Norrin Radd said...

I'm still waiting for the videos to be released surrounding the Murrah building. Been waiting a long time.

I'm still waiting for the media to cover the 100 eyewitnesses who saw something streak towards TWA 800 before it exploded, or at least cover the first person on the scene, Major Meyer, who claims he saw 3, or 4 explosions before the fuel tank blew.

I'm still waiting for the government to put the remarks made by Hank Hughes, during his Congresssional testimony, back in the Congressional Record. I am also waiting for an explanation on why they were removed.

I am still waiting for YALE to put four words back in REAGAN'S first Inaugural address which were removed. Numerous universities have these four words missing and so does Grolliers and a book on Presidential Addresses from GRAMMERCY.

I am still waiting for the media to cover the 4 Ron Brown whistleblowers and their punishment. While they did get a tiny bit of coverage, their punishemnt was not covered and can only be found at NEWSMAX and other alternative media sites.

Anyone who trusts the government is a fool. How long did it take to release the McCollum memo?

Some people will never get it. They won't get it because they are buried in denial and refuse to look at the big picture. They focus on one issue at a time and refuse to see how EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Avery Dylan said...

Like, hey man, I hope we get to see the missile, 'cause if we don't there goes half my movie.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the whole Pentagon thing is meant to take people away from the three WTC buildings going down and all the other stuff like training the hi-jackers and taking care of them by the CIA and stuff like that.
The focus on the Pentagon is becoming so great it would be perfect timing for "Mr Danger" to release a lovely colour photo/video of a plane and the truth movement sent back 5 years of progress

11:38 PM  

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