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Distracting The Defenders: Radar Injects, Ringing Phones and Fools Errands

Everyone who has taken a fair look at the evidence has concluded that -- at the least -- the U.S. military was intentionally stood down on 9/11. There are numerous lines of evidence that certain high-level people within the U.S. military participated in the intentional stand down.

But what of the many rank and file employees of the various defense departments who were good men and women devoted to protecting their country? Why didn't they stop the 9/11 attacks?

Part of the answer is that they were cut out of the loop by the conspirators, and didn't have the information or access to be able to take preventative action. But another part of the answer is that they were bombarded with distractions, so that they could not focus on their job.

As one example, a December 9, 2001 Toronto Star article (pay-per-view; reprinted here), stated:
"Operation Northern Vigilance is called off. Any simulated information, what's known as an 'inject,' is purged from the screens".
In other words, someone had inserted false radar blips onto air traffic controllers' screens as part of the 5 or more war game exercises occurring at the time of the attacks (Vice President Cheney was apparently in charge of ALL of the war games and coordinated the government's "response" to the attacks; see this Department of State announcement; this CNN article; and this previously-cited essay).

And air traffic controllers claim they were still tracking what they thought were hijacked planes long after all 4 of the real planes had crashed. This implies that false radar blips remained on their screens after all 4 planes went down, long after the military claims they purged the phantom war-game-related radar signals

As a second example, fighter jets were also sent far off-course over the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the attacks (testimony of Senator Mark Dayton), neutralizing their ability to intercept the hijacked airliners. To this day, no one has admitted being the person who sent the aircrafts on a fools' errand.

A former air traffic controller, who knows the flight corridor which the two planes which hit the Twin Towers flew "like the back of my hand" and who handled two actual hijackings says that that planes can be tracked on radar even when their transponders are turned off, and that Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon tracked three of the four flights from the point of their hijacking to hitting their targets (also, listen to this interview). Therefore, it is very odd that aircraft were sent off to chase phantoms over the Atlantic.

As a third second example, NORAD and other employees trying to defend the nations' skies on 9/11 were inundated with massive, simultaneous phone calls. While it is still unclear, it is possible that the barrage of phone calls was part of a coordinated terror drill and a pre-planned distraction. Further research needs to be done to verify whether or not this was the case.

As the above examples show, the honorable rank and file military people trying to protect the U.S. on 9/11 never had a chance.


Blogger James B. said...

Everyone who has taken a fair look at the evidence has concluded that -- at the least -- the U.S. military was intentionally stood down on 9/11. There are numerous lines of evidence that certain high-level people within the U.S. military participated in the intentional stand down.

Oh really, so are you then saying that Dylan Avery has not "taken a fair look at the evidence"?

"There was no stand down order. "
-Loose Change creator Dylan Avery, August 31st, 2007-

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good essay, and not at all incompatible with the notion that "there was no stand-down order." There doesn't HAVE to be an official stand-down order if all relevant forces are distracted.

Don't trust anybody who won't sign his own name.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, c'mon. Anyone living thousands of miles away in a Tora Bora cave could tap into the NORAD, Pentagon or Whitehouse computer systems with his cell phone. A 10 year old kid could. The Israelis, Russians and Chinese do it all the time. The Ashanti in deepest Africa are probably doing it just for fun. Got to hand it to Bin Laden though. Just how in hell did he go about placing the explosives in the WTC? My guess is he contracted the "dancing Israelis."

6:17 PM  
Blogger brisa7 said...

One cannot exclude the change in intercept protocol per DOD (Rumsfeld) directive in July of 2001. This was a change from previous intercept procedures under which over 100 off course or distressed planes were intercepted in the year 2000.

The new protocol made it necessary to get personal authorization from the Sec of Defense (Rumsfeld) prior to initiating an interception.

The directive document is (was) available on line.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bush family and Clintons connections to security / drugs / the selling of top secrets.. the whole list of issues that are similar in all their evil's would take away from the one main reason and most important matter and that is 911. We all know who desires what as their New Pearl Harbor and it's cued, on the money excuse to carry out Dick and pals long planned goal towards world domination. But, what's this? They are running into a little trouble.

And so my friends, it is by no accident that the good people of the world have not been taken in by false prophets of profit and war whores of death. It's that simple. The forces of good and the voices of reason care enough to restore freedom and remedy the situation.

That irritating sensation, that no matter how often the neo-cons and their cohorts scratch, will never go away. Is us.

The ivory tower in which they reside is more and more starting to resemble the tower of Babel. "The devil" , as Miss Rice so nonchalantly put it, and her in-your-face details that add up to 100% dishonesty, sums up today's entire political system.

For the people who actually pay attention to the more important parts of life around us, it and those details can't get anymore clearer. Time is getting shorter nearer the separation of it's head from the body.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The smoking gun here is the amount of time between the 2nd tower and Pentagon getting hit. That's 34 minutes. At 9:03 it was clear to even the simplest of folks that someone was using planes as weapons (Tenet said in his biography he knew that after hearing about the 1st tower getting hit, so you might even say that they had 50 minutes).

No one could know how many planes or targets other than the WTC there were, so you have to assume the worst. Washington DC was an obvious target and the most important to defend. Topeka Kansas could remain undefended, not Washington. Yet incredibly, there were no military planes scrambled and in the air patrolling Washington DC airspace to defend against a possible attack. Instead, we are expected to believe they were just waiting for a call from the FAA, and it came too late.

I give them a pass on the WTC Towers, I can see surprise affecting good judgement and response times, and there were only 17 minutes between the 2 towers getting hit.

The Pentagon is a different story, we had plenty of time to prepare to defend Washington DC and prevent it. After the 2nd plane hit, it was clear we were being attacked and that it was an act of war.

Maybe they did respond properly. Some believe AA 77 never hit the Pentagon. It may have been shot down, perhaps over water or in some remote location as it headed back towards Washington DC. UA 93 may have been shot down as well since neither sight resembled any plane crash we have ever seen.

So it may be that the military performed admirably in protecting Washington DC if you believe the shoot down theory. Of course, then they have to explain who shot a missile or flew a small remotely controlled plane into the Pentagon. I find this hard to believe though.

If it is true that AA 77 hit the Pentagon, and let's stick with that since there is no real evidence to support a shoot down of AA 77, then the case for a military stand down, at the top levels anyways, is clear, unless someone can answer the most obvious question that was not asked by the 9/11 Commission.

Question: Why did NORAD not provide Washington DC with air cover immediately after the 2nd Tower was hit, to stop any plane that might be headed for the White House, Capitol Hill, or the Pentagon, since these would be obvious targets?

Answer: ?????????????

The hijacking protocol is not the issue, it is a smokescreen. Once they knew that planes were being used as weapons, the protocol that should be followed is air defense of Washington DC and other facilities during an enemy attack on the mainland. I am sure the protocol in place during the Cold War was not to wait until FAA alerted NORAD to the location of Soviet bombers. They seek out and destroy in the event of an attack, and do not wait for the FAA to give them a ring.

BTW, still waiting for that NIST report on WTC 7, 6 years and counting. Just saying.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My 2 cents:

1) I can not give the military a "pass" on the second tower hit. I have isolated on video that the "streak" you see whiz by, leaving a shadow on the tower while the fireball is still expanding, was an F-15. I isolated it on another video, and had it verified by a video expert at BYU.

In other words, it was tailing Flt 175 right into the building.

And don't forget: Someone "painted" the tower with a laser. Most likely, the white plane you see in the upper right hand corner of the video of Flt 175 impacting. The E-4B. Equipped with laser.

If it was Flt 175, I am undecided between a missile and a Boeing tanker (That Dov Zackheim had a large part in leasing).

Birds make holes in Boeing 757 cockpits during mid-air collision. There are many photos available as evidence of this fact. A soft bird body punches a hole into a jet airliner cockpit.

But I am supposed to believe Flt 175 cockpit not only survived undamaged a collision with a 110 storey skyscraper, but also emerged undamaged after plowing through concrete floors AND exited the other wall still undamaged? HUH?

Can. Not.

BTW James B.: You are stating whatever Dylan Avery alleges, all of us swallow whole? Nice try, struggler.

1:56 AM  
Blogger James B. said...

If it was Flt 175, I am undecided between a missile and a Boeing tanker (That Dov Zackheim had a large part in leasing).

Then you are an idiot. The Boeing tankers were never leased, they were cancelled due to a bribery scandal. The first KC-767 was not even built until 2005, for the Italian Air Force.

Maybe they have a time travel machine to go along with their Star Wars Death Beams?

And no, I am not saying everyone goes along with Dylan Avery. I am just pointing out that despite all of your definitive statements "Everyone knows", "it is proven", "there is no doubt", you guys (the 4.6% who believe any version of this)can't even agree on the most basic facts among yourselves.

7:50 AM  
Blogger The Walrus said...

I think to believe that the war games were a distraction and nothing more is missing the whole picture. One of those games is what unleashed the attacks, most likely vigilant warrior (see The game was flipped live and the attack became real instead of simulated. The question is: Who really perpetrated the attack? Was there double agents that used their knowledge of the excercise to get one in under the radar, knowing the US military would cover-up any involvement?; or could it be that there was complicity in the events by members of "Plan B" and other cohorts of the US shadow government that allowed or intended for this event to take place?
Of course we are always coming back to MIHOP, LIHOP, or if Satan is really running the US government. Circumstantial evidence does nothing for us here and we have no actual evidence of complicity, eventhough just about everybody thinks now that 9/11 was an inside job due to the nature of the cover-up. If there was infiltration don't you think that the US military and government operatives who help set up the exercise, including possibly aiding a terrorist cell would want to cover-up the fact that intrinsically they were responsible
for 9/11?
There are so many foregone conclusions in the 9/11 movement now that you have conjecture upon conjecture with people making false suppositions based upon poor evidence. We can not let our bias towards dismantiling the Bush regime cloud our judgement as to what occurred on 9/11/2001. We need to keep all reasonable and possible options on the table. As of late we have only considered direct government complicity and frankly, it is probably more complex than that. Step one should be supeonas for all military personel involved with with the events of that day, as well as supeonas for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. We need a special prosecutorial team of independent memebers not sullied by personal and professional connections of those being questioned and examined, ie. zero conflicts of intrest. The time for the collection of physical evidence and emassing a case on the grounds of scientific evidence is futile. We must put the military's elites involved in this debacle to the fire and get real answers or face criminal prosecution. If these individuals are theatened with treason and the possiblity of the gallows the dominoes will fall. There is substanital evidence to suggest the formation of a court of inquiry and ask congress to pass a new special prosecutor amendment, one intended soley for high crimes and misdemenors, not one crafted to wage political battles. We need focused cogent strategies not a reguritation of our old tired unproven talking points.
More and more the 9/11 truth community preaches to the choir, we need to take conscionable action citing past examples of military and black ops, as well as the strange events of that day and the doubts of many 9/11 commission members as to the truth of the military's statements about the war games and the response to the attacks. Getting caught up in trying to prove scientific facts in the face of absoultely no substantiating physical evidence is a fruitless excercise in time wasting and wheel spinning.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

walrus: alot of what you said was true, even if you were too harsh to the Truth community. But one point you made probably needs a little honing and clarification. You said we need a Special Prosecutor and Investigation. Guess what? You're not going to get one. And the reason you'll never get one is because you are ASKING for it. It is time to stop asking and time to start demanding answers by bringing hostile litigation (ie LAWSUITS) against who ever damn well is sitting on unpopular factoids they are reluctant to otherwise share. Sue NORAD. Sue the FAA. Sue all the airlines. Sue Marvin Bush. Sue Rumsfeld. Sue the booker elementary school to find out how long the dirtbag was sitting there before he got his sorry ass onto airforce one. (((Dammit!))), sue EVERYBODY and demand answers under threat of contempt of court dammit! The 911 Truth movement needs to set up a legal fund to pay for the lawyers to get this done right! And everyone should chip in to pay for it. Now that's a "fund drive".

I am so not joking right now.

2:15 AM  

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