Thursday, September 21, 2006

Debunking 9/11 Myths

Polls show that a large portion of the American population believes outlandish theories about the attacks of September 11th. These myths have been spread far and wide both by malicious people and by good people who have been duped by false information.

What do credible people, like high-level military leaders, scientists, legal scholars, members of Congress, and the 9/11 Commissioners themselves think?

The following links take you to summaries of what the experts say about 9/11:

Military leaders

Legal scholars


Members of Congress

9/11 Commissioners

But 9/11 is not just about military operations or science or national security procedures. People's views on 9/11 are also partly a function of their political, psychological, and religious views.

The following links take you to summaries of what prominent liberals, conservatives, psychiatrists and psychologists, Christians, Jews and Muslims themselves say about 9/11:



Psychiatrists and psychologists


Jews and Muslims


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prominent people, including legal scholars, military generals, top government officials, philosophers and theologians doubt that people have evolved, and instead claim that people were created "Poof!" by a omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent being they call "God."

I'm not criticizing the "Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory" I'm just pointing out that people we all must respect, by virtue of a job they once held, doubt the idea that we were once all dimetrodons or are descended from billions of generations of single celled animals.

Some prominent people believe in ESP, ghosts, angels, that the war in Iraq was something other than premeditated, and that 9/11 consiracy theorists all foam at the mouth.


8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One either has to believe in the laws of physics relative to conservation of momentum or trust that the official narrative of the 911 atrocity is true. They are mutually exclusive.

Objects or buildings that fall at a free-fall rate fall with no resistance. Discounting air resistance, this is the case with WTC1, 2 and especially building 7. The widely trumpeted "pancake collapse theory" would introduce significant resistance as upper floors would have to crash through many tens of stories of undamaged structure. The actual rate of the collapse of these three structures as corroborated by unspinnable video evidence, exposes the fallacious nature of the official explanation. A free-fall rate of collapse is only possible if all structural integrity is eliminated just ahead of the collapse wave. This set of parameters can only be accounted for by the controlled demolition of these buildings.

Every American has to decide whether to trust this government and corporate controlled news media or whether to apply some critical thinking skills in the evaluation of widely disseminated information concerning the 911 atrocity. Since my government has a long history of protecting me from the truth “for my own good”, I'll stick with Newton and Galileo.

A thorough treatment of this topic, including a peer reviewed academic treatise, can be considered at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melting point of steel = 1532 C
(about 2790 F)

Burning temperature of jet fuel in
air = 233 to 300 C (around 451 F),
typically around 250 C.

So how do you explain all the
molten iron metal pouring out of
the South Tower just a few minutes
before its collapse as shown here
from several different cameras?

Explain how the molten metal was
created by low temperature air fire
that normally cannot even melt
glass or aluminium at 600-650 C.

Watch the molten white-yellow hot steel dripping out of the
South Tower (WTC2) just a few minutes before it collapsed at
free-fall speeds.

More molten metal videos seen from several different cameras:

Clean-up crew describing molten metal at Ground Zero:

How can kerosene (jet fuel) air
fires melt steel like this?

More videos at:

Watch the 9/11 Mysteries movie,
followed by Loose Change 2. There
is no doubt a lot of things look
very fishy and preplanned on 9/11.

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Blogger Rabbit said...

There are now many Psychiatrists and Psychologists saying what has been obvious to many of us for a long time. Those who cling to the fantastic official fairy tale are in fact suffering from a mental abberration. Cognitive Dissonance! The surreal aspect never ceases to amaze and having these faith brigaders try and argue these professionals are somehow themselves deluded is the latest and greatest.

The link is above I think, it is well worth reading. I always knew anyone stupid enough to fall for the official story after even a cursory examination of the most basic facts, was in denial. The profundity of that denial, its absolute and unwavering quality has been so strange to see, it was positively surreal. Nothing less than Alice in Wonderland. It has made the world seema bit more normal again now that the Psychiatric profession is pointing out what was otherwsie the biggest Gorilla I'd ever seen in any living room.

9:30 PM  

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