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No, The Collapse of the Twin Towers Did NOT Create the Molten Metal

When confronted with evidence that temperatures at the World Trade Centers were too high to have been caused by anything other than explosives, defenders of the government story argue that such temperatures were caused by "friction" or "pressure" from the gigantic buildings collapsing in on themselves.

In other words, they argue that tremendous gravitational energy was released by the collapse of the Twin Towers as parts of the buildings crashed into other parts -- which in turn generated sufficient heat to melt and even partially evaporate the Towers' strong structural steel, and to keep the metal at ground zero in a molten state for months after 9/11.

However, a professor emeritus of physics has proven that the collapses themselves could not have melted steel.

And Brent Blanchard told Dr. Steven Jones by telephone that he has witnessed hundreds of controlled demolitions, but has never seen molten metal at any of the demolition sites. (Blanchard is a recognized expert in controlled demolition).

And remember, not only was molten metal found under the mammoth Twin Towers -- which were 110-stories high -- but molten metal and partially evaporated metal were also found in the debris of World Trade Center building 7. Building 7 -- which collapsed later in the day on 9/11 -- was only 47 stories tall, and was substantially less massive than the Twin Towers. How could a falling 47-story building have caused molten and evaporated metal?

And yet, somehow, WTC7 apparently experienced equally high temperatures as the Twin Towers after collapse.

Specifically, here's a chart showing that WTC7 was as hot as WTC 1 and 2:

The following thermal images of ground zero (the first one showing an overlay of the demolished buildings), show that the debris under building 7 (the trapezoid-shaped building at the upper right) was about as hot as under the Twin Towers:

Let's put that in perspective:

If you need help getting oriented as to where WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7 were in the thermal photos, this aerial photo shows what the World Trade Center complex looked like from above after it was destroyed:

And the following aerial photo shows the unique shape of Building 7, to help identify it in the thermal images:

Are those arguing against demolition of the trade centers saying that the collapse of 47-story building 7 generated the same amount of friction and pressure as the collapse of the mammoth 110-story Twin Towers? If not, why were the temperatures at WTC7 as high as at the Twin Towers five days after the collapses?

For further images and source material concerning the chart, see the bottom half of this webpage.


Blogger John Doraemi said...


I don't know how convincing this is because of the wild card: The buildings were on FIRE. Then the fire was compressed in a pile. Increased pressure gives increases in temperature.

I'm not a physicist, but I'm sure the other side has already thought of this pressure/temperature relationship (which is one of the physical Laws).

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you suspect that pressure may have melted the steel, you have to explain how the alleged hydro-carbon fire burned without oxygen. If the debris sealed off and area thorougly enough for such pressure to build, all oxygen would also have been sealed out, and the fires would have been extinguished quickly. What we had at ground zero was flowing molten metal 5 weeks after the collapses. The thermite reaction can occur without oxygen (even under water) but a hydro-carbon fire (jet fuel, or anything else that should have normally been there) requires a steady flow of oxygen to survive, and it would have to be pumped in under pressure (like a blacksmith's bellows) to get anywhere close to acheiving the temps required to produce the physical evidence that existed. (the molten steel) -- Jolly Roger

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use the google to search for Directed Energy and Steven Jones.

also yahoo for 'wtc melted cars'

apologies if this is old news


7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To: john doraemi
You are referring to the Carnot Cycle, which we can find in Wikipedia. If we have gas in a sealed cylinder, and compress it with the piston, its temperature will increase. This process explains how a heat pump works. However, a collapsing building is not sealed like a heat pump compressor. The compressed gas quickly escaped from the WTC debris pile, as shown by the expanding dust cloud, taking with it most of the heat generated by the compression. You will NOT get any increase in the maximum possible temperature of burning jet fuel just by throwing it all together in a smaller space. In fact, you will cut off the oxygen and slow the burning.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous. Forget the directed energy stuff. Most say it's an attempt to make the truthers look like kooks and discredit the whole truth movement. I've heard it called "poisoning the well". Maybe you're a government shill trying to discredit the truth. If not then don't take it personally.

2:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these pictures are probalby made up and I see no reason to doubt the exhautive work out of Cambridge which clearly shows that the collapse DID occur as the NIST exhaustive and scientific reports indicate - let us move on here to the War agaisnt Terror and leave this sophmoric sophistry about alternate theories into the dustbin of histroy.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the friction cause a lot of heat. How did it get so hot that the some of the steel was vaporized and the concrete and the entire buildings contents were pulverized to dust?

I've been a skeptic since the day after the buildings fell. I'm a fan of Steven Jones and David Ray Griffin. But after doing more research on my own I'm joining a new school.

The towers were collapsed by an advanced nuclear fusion weapon AND the entire terror event was planned and orchestrated by American/Israeli citizens. When you see how many were involved:

Silverstein owned the building and talked weekly with the former prime minister of Israel.

Murdoch, Eisenstein, Silverstein, Wolfowitz, and Chertoff have all served on the board of directors of the United Jewish Appeal.

Think about it... the Israelis have nuclear weapons. What you and I know about nukes is 60 years old. There is new technology we don't know about.

Imagine a tiny device, planted on the 91st floor, doesn't detonate, but heats to 1 million degrees - and simply melts its way down the core of the building, vaporizing everything that absorbs the stray neutrons.

I don't know how it was done, but I'm pretty sure it was the Jews - the same people that have been kicked out of 73 different countries in the last 500 years.

12:20 PM  
Blogger JimGawthrop said...

Anonymous wrote:

"I see no reason to doubt the exhautive work out of Cambridge which clearly shows that the collapse DID occur as the NIST exhaustive and scientific reports indicate - let us move on here to the War agaisnt Terror..."

Actually, the NIST Report, though it contains many volumes, takes us as far as "collapse intiation," or the beginning of the collapse, which NIST deduces must have been an entire section with all welds failing at once, not a single floor causing a "pancake." NIST does not discuss the collapse itself and thus offers no explanation for a collapse at free-fall speed, as if a section of the building could fall through millions of tons of concrete and steel as fast as through air. Free-fall speed has only occured and can only occur when resistance is zero, when all structural support is taken out by cutter charges.

As for fire being compressed in a pile, well, combustion does not occur in an anaerobic environment. However, thermite (thermate) is rust and aluminum powder (and sulphur) and contains its own oxygen supply in the iron oxide. Thermite produces temperatures well in excess of those necessary to melt steel and can continue to do so even deep within a rubble pile. We are talking about molten steel which weeks after the collapse remains at temperatures higher than any hydrocarbon fuel burns.

The NIST has yet to issue its report on World Trade Bulding Seven.

The "professor emeritus" in question is Steven Earl Jones. Read his credentials here:

I appreciate the comment on the War on Terror, which underscores what is most important about this topic: The War on Terror is based on fraud. We've been had.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Follow the money.

No dispute, foreknowledge of the attack was out in the public. (Odigo instant messages, (just one incident) came from Israel warning of the attack is documented and acknowledged by the FBI.)

Spike in trading is clear. Companies with headquarters in the towers were targeted, and short positions and put options spiked the chart. Classic patterns, textbook examples indicating insider trading ink many charts.
Other than a few maverick journalists looking into the insider trading, zionist controlled, Israel sympathetic media has been mute.

An Israeli hedge fund out of Toronto was mentioned as being a beneficiary of the airline puts purchased just before 9-11. Main stream media falls down and play dead about this story.

"Buzzy" Krongard, #3 at the CIA, and former board member of an American brokerage firm owned by Deutsch bank, which handled a huge percentage of the suspicious transactions, fails to attract investigation or main stream media attention.

The money trail points suspicion to Rockefeller and AIG's Hank Greenberg when using the "que bono" formula. Von Beulow, former German intelligence head estimates the 9-11 insider trading haul was around $18 billion dollars. It was a world wide event. The charts of companies in the towers didn't spike in just N.Y.

How convenient for Bush and his neocon buddies for the SEC to rule:

In the course of that review, we did not develop any evidence suggesting that anyone who had advance knowledge of the September 11 attacks traded on the basis of that information.

This is just another smoking gun that points the barrel at the true enemy.

Six years after "the event" the enemy is clear:
Military Industrial Complex
Big Oil - Rockefeller
Big Banks - Rockefeller
Zionist controlled press and courts
Zionist bootlicks in Congress and the Executive
Hank Greenberg
"Pull" Silverstein
Rabbi Chertoff

It's time for the patriots to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. America first.

8:26 PM  
Blogger SpookyOne said...

Great Post ....

Now, I think the best course of action is to push the hard scientific evidence of the Molten Steel and Thermate to the public at large.

We have the answers, so it is time to get the word out. The evidence here eliminates any doubt about the attacks being an outside job.

Whatever theories one holds this core scientific evidence is the ultimate proof- and it is from this point we can build the most robust case.

Post this key information far and wide.

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thermite test

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger JimGawthrop said...

Anonymous said...

"These pictures are probalby made up and I see no reason to doubt the exhautive work out of Cambridge which clearly shows that the collapse DID occur as the NIST exhaustive and scientific reports indicate -"

Speaking of things which are "made up!"

The "Cambridge" report to which anonymous refers does not exist, because no such report was ever published. Check it out.

7:12 PM  

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