Friday, October 20, 2006

Michael Chertoff: 9/11 Revisionist

Michael Chertoff, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, admitted in a Washington Post article that 9/11 truth has gone mainstream. Chertoff tries to write off 9/11 truth and the secret history of false flag operations as "historical revisionism", which is the polite way of saying a false conspiracy theory.

However, when Mr. Chertoff was a top justice department terrorism prosecutor, he said something very different:
"As of Sept. 10th, each of us knew everything we needed to know to tell us there was a possibility of what happened on Sept. 11th . . . We knew the World Trade Center was a target . . . We knew an airplane could be used as a weapon."
So, Mr. Chertoff, those in government knew "everything [they] needed to know", knew the Twin Towers were targets, and knew an airplane could be used as a weapon? And yet:

• Bomb-sniffing dogs were removed from the Twin Towers five days before 9-11?

• Security for the Trade Centers (run by a Bush-linked company) let a power down occur in the Twin Towers on the weekend before 9/11, with security cameras being shut down, and many workers running around the building largely unobserved?

• Someone with very high-level clearance moved up war games previously scheduled later in the year so that multiple large, complex war games all "happened" to overlap on 9/11 -- including live-fly exercises, plane-into-buildings drills, and the injection of false radar blips onto flight data screens?

• The 4 hijacked planes magically disappeared from the military's radar screens, which can track planes even with the transponders turned off (also, listen to this interview)?

• 3 modern steel-frame buildings all mysteriously collapsed on the same day, at nearly free-fall speeds, after explosive sounds and flashes (many below the impact zone) were seen and heard by numerous credible witnesses, somehow partially evaporating huge steel beams, creating chemical signatures found only when certain explosives are used, and producing molten metal which flowed for many months under ground zero?

The "revisionist" is you, Mr. Chertoff, not those who say that 9/11 was an inside job or that false flag operations have been used by Western governments to control their people.