Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The 5 Goals of Disinformation

The 5 goals of infiltrators of the 9/11 truth movement (or any movement challenging fascism) are to: Distract, Disrupt, Divide, Discredit and Derail.

Specifically, avoid people whose actions mainly have the effect of:

* Distracting, disrupting, or derailing 9/11 truth efforts;

* Dividing the truth movement; or

* Discrediting leading 9/11 activists

To remember this list, just think of "the 5 D's of Disinformation".

his is part 2 of my effort to provide a very brief introduction to disinformation for busy people. Part 1 is here.


Blogger Oberststuhlherr said...

I've got a suggestion for you. Get a few self-appointed "experts" on disinformation and have them go around and ferret out all the disinformation operatives. Just be sure these self-appointed experts aren't the very foe they pretend to oppose. And you know exactly who I mean.

7:52 PM  

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