Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pledge: No False Flags or Martial Law

While politicians such as Cheney might be involved in ordering a false flag, it is folks in the military and police that will either carry it out -- or, if it is private contractors as opposed to active-duty military/law enforcement who would be tasked to carry it out -- in the best position to stop it.

So let's present a pledge card to every member of the military, law enforcement, and also politicians which says that they pledge:

- They will protect and defend the American people and the Constitution

- They will not themselves carry out a false flag attack

- They will not help others to carry out a false flag

- They will do everything in their power to stop others from conducting a false flag

Print and cut out a stack of pledge cards (cut on the dotted lines). Then go to your local congress person, military base, police station, and have them all sign the pledge. If you know anyone working for an intelligence service, the FBI, or other non-military agency, have them sign a pledge card also.

Ask your local city council to pass a resolution against the use of false flag operations, for the Constitution, and against the imposition of martial law.

This will help educate them about the history of false flag operations, get them to commit not to take part in one and to stop an attack if the bad guys try to carry one out, and get them to do the right thing if asked to impose martial law on the American people.

For higher-level people, the pledge campaign will show that we're paying attention, making it less likely they'll order a false flag attack or the imposition of martial law. You can also have a friend video the whole interaction, like the We Are Change folks do.

For lower-level people, the process itself will educate them, so they will be less likely to obey illegal orders. This is a great way to be pro-active, and to educate and obtain a positive commitment to do the right thing from people in a position to protect (or destroy) us.

Keep the cards that have been signed (we might use them to start a petition or otherwise compile them later).