Friday, September 29, 2006

Open Letter to World Leaders

Obviously, if one nation points to the use of false flag terrorism by another country, it let's the cat out of the bag. In other words, raising the subject would reveal the very old, dark, hidden secret that many governments have used to control their populations and whip up war-frenzy against a designated enemy. Since many countries around the world have used this technique, no one wants to reveal the dirty little secret and blow the whistle.

I understand that this is one of the main reasons that non-U.S. countries have refrained from spilling the beans on the fact that 9-11 was an inside job. If they did, this would raise the whole issue of false flags, and their own countryman might start asking if their governments have also killed their own for political gain.

But I would ask the powers-that-be in non-U.S. countries to look at the alternative. If 9/11 is not revealed for what it is, then America - the sole superpower in the world today, with the most powerful armada ever assembled - will unleash world war III and imperial domination for many years to come. Your country may very well be destroyed - economically and militarily - by the U.S.

I also understand that you would like to keep the whole false flag game in your pocket for future use. You don't want to spoil the game.

But you see the obvious slide of the U.S. into a fascism as total as that of Nazi Germany, and you see that the U.S. leaders are driven by not only imperial, but also
apocalyptic impulses far more dangerous perhaps than even Hitler's.

Sure, it would be very painful to reveal the truth about false flag operations in your country.

But the cost of doing so is FAR OUTWEIGHED by the benefit of unmasking the foundation and root of the entire U.S. imperial project, of forcing a re-sheathing of the U.S. sword.

So please consult your advisors. And then act . . . it is, likely, the only way to stop your country from being run over and flattened by the U.S. military juggernaut.


Blogger Daniel F said...

The London bombing on 7-7-2005 took place with the assisstance of the English government. The bombs were placed underneath the subway cars. But the 4 accused Pakistani young men had no acess to the underside of cars which were under 24 hour video surveillance. The head of the London Transport system is an American who is currently a member of the CFR and used to be head of Logistics for the CIA. Security was provided by an Israeli firm, VERINT. I suppose we cannot ask England to help expose 9-11.
And we cannot expect the Democrats to do more than participate in the coverup. On 4-19-1995 Tim McVeigh got out of the Ryder truck that exploded but only after another man got out of the same truck. The Democrats and the FBI covrered up this second man's participation. WHY? The entire op was likely planned at Elohim City by Robert Millar and Andreas Strassmeir with the leadership of Morris Dees's SPLC. Since all three men are Jewish, I would not expect the media to uncover the truth.
David Ray Griffin said we need one prominent American to come forward and tell the people the truth about 9-11. I have suggested before that we write a play quoting verbatim eyewitness testimony. It is easier for people to believe witness testimony than it is for them to understand science which they do not understand. I wrote an article describing this in detail at my blog.

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