Monday, January 01, 2007

Framing 9/11

As everyone from Frank Luntz (a conservative pollster) to George Lakoff (a liberal linguist) have shown, political debates are usually won by those who most successfully "frame" the issue in their terms.

One of the ways that the manipulators of public opinion frame issues is to smear by association. For example, in recent fake "Bin Laden" videos, Bin Laden endorses whatever the Neocons are most against at the time. Right now, the Neocons are trying to prop up Pakistani president Musharraf, so they released a new tape of"Bin Laden" urging Muslims to overthrow Musharaf.

Why? Because if Bin Laden says Musharraf has to go, millions of Americans -- in a knee-jerk reaction -- will become convinced that Musharraf must be a good guy who the U.S. should support and protect.

On the other hand, if the fake "Bin Laden" endorses someone, then millions of Americans will suddenly -- in Pavlovian fashion -- come to despise the person being praised by the terror mastermind.

Do you get it?

With 9/11, the Neocons are playing the exact same game. Instead of covering the many credible people who question 9/11, including high level military leaders, congress people, scientists and engineers, legal scholars, historians, air traffic controllers and pilots, victims family members, and the 9/11 commissioners themselves, the government shills only cover the president of Iran, or Fidel Castro, or a handful of other people who the shills think they can characterize as bad guys.

The mainstream media has been saying Castro is a bad guy for decades. They've been yelling night and day that the Iranian president is new boogeyman.

So just like "Bin Laden" coming out against Musharraf will make the sheeple support Musharraf, Castro or Ahmadinejad questioning 9/11 will make many Americans blindly support the government's story about 9/11.

Do you get how these bootlicking media strategists play the game?

So let's not get too excited when someone who has been declared an enemy of the U.S. says 9/11 was an inside job. Of course it was, but a lot of American heroes (and heroes from allied countries) have said the same thing. THAT is what we have to force the media to cover.

Of course, the media plays the same game with people who spout easily-disprovable theories about 9/11, like the theory that no planes hit the world trade centers. THESE are the people the mainstream media choose to cover. Again, force the media to cover the CREDIBLE 9/11 truth advocates


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