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Code Blue - America is Mortally Wounded

Former Air Force Colonel and Pentagon official Karen Kwiatkowski -- who was the key whistleblower who revealed that the Pentagon had a special division producing cooked intelligence on Iraq -- recently wrote:
"The republic is dead. Not sick, not dying, not failing, or in a gradual decline, not waiting to be resuscitated, but already stone cold dead."

Is she right?

Well, there are some indications that America as envisioned by the the Constitution and the Founding Fathers doesn't just need our help. Is not merely in trouble, or fragile, or under attack. But rather, there are indications that America is already dead. That we lost. That its over.

Mushy-Headed America

Is it really that bleak?

I'm not sure. But I do know that the very mushy-headed optimism of many Americans blinds them to the fact that their own government could be ruthless enough to create baseless propaganda, manipulate intelligence, and pull off false flag attacks on American and allied citizens.

I believe that hope is vitally important. But if we don't see the situation as it really is, then we just have our heads up in the clouds and we're not standing on the ground. We have to know where we really are before we can strive to get somewhere better.

If you don't discover that your house has mold, you can't fix it and make it healthy. If your doctor doesn't tell the patient he has cancer, the patient has no chance of getting better.

If you put all of your eggs in a basket without noticing there is a big hole in the bottom, you're going to lose your eggs. And unless we acknowledge when something we like is broken, we can't fix it or -- if beyond repair -- build a new one.

Albert Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." If we do the same thing over and over, and it hasn't worked, we should wake up and acknowledge it isn't working. Otherwise, we cannot fix it.

What's the Diagnosis?

America of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution is not yet dead . . . but it is mortally wounded.

Instead of separation of powers, we have a tyrannical executive branch. Instead of a free market economy, we have massive subsidies, credits, manipulation of the stock market, and other games which skew the system so that there is not a level playing field.

The leaders we have now and the way things work are wholly corrupt. The structures are rotten and moldy, and have to be ripped out and rebuilt. The pipes are clogged, and nothing will move unless they are totally cleaned out.

The neocons and neoliberals, the imperialists and military-industrial complex, the lobbyists and dual loyalists have all cannibalized America to the point that it is hardly breathing.

The drafters of the Constitution would not recognize this place, except perhaps as a repeat of tyranny under the British crown.

America is mortally wounded. I'm calling a code blue.

Who's Going to Save Us?

Mad King George and the loyalists in the legislature are not going to voluntarily give us freedom or liberty or allow us any real input and a representative government. The Supreme Court (which handed the election to Bush) isn't going to do it.

Many liberals still hope that the Democratic congress has some intention of impeaching Bush and Cheney, investigating 9/11, fixing the voting system, ending the Iraq war, or preventing war against Iran. They are hopelessly naive.

Did writing letters to our Democratic representatives work to stop the Iraq war? Has it worked to force a new 9/11 investigation? Is it working to prevent a war against Iran?

Many people voted for a Democratic congress and then trusted them to fix things. But they didn't, and it has now become apparent to those paying attention that the Dems are part of the problem.

Those who still naively trust that the Democratic congress members are good folks who are trying to stop the Neocons are blind to the fact that the Democrats don't want to do anything between now and the next election (and most of the Democratic presidential candidates don't want to do anything to change things even after the election).

On the other side, most Fox news watchers hope that the Iraq war will turn out okay. And they hope that if you torture enough brown-skinned people, everything will work out fine. And that the destruction of liberties in the U.S. is temporary. Their rose-colored glasses are preventing them from seeing the truth as much as the liberals.

The patient is mortally wounded and the prognosis is grim. Our nation is in imminent risk of death. Only heroic measures can save America.

And no one is going to do it for us. Not the White House or attorney general . . . not the congress . . . not the courts. Unfortunately, they don't answer to the people (or the rule of law) anymore.

We will have to work together and do it ourselves.


Blogger ben frank said...

Is Civil Disobedience the only way?

What if patriotic Americans across the country ran for Congress- as Cindy Sheehan put it- Organized People vs Organized Money.

The anti-war movement is divided due to the fascist tactics of infiltration to disrupt and discredit. But we don't have to give in and accept that we'll never be organized- we just have to out the moles, which can be done if the good guys have numbers.

What's needed is an effort to truly unite America- not just democrats, but the bottom 90% money wise that are getting screwed by this war on terror, the drug war, the war on your health, the war on education (NCLB), etc

George Washington- who is your CongressCritter? Probably some mi-complex 'useful idiot'. Who is going to oppose them? It will have to be a 20-30 yr old- the oldtimers are not going to pull it together, it's up to us- the younger generations that can see thru the decades of lies. United we can make enough internet noise to force the MSM to cover us- then it will go viral.


Why don't we get get every anti-war blog and website to promote this idea to unite We the People vs the top 1% that currently runs the show.

5:27 PM  

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