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Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy

Should people who question the government's version of the events of 9/11 have their heads examined?

Well, the following psychiatrists and psychologists have concluded that the official version of 9/11 is false. Moreover, many of these mental health experts have concluded that the government's account is so obviously false that people who believe the government's version are in psychological denial:

Psychiatrist Carol S. Wolman, MD

Psychiatrist E. Martin Schotz

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center, as well as Radiology, at Duke University Medical Center D. Lawrence Burk, Jr., MD

Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Rutgers University Barry R. Komisaruk

Professor of Psychology at University of New Hampshire William Woodward

Professor of Psychology at University of Essex Philip Cozzolino

Professor of Psychology at Goddard College Catherine Lowther

Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies Ralph Metzner

Professor of Psychology at Rhodes University Mike Earl-Taylor

Retired Professor of Psychology at Oxford University Graham Harris

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nebraska and licensed Psychologist Ronald Feintech

Ph.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist Richard Welser

Clinical psychologist, Ed.D., Harvard University, Gwendolyn Atwood

Psychology researcher, M.A., Psychology Victoria Ashley

Psychotherapist, M.S. Clinical Psychology, Greg Henricks

M.S. in educational psychology, Roy Holcombe

M.A. in Counseling Psychology Tova Gabrielle

There are literally thousands of other mental health professionals who have reached the same conclusions. So who is out of touch with reality: those who question 9/11 or those who believe the government's version without question?

Postscript: In addition to mental health professionals, the following highly-credible people question the government's version of 9/11:

Military leaders

Legal scholars


Members of Congress

9/11 Commissioners

And should you think that questioning 9/11 shows political or religious bias, take a look at how broad the coalition is questioning 9/11:




Jews and Muslims


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Blogger Unknown said...

"Psychological denial?" My short studies in psychology are not enough. Can anyone enlighten me about the meaning of this term?

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, Denial, as in:
I don't have a drinking problem. Lots of people drink 10-12 beers a night.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psychological denial: Suppression of percieved facts or events; a form of psychological defense. When the conscious mind decides that something is just too much to comtemplate, the person suppresses the external input by way of denial.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Each of the major religions have millions of believers, yet they cannot all be true.

Arguing for a point by stating that large number of people agree with it, is in the end, a bad argument.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also bring this to mind:

Mass hallucination
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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A mass hallucination is a phenomenon in which a large group of people, usually in physical proximity to each other, all experience the same hallucination simultaneously. Mass hallucination is a common explanation for mass UFO sightings, appearances of the Virgin Mary, and other paranormal phenomena.

In most cases, mass hallucination refers to a combination of suggestion and pareidolia, wherein one person will see, or pretend to see, something unusual (like the face of Jesus in the burn-marks on a tortilla, or the face of a kidnapped girl on a blank billboard) and point it out to other people. Having been told what to look for, those other people will consciously or unconsciously convince themselves to recognize the apparition, and will in turn point it out to others.

It is commonly used in Science-Fiction stories as a means of preventing the human race from becoming aware of alien existence after a major event, with almost the entire population of Earth convincing themselves that such events as the Vogon Constructor Fleet or Battle between Daleks and Cybermen were nothing more than hallucinations caused by drugs planted in the water supply.

See also: Power of suggestion

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arguing for a point by stating that I'm the decideing commander guy and I don't care what 90% of the population wants is in the end, a bad argument.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psychological denial: crimestop, doublethink.

Have you commit your thoughtcrime today?

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Blogger Carmenisacat said...

Well we muslims were not allowed to say it out loud. We had to wait for the rest of humanity to catch up to our rationales.

Salaams and keep up the good work.

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Blogger Ahmed Ismail said...

Well, 9/11 is not the only lie of that administration. The whole war on terror thing is a big fat lie. We, Muslims believe that this war is actually on Islam not on terror. You can visit this link to know more:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mother of ALL lies, the Petrodollar:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how it was psychiatrists and psychologists who proved the Government is lying. Where are the physicists and engineers?

Also while those in the 911 truth movement are saying that the Government is lying, they fail to say what we should do about it.

Ok, uncle! I give up! The Government is lying to us! NOW WHAT?

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now what, you ask? Stop watching TV; Inform as many people as possible; and resist the new world order.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the Mass Hallucination Joker. H8 to break it to ya but you cant videotape a hallucination, we've got tons of video! Smoke some more! Then check out my site!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger krush said...

Not too mention that the Government as it stands is run by psychopaths. I recommend anyone who is trying to understand why the situation is as it is to read Political Ponerology.

It describes the cause of how a pathocracy (vis a vis the Bush Administration) can get into power and destroy the country within. It also talks about how they can shape the minds of the masses and soon we as a society begin to adopt the same psychopathic world view. Very good stuff...

Here is a quick excerpt from a summary on the book:

[...] As I read, I realized that what I was holding in my hand was essentially a chronicle of a descent into hell, transformation, and triumphant return to the world with knowledge of that hell that was priceless for the rest of us, particularly in this day and time when it seems evident that a similar hell is enveloping the planet. The risks that were taken by the group of scientists that did the research on which this book is based are beyond the comprehension of most of us. Many of them were young, just starting in their careers when the Nazis began to stride in their hundred league jackboots across Europe. These researchers lived through that, and then when the Nazis were driven out and replaced by the Communists under the heel of Stalin, they faced years of oppression the likes of which those of us today who are choosing to take a stand against the Bush Reich cannot even imagine. And so, since they were there, and they lived through it and brought back information to the rest of us, it may well save our lives to have a map to guide us in the falling darkness. It is in this context that I would like to bring up how Dr. Lobczewski discusses the value of the close and clinical study of evil in his book before we actually turn to the subject of Ponerology... [...].

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also while those in the 911 truth movement are saying that the Government is lying, they fail to say what we should do about it.

I quite agree. It needs direction.

To accept that Bush & co were involved leaves people feeling vulnerable and impotent, because then they have to face the question 'what can us ordinary joes do about it?', and most do not know the answer to that, so all the overwhelming evidence of complicity does is scare them.

Added to that the government has passed laws which could be used against them if they speak out, even spirit them away without trial, so it feels like they'd be speaking out against the Nazis while living in Germany in 1939.

Instead they watch anxiously from the sidelines as activists expose the truth, absorbing all their damning conclusions, and wait to see if these outspoken ones are free and alive this time next week.

I'm not sure it's all denial, I think it's more to do with a subconscious fear and need to protect themselves and their families by silence. The American people need a lead and then they will march on the White House and remove this corrupt administration before it's too late.

Because history requires it.

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Blogger Rabbit said...

Funny how it was psychiatrists and psychologists who proved the Government is lying. Where are the physicists and engineers?
Are you serious Brucy? How many would you like sunshine?

Engineers, as small sampling.

Keep an eye on this one, but the links are good.
Of course Morgan Reynolds has been onboard from early on and there are quite a few engineers who have signed into the Scholars guest book you could check if you cared. Of coruse you do not and you will ignore all of this, because you have the disorder referred to in this article and also known as cognitive dissonance.

As for Physicists I guess you have heard of Professor Steven Jones? Well he did not suddenly lose his standing and knowledge the day he proved via his report that Controlled Demolition is not a theory but a fact of 9/11. Despite massive personal attacks and pressure brought to bear upon his career, NOBODY has yet written a genuine scholarly refutation of any of the science of his report. Those who have set out to do so have one after the other have admitted having accepted his work as valid and have said so. Of course Jones was not the first, he was simply the most high profile due to be not just an engineer or Physicist, but a well regarded Physics Professor. The sort of person my Brucey bunny, who teaches and thus adds those letters after the names of the engineers and physicists you ask after as if you really want to see them. You don't as I said. If you did, you would have hundreds of people in a matter of an hour or two using Google or some more reliable search engine.

There are many more Physicists and you will find at least a dozen around the new site where Professor Jones and most of the previous Scholars have been. There is some guy here in Perth too whose work I have seen out there but I cannot remember his name and cannot be bothered chasing up more links which will show you are full of it, but which will not be even looked at by you. The point I am making is that there are plenty of Engineers, demolitions experts.

Also while those in the 911 truth movement are saying that the Government is lying, they fail to say what we should do about it.
The main way those with this cognitive dissonance use to avoid facing the answers to the questions they keep asking as if the answers were rhetorically negative when invariably they have empirical answers contradicting your stance. Is to ask more questions. Once again the answer is simple. There are signed petitions, official demands, legal cases, all being aimed at a NEW completely independent investiogation of ALL the facts and evidence which still remains and full disclosure as well as the obvious impeachments and legal charges being brought to the guilty. In a word though if that is too complex for you to grasp and denial is too easy for you, then try this. IMPEACHMENT! NO further investigation is necessary to impeach the whole gang.

Lady Jane, Muslims were not the first or the only people to realise the truth about 9/11 early. David Ray Griffin the Christian Theologian Scholar was the first high profile recognition and he is one of the finest and most rational voices to this day. I am an explosives and demolitions expert and I am an Gnostic and was aware the day after it was an inside job. As soon as it became apparent what the official story was. Not only was that an obviously ludicrous piece of fiction, it was implausible by the wealth of information which seemed available overnight when it was also being claimed there was no warning.

As someone versed in explosives and pyrotechnics I saw in the first video on TV what has become only more and more obvious since. Exploves demolitions, with some serious enhancement of the plane crashes too. They werte Movie perfect fireballs. Not natural ones. The instantaneous dispersal and ignition of what appears to be the entire fuel complement is not normal. Movie crashes are special effects enhanced. That is why the crashes look normal to most people. They have seen thousands of such explosive crashes before in the TV and movies. Blissfully unaware are most that it is usually Blackpowder charges, (For it's smoke and flame) and gasoline. This creates a big satisfying fireball. Usually rupture and spillage of fuel tanks is partial and directional. This was total and omni directional. My guess is explosives onboard the planes. Maybe there is something to the missile under wings theories. Of course there are many conflicting and competing theories about things about which so much is being kept secret and has been kept secret by this government. Nonetheless, enough is known, and can be verified with absolute certainty to render the official story completely false. Almost nothing about it is true and certain things can be proven via deduction, direct evidence and by whistleblower testimony. Such as, IT WAS an INSIDE JOB.

Ahmed Ismail I agree the War on Terror is phony unless you substitute an OF for the ON! It is on its face a war by an Amerikan led west against Islam this too is true. It is in the final analysis intended as a catalsyt and is more accurately termed a war on Humanity thinks this rabbit..

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"psychological denial" could be better said as "cognitive dissonance"

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denial indeed. However not so much an "inside job". The Govt ran much of the program, but was not orchestrating. And if it was entirely Govt run, it was not a govt of the USA any longer (if it ever was.

This was external, and originated from 'mid east' covert policy. The western nations are fighting the wrong middle eastern nation/s. What began some time ago continues, thanks largely to the part the Western Allies played in WW2. The US/UK alliance fought on the wrong side, and the War was lost, not won. This is now coming home to roost.

10:58 PM  
Blogger juandos said...

Well this is what comes of extorted tax dollars going for what passes for public education today...

Breeding the stupid to make sure they are incapable of serious critical thought...

I guess one shouldn't expect much of whining, witless libtards though...

Their collective inability to read and understand simple English is manifest in their in ability to grasp the facts of Debunking The 9/11 Myths - Mar. 2005 Cover Story
PM examines the evidence and consults the experts to refute the most persistent conspiracy theories of September 11

2:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These shrinks need a shrink... and large doses of thorozine and haldol. Geez, how many nut jobs are out there?!?!?!

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's no secret to anyone that I published a book in 2004 called When Presidents Lie. The thesis of my argument was that while deception often appears politically attractive to chief executives in the short term, it is always a mistake because reality cannot be lied away. Instead of dealing with the problems created by the reality, politicians end up dealing with the consequences of the lies and ignoring the actual problems which they were dealing with in the first place. Left ignored, this problem tends to metastasize and will come back, inevitably,
to bite them. The dynamic described is on display in this story, in which we learn that recently declassified documents suggest that senior officers viewed the killings of 24 Iraqi
civilians in Haditha in late 2005 as a "potential public relations problem" that could "fuel insurgent propaganda" against the American military, leading investigators to question whether the officers' immediate response had been intentionally misleading.

Col. Gary Sokoloski, a lawyer who was chief of staff to Maj. General Richard Huck, division commander, approved a news release about the killings that investigators interviewing him in March 2006 suggested was "intentionally inaccurate" because it stated, contrary to the facts at hand, that the civilians had been killed by an insurgent's bomb. According to a transcript of the interview, Colonel Sokoloski told the investigators, "We knew the, you know, the strategic implications of being permanently present in Haditha, and how badly the insurgents wanted us out of there." But Colonel Sokoloski told them he believed that the news release was accurate as written. "At the time," he said, "given the information that was available to me and the objective to get that out for the press" before insurgents put out their own information, "that is what we went with." So you see. The truth was considered too damaging at the time to be released, and a lie was constructed. But the truth was known to the people in the area and created the exact problem that could have been predicted. Add to that the additional problems that were created by the lies. And no one should be shocked by these massacres. Everyone who voted for and supported the war was voting for and supporting massacres. They are inevitable in war, particularly in guerrilla wars. Almost no wars are worth it. But I would submit that this war, most
predictably, manifestly was not." - adapted from an article by Eric Alterman at Altercation

Even those of us in agreement with Alterman's specific point, and with his views on the culpability of our military in service to the lies and the lying liars which led us into this disaster to begin with, actually do at a fundamental level, contrary to everything inanely repeated day after blessed day on FOX et al, support our troops, not only because they are our own flesh and blood, and since we realize that they are essentially coerced and brainwashed as much or more than the rest of us, but we even make further allowances for the fact that they are duty bound, and thus acting as any of us very well might under the same circumstances. But here, in sum, arises a larger problem; and that is the truth that the media, 99.9% it, lies constantly 24/7 about practically everything, much like the scorpion queried by the incredulous frog, as they both drowned in the pond, why he had
betrayed his promise not to sting his kind green friend, who had so generously agreed to ferry his too-clever-by-half companion across the pond; like the scorpion the media lies reflexively. They can't help it, it's their nature.

So many are waking up to this salient fact and many more that the lies are now growing even thicker: at this point not only in their expensively-coiffed forebrains do the media retain the necessity at all costs to hang on to their gold-plated meal-tickets, at the same time some of them, even more acutely than others, sense somewhat further back in their cerebelli that a significant part if not all of the lie-based power structure predicated on their expertly-honed skills is itself thereby jeapardized, and from this realization it takes scant nanoseconds for them to arrive by an actually truthful process of deduction, unfamilliar as that may be to a number of them, at conclusions there very well may be that many more that much more displeased tyrants to be placated, in various places where gold-plated meal tickets are issued and stamped even as the lies continue to unravel at an ever-increasing rate. If we allow that to a large extent, it is in the nature of the mediocracy to lie due to the conditions of their evolution and environment, one could almost pity the pundits, too, but not quite, as this is the same media whining that they have spent so much time developing their professional standards only to have to compete with guys in bathrobes named Vinny.

Now, telling the truth in this context does not seem to offer the media much of an alternative, contemplating that such a radical choice might only accellerate free-fall toward the dreaded process of meal-ticket revocation (see Norris, Chuck: Title sequence of "Branded"). Next, unbidden, arrives dawning realization that said pundits telling said truths might have also to face the additional ire of their mere viewers, who number quite a few more than even their owners. So, this Hobsonian choice will again most likely lead to even more lying, which hardly seems possible, given that the biggest of all is that We, the American People, ever genuinely needed, wanted, asked for, respected or in any way chose or selected either
the corrupt, bloated, inefficient, criminally intrusive present government and its attendant non-elected beurocracy, or the "Non-Governmental Organizations" with whom they coordinate their chicanery, or the false-flag pretexts for their illegal wars, or the illegally coordinated spying, "non-lethal" "social engineering" mind-control and police-state technotronic maw of
supercomputer wink-and-nod big-brotherism, the government-sponsored corporate welfare, the oil and nuclear pollution, the 50+ years supression of the development and provision of hundreds of clean energy sources which We, the People must decide are appropriate for our needs and purposes in our localities, the weapons-for-profit glut, the lack of a legitimate Congressionally-coined monetary basis, or the present lack of genuine education, ready access to credit and capital, medical services, alternative healthcare choices, and religious, literary, artistic, and cultural Rights, Freedoms, and Privacys.

Nor have we ever endorsed any of our national governments or national or globalist corporations wholesale disregard for anything other than unmitigated profit at the direct expense of we, their public employers, licensors and customers, whom they both religiously fleece and ever-increasingly fail to serve even in mere appearance, let alone in reality, nor did we ever ask, select, or choose the lying frauds on our television sets and radios and in our newspapers and magazines who deliver for those who hire them to lie to us for them, nor did we ever authorize the redaction of our 1949 Fairness Doctrine, Equal Time, and Truth In Media provisions, nor did we ever or will we ever choose to accept Diebold or any other fraudulent "voting" mechanism. These were all intentionally foisted on us; we did not freely choose them apart from undue influence. The entire thing, rather like Manhattan, was
sold to us for $14 worth of trinkets which we, scarcely realizing or having any way to understand; naive, trusting and coerced innocents (however savage or noble we may have been),
how dangerous and costly such trading of our rights would prove. But a contract proffered in bad faith is not binding; and thus it is many years (far more than six, actually) past time that We, the People of the United States of America immediately impeach Cheney and Bush, fire the media, and serve notice to our recently elected leaders should they
persist in further ignoring us by any more foot-dragging, that we absolutely will faithfully evacuate every single one of them in 2008 bar none, in order to select from our ranks representatives who will act in our own interests, and in no one else's, as provided by our American Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights.


2:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lessenberry: "These were my main reasons for feeling that way: 1) Politically, I saw impeachment as absolutely impossible to bring off."

If Clinton, during whose tenure America thrived, could be impeached in a 4-year witchunt based on a private dalliance, then Cheney And Bush have both earned impeachment several times over, starting 7 years ago, when they conspired to steal election through Diebold black-box voting and other manipulations both in Florida and in our Supreme Court.

2) "As bad as Bush is, I don't want to see America turn into some kind of parody banana republic, in which the opposition party tries to impeach every president."

America has already become a parody bananna republic and worse directly due to Cheney and Bush, not Clinton, during whose tenure America enjoyed some of the most progressive and thriving years we have enjoyed in modern history. The Lewinski witchunt was cynically used by the GOP to trivialize impeachment, yet it remains our sole Amrican Constitutional remedy to restore our democracy with any semblance of justice.

3) "America knew what the Shrub was selling, and re-elected him, so we got what we deserve."

This was as true in 2000 as it was in 2004. Since both elections were stolen through the above mentioned methods and many others, America did not properly elect either Cheney or Bush, America actually did elect both Gore and Kerry, so we do not "deserve" any of Cheney and Bush's crimes at all, and quite a few people obviously did not understand what Cheney and Bush represented, since so many Americans are now agreed, as Lessenberry at this late hour finally admits, that their immediate removal from office is our only hope to regain American integrity to any degree.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Rabbit said...

In answer to Juandos who posts the long since thoroughly discredioted PM piece, I present the refutation of its garbage. You bozos, how can you compete with science, logic and facts, just using ad-hominem, deceit and strawmen? You twisted clowns have already lost, you just don't realise it. We won already, more than 80% of the population knows the offical 9/11 story is a farce and thoroughly disproven.

Reply to Populist Mechanics attempted debunking of 9/11 truth. PM which is owned by Neocon agents as anyone should know.

Reply to the debunking effort made by Scientific American. These supposed debunking pieces actually don't debunk anything significant at all. They are highly selective and a reading of the replies in each case leaves either of the PM or SM pieces gasping for breath. They are total crap and I challenge anyone to read them and the reply and conclude otherwise. Facts are facts and the hit pieces avoid many while denying others. A simple checking of their claims is all it takes to fluch them down the toilet.

Critque of the DOA NIST report.

Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story

Hey bozo, just how did the BBC manage to claim the collpase of WTC-7, a half hour before it really happened? Was it all those other occassions when steel framed skyscrapers fell at free fall speed into their own footprints because of small sporadic fires and a bit of facade damage?

You Faith Brigaders are the undead. This article puts you firmly in the place we have AlWAYS SAID YOU BELONG. You are mentally deranged. In serious psychological denial and even that is logical. You are so twisted you would actually claim we are in denial however. What do we have to deny? We look at the facts and they don't say what the government claims. No matter how many times the MSM ignores major factual damage to the official fairy tale, the damge is real. The fairy tale is dead, and only a dwindling band of low intellect, moral cowards and brainwashed dopes still try to maintain a belief in it. The article you are commenting under leaves you dopes in the nuthouse and performing your usual stunts of denial, false rhetoric, slogans and deafness to anything untoward, is doing no more than showing us all once again how crazy you nutbags are.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Rabbit said...

AND Juandos son, YOU and people like you who are so feeble minded and so stupid that you can no longer function in reality, you are described precisely in this piece by numerous well regarded people in the Psychological profession, are the very products of the dumbed down, propaganda filled education system which is recognised internationally as well as domestically as of a poor and slipping standard.

You argue what you do not know, merely believe. You cannot discern between a fact and an opinion. Science is to you something which cannot be understood by mortals and is only able to be understood by government paid scientists.

Your irrationality knows no bounds. For lack of any other explanation since you cannot face the facts, you are prepared to call half or more of your population traitors and supporters of terrorism for not agreeing with your tragically foolish leader. You will wage war on three quarters of the planet, and against the will of every nation, even those who through threats or bribery make a show of support at a diplomatic level, yet you delude yourself you are a leader, or a protector.

You will actually allow and encourage wars based on the utterly ridiculous notion that some other people have an intrinsic hatred for you. You will ask blindy why this is, as if it is the gretaest mystery in the world. All the while ignoring what these people say to you, which is we hate you for what you are doing to us, and what you have been supporting which is done against us.

You have killed more than a hundred million people in their own countries in wars you started in their countries. Yet you claim that a mere capture of a couple of invading soldiers by homegrown resistance is worthy of a war against the nation in retaliation.

I really want to say one thing to those of you who swallow the offical line, who support American wars and who are so hubris filled or cowardly or stupid to see that 9/11 was an inside job and even the media has sold its soul in its blatant coverrup of the truth since. May you all go to hell, whatever that might be. So long as you maniacs and sentient slime are all in one place, it will be hell.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Each of the major religions have millions of believers, yet they cannot all be true.

No, but they CAN all be false, can't they?

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most psychologists and psychiatrists are complete nut-jobs, so why are we using them as the authority on credibility? That's pretty dumb and counter-productive if their is a conspiracy.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most psychologists and psychiatrists are complete nut-jobs, so why are we using them as the authority on credibility? That's pretty dumb and counter-productive if their is a conspiracy.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most psychologists and psychiatrists are complete nut-jobs, so why are we using them as the authority on credibility? That's pretty dumb and counter-productive if their is a conspiracy.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most psychologists and psychiatrists are complete nut-jobs, so why are we using them as the authority on credibility? That's pretty dumb and counter-productive if their is a conspiracy.

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Retrovirus

by James Brett PhD.

May 11th, 2007

"A retrovirus is a virus which, to use very inexact lay terminology, relies upon its host to complete its reproductive needs, that is, its DNA is transcribed using the host DNA. The retrovirus becomes a parasite on the host and is able to further infect other organisms from its genetic beachhead within the individual. AIDS is a disease caused by the retrovirus HIV. What Karl Rove, "Bush's Brain," has done for the Republicans is very much like what a retrovirus does. Rove has instilled within the Republican Party the idea that Republicans can be the dominant party of the 21st century if only they take a few measures to insure that the Party is able to replicate without serious competition. Rove's solution, given that an overt Republican philosophy favoring corporations and the rich is not beneficial or acceptable to the majority of voting citizens, is to use the power of federal government as a retrovirus uses the DNA of its host to insure that Republicans are favored and all competitors, mostly Democrats, are kept from replicating, i.e., getting elected. It is not only a subversion of the federal government and the Constitution, it is a perversion of the
political party system which cannot be allowed to go unanswered... or unpunished.

I was still closely monitoring the federal government in 2001 when Bush, Cheney, and the GOP took over from President Clinton. I and my colleagues at other universities were waiting for certain funding to be authorized for a branch of research that faculty on our campuses would be eligible. In fact we were awaiting funding authorization for a whole raft of such programs, and by March and April of 2001 we realized that the Republicans had not only cancelled these programs, but had substituted their people into positions of authority at the agencies at levels previously unheard of. This was our first clue that something more than a simple exchange of politicals in the agencies was underway. This was not to be just a normal change of party administrative transition.

Fast forward through the dark years of the consolidation of the the BushCheneyRove hegemony over the federal government. The dismissal of federal prosecutors was a eye-popping revelation. Here the immune system of the federal government was being overtaken by the parasitic retrovirus of Rovean politics, a no holds barred politics like that of Newt Gingrich a decade earlier and of Tom DeLay and his minions ever since. Yes, other administrations had let the federal prosecutors go en masse, but with Rove the attention to the political details gave them away. What Rove was doing was nothing less than taking over the federal government by replacing every synapse with a card-carrying corporatist Republican. His intent was to highjack the entire edifice of the federal government, make it subservient to the Republican Party and himself. He was not only allowed to do this by his superiors; he was instructed to do so in general and in specific terms. His superiors were Andrew Card, Chief of Staff, VP Cheney and his Chief of Staff, and President Bush, not to mention a handful of people not actually inside government, but
nevertheless ruthlessly involved in the "new" order.

The slow investigation into the federal prosecutor firings has opened up Pandora's box and let us all see the crawly, slimey, foetid machinations of Karl Rove and his accomplices. The untimely revelation has partly paralyzed the administration for there is another kind of blindered myopia in the White House, namely, the inability to sense a turning point and hope for forgiveness. These people are in for the whole enchilada or nothing. They are counting on the good will of the opposition to disbelieve the extent of their attempt to highjack our democracy. What Rove and the Republicans have done is completely unforgivable, of course, and the President and Vice President know it. Had the war gone half as poorly as it actually did, the pressure on the Executive Branch would have been much less and they might have gotten away with a complete silent gun-free coup d'etat. But the war went badly, and so they did not get away with it. The wheels of justice will grind them to dust eventually, but the great fear out in the country is what other harm they will accomplish while there are in office.

FBI violations of personal privacy, lost and destroyed emails by the millions, harassment of whistleblowers, stuffing religious fanatics into key positions, firing of attorneys who would not sully their reputations with vindictive assaults on innocent citizens, aid and abettment of attorneys like Schlozman who viciously attacked Democrats, use of the General Services Administration for political purposes, voter fraud, vote suppression, and now infiltration of the U.S. office designated to prosecute violations of voting rights with the aim of fabricating cases against Democrats, and on and on. The debauchery and incompetence of the Bush administration seemingly knows no bounds, and it is all based on the simple program of debasing the federal government with card-carrying corporatist Republicans, replacing the DNA of our our government—the Constitution—with the agenda of the Republican National Committee and the corporations that nurture it!

Impeachment is the necessity, not the option. Impeachment teaches the citizens that no crime this heinous goes unseen, untried, unpunished. Impeachment of Gonzales, Cheney, and Bush teaches that the Constitution is the center and life of our civilization, not the RNC and, indeed, not the DNC, either. Impeachment is the logical and moral outcome of swearing an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Impeachment cannot be taken "off the table" by Speaker Pelosi or anyone else. Her gambit to deal with the Republicans as if they were a normal political party and not an infection using our own federal government as a retrovirus uses our own DNA must be abandoned. It was an accommodating idea in the first place, but now in the light of testimony and news from many quarters in Washington, impeachment must be placed resoundingly at the center of Congress's efforts. The fate of the republic very much depends on Pelosi realizing that she is dealing with people who care nothing for the Constitution and nothing for the vast majority of Americans.

1:34 AM  
Blogger Rabbit said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:19 AM  
Blogger Rabbit said...

The idiot anonymous said:

Most psychologists and psychiatrists are complete nut-jobs, so why are we using them as the authority on credibility? That's pretty dumb and counter-productive if their is a conspiracy.

You are missing the point Gilligan. There is as always an unbroken chain of interlocking scientific and verifiable evidence which all points to the controlled demolition and inside job scenarios. Pilots, Intelligence professionals, witnesses, military personell, engineers, Physicists, demolitions experts, world leaders, ex and current administration officials, celebrities, (who risk all for speaking out) and now my little noodle brain, there is also an organised and growing group of mental health professionals who are adding their unique and entirely relevant experience and opinions. Relevant due to the Alice In Wonderland quality the so called debate has when it involves you cretinous faith brigaders.

These Psychs are just the latest in the enormous body of evidence which would make any rational mind at least curious enough to study the argument for the 9/11 truth opposed to the official narrative. Instead the irrational have been and still do simply deny and refuse all and any evidence. Arguing and prevaricating it away and ignoring it henceforth, without even looking at it asd a rule. I KNOW dopes like you DO NOT READ what you arew debunking, I have been able to prove that in every one of the hundreds of cases I have met you losers. You have probably not even read the article here, and you have certainly NOT read the links it provides. There is one thing which cannot be disguised. Those of you who adhere to its precepts always think it is something you can hide with big words or phoney rhetoric, or a well placed slogan. Ignorance. Ignorance is quite impossible camouflage when in the presence of the informed.

The se professionals point out what you are doing perfectly and those of us rational enough to be able to judge another as insane, can agree completely with their assessments. Here you are raising an urban myth type generalisation about a profession and trying to deal with it in isolation from the aforementioned body of evidence and professional opinion. You have not addressed a single matter of relevance despite the article being specific about a number of points, making a logical case for concluding you are nuts. You spout out with "Everybody knows shrinks are nuts" Do you have any idea how many actual nuts, ever realise they themselves are nuts? NONE. You always think the rest of the world is insane and it is you who is normal.

As usual, the faith brigade attacks the messenger rather than face the message of course. Thankyou for the demonstration, but you can stop now. We already have your number looney tunes, do you have any other tunes to play? The shrinks said you are a nut, you are acting like a nut, and you have always been known by me to be a nut. The only way one can defend the official fairy tale is to be a nut. In six years I have engaged in hundreds of 'debates' with faith brigaders and the description of you bozos as given by these entirely credible Professionals is impossible to deny, to the sane and rational anyway.

That my little dumpling, is why you cannot see it. Now sit quietly and try not to get excited about things. Eventually the truth will bring the current crop of criminals to their knees and thereafter we may be able to spare resources to help people like you to re-integrate with reality.

2:36 AM  
Blogger Carlosjii said...

Isn't that a river in Egypt?

3:35 PM  
Blogger test said...

I am glad there is a handy list of professionals whose expensive help I now know to avoid.

10:01 AM  
Blogger bpd said...

Keep up the outstanding work GW!

God Bless you all...

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you are sick. why would anyone want to be moslem? look at the history: islam has spread by sword and blood from the start. islamic law is oppressive and constrictive.

islam not only totally distorts the truth of the torah, but sanctifies its own distortion.

it is utter madness.

example: blaming israel or the usa for the destruction of 9/11.

i think you should check your perscripton. or refill it.

be assured: the Truth that was revealed to 3 million jews and all the souls that would follow them at mt. sinai is the Truth. not what may have come to certain lone individuals like the founders of islam and christianity...look at the track record: chris. and islam have histories of 2000 and 1500 years of bloody forced conversions and killings. and terrible distortion of the torah tradition that preceded them by thousands of years.

how the heck can you go against that? the only way is if you are sick and need big help.

One day, and it will come: The G-d of Israel will reveal the Truth thru the Messiah, which is not the christian guy, and all of you, if you're around, will be very very ashamed.

Judaism has always taught Oneness, compassion, justice and kindness. the Jewish people have been sent to teach, not "rule" or "control".

Judasim never says the whole world should be jewish. just follow the 7 laws of noah. keep your culture and traditions. just follow those 7 laws and you'll be in tune with the Truth of the Universe.

but, the nations, such as you, have ignorantly envied the jews. do you want to keep all 613 commandments? do you want to be part of a people despised out of ignorance and suffered millions slaughtered for thousands of years?, a people enslaved?

the self worship and distortion of islam is one of the most disgusting and terrible phenomena of our time. but, you are so twisted you think that you are the sole possessor of some strange truth.

the Jewish people never say they only have it. they say that the Creator is One.

maybe one day you'll wake up and shamefully regret all the harm and illusions you foster with your hatred of Israel.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have found index with some guidebooks and would like to share. There are interesting ideas for mental health, parenting, family, etc. Get it and enjoy! :o)

1:02 PM  
Blogger Pissedoffcabbie said...

Cognitive dissonance is such now that most people would accept 2+2=5 if Fox or CNN said so.

The house on the hill could be burning down, and the owner would say, "But, my Mercedes looks so good in the moonlight."

Navigating through this field of irrationality is tough going. There's no frame of reference for it, and no solid ground on which to stand. Which way is up?

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you'd like to hear one of the only "truthers" that tells it like it is, I HIGHLY recommend listening to Alan Watt's FREE audio podcasts at:

8:47 AM  
Blogger John Doraemi said...

This is the Big Lie, not significantly different than what was described by Hitler and Goebbels. You tell a very big lie. It is "big" because it is beyond question, and to question it violates a sacred, sancrosact almost religious principle. You repeat this lie as much as possible, and you never acknowledge that it is a lie. Repetition to "catapult the propaganda" (Bush) is key. You also demonize anyone that attempts to expose the truth, as truth is the natural enemy of the lie, and therefore of the state that lies.

This is why the media had to be on board. The way the media got on board is because of pro-Israel interests who control the media. This war was designed by pro-Israel strategists (PNAC neocons), and is in the interest of both Israel, the media, and the military industrial complex. They hit the "trifecta" as far as big powerful interests are concerned.

Now that we have convinced majorities that something stinks about 9/11, we need to press the strongest case, the bulletproof evidence of treason.

Theories are a dime a dozen. It is facts we must stick with.

1:33 PM  
Blogger cm2dogs said...

to blindly accept or to otherwise go with the flow is exatly how an out of control envirment is created...but for all to unite and demand truth to even just one qestion freedom..thanks gw

1:00 AM  
Blogger wiley said...

Hey Rabbit! Good to see ya!

It's about time psychiatrists addressed this mass denial.

9:50 PM  

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