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Explosive Evidence - High Temperatures Prove WTC Demolition

The government has been forced to admit that the fires in World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 were not hot enough to melt steel. That's because maximum temperatures reached by burning jet fuel, diesel, office supplies and equipment, and the other flammable material which could possibly have burned in the World Trade Centers are far below the melting point of steel.

But two pieces of evidence prove that temperatures within some parts of the Trade Centers were higher than the melting point of steel:

Dr. Steven Jones found iron spheres in samples of dust from the World Trade Center which were collected by ground zero resident Janette MacKinlay. The existence of iron spheres in the WTC dust was independently verified by the government's U.S. Geological Survey itself.

Because iron melts at about the same temperature as steel. Indeed, the temperature needed to melt iron is almost twice the maximum temperature that can be generated by the fuel available in the Trade Center fires.

What, other than explosives producing enormous heat, could have produced temperatures hot enough to form the iron spheres?

• An expert stated about World Trade Center building 7, "A combination of an uncontrolled fire and the structural damage might have been able to bring the building down, some engineers said. But that would not explain steel members in the debris pile that appear to have been partly evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures" (pay-per-view).

Steel evaporates at a temperature approximately twice as high as the melting points of iron and steel, and almost three-and-a-half times the maximum temperature that can be reached by fuel available in the Trade Center fires.

Therefore, it is beyond dispute that the temperatures actually present as the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed were simply much too hot to have been caused by office fires (remember, the jet fuel burned off very quickly; once that happened, the fires were fueled by burning normal office supplies and materials).

What could have caused such high temperatures? Certain high-explosives put out extremely high temperatures.

There is substantial evidence of high-explosives in the Trade Centers. I will cite just two examples:

• The government itself describes an official photograph of molten metal pouring out of one of the Twin Towers rights before it collapsed (p. 48):
An unusual flame is visible within this fire. In the upper photograph {Fig 9-44} a very bright flame, as opposed to the typical yellow or orange surrounding flames, which is generating a plume of white smoke, stands out. The intensity of this flame is considerably brigther than normal flames.
• A paramedic captain stated "somewhere around the middle of the world trade center there was this orange and red flash coming out initially it was just one flash then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode the popping sound and with each popping sound it was initially an orange and then red flash came out of the building and then it would just go all around the building on both sides as far as could see these popping sounds and the explosions were getting bigger going both up and down and then all around the building".

Whatever caused the "very bright flame" and orange and red flashes was apparently hot enough to melt iron and to vaporize steel, even though burning jet fuel, office supplies and the other flammable materials present in the World Trade Centers could not have done so.

There was also molten metal under ground zero for months after 9/11. What caused that?

Note: Before you argue that the "friction" or "pressure" from the collapses caused the molten and evaporated metal, read this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question. What caused those temperatures has a possible answer _ Pressure!! The falling tonnage caused massive pressure that produced the heat

12:28 PM  
Blogger Washingtons Blog said...

Anonymous said "What caused those temperatures has a possible answer _ Pressure!! The falling tonnage caused massive pressure that produced the heat".

However, doesn't this refutes your argument:


12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cambridge university recently completed an exhaustive study using advanced modelling to show exactly that - there would be huge temp increases due to cascading floors creating friction i.e. temperature well in excess of the MP of any constructioin metal - put these crazy theories to bed and get lives!! Move on to bigger fish like defeating Terror!!

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you saying PRESSURE cause the steel to melt and remain in a molten pool?

That's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard of. How come when two cars collide the steel doesn't melt? Does the friction of a bullet passing through the barrel of a gun cause it to wilt?

You're obviously a shill for the jews that are the actual perpetrators.

I think thermite, mini-nukes, and space beams are more believable.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous- You are living proof that critical thinking has been abandoned in the country when ALL the evidence points to inside job. I guess you have a good explanation for Bldg 7 dropping? And the video on the BBC announceing that Bldg 7 has fallen(video available online) 20 minutes before it happened. Oopps

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PRESSURE?!!? Americans are even more stupid than once thought...

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven Jones has a six part talk on YouTube in which he covers this issue very well. Friction is a pretty lame excuse for molten metal. We don't see molten metal in other controlled demolitions because they use high explosives, not thermite. Any collapse should generate friction, but no molten metal has ever been found except on 9/11 at the WTC. Thermite was used to initiate the collapses because it is not as loud as normal cutter charges. Watch some of the thermite videos on YouTube just to understand the huge amount of heat released by this reaction. Now imagine large amounts of thermite packed inside the box columns of the WTC.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys...we don't know it was "The Jews" who did 9/11. Even if Israel was involved, we can't blame "The Jews" as a group. I would hate to have my race held responsible for everything Bush and Tony Blair have done.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently the difference between heat, energy and temperature is barely understood by non scientific contributers. Although the energy from a falling WTC tower is enough to create a lot of heat it is unlikely that this will result in a concentration of this energy in specific structural members of a falling building to create very high temperatures.

A large bath of warm water contains more heat than a white hot needle. This heat cannot concentrate itself into small regions of high temperature without artificial means. It contradicts the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

Demolishing buildings of comparable size, under ordinary circumstances, does not produce pools of molten metal. Ask any demolition expert. Pools of molten metal never occur during normal demolition.

Finding pools of molten metal in the rubble of a recently collapsed (collapsed according to the official story) building is inexplicable in reasonable scientific terms. Although lots of energy is released during the collapse, this energy is more or less evenly dissipated throughout the rubble.

A hot mug of coffee in a cool room cools off. Heat flows from hot things to cold things. Heat does not concentrate itself, forming small hot spots without help.

The apparent fact that pools of molten metal were found in the rubble is, for me, sufficient reason to credit the claim that the structural integrity of the buildings was compromised with melt-bombs, of which thermite seems to be the most plausible explanation.

This in combination with the similarity between the films on the internet of thermite experiments and the film of a glowing shower of unknown origin emanating from the tower lends jurisprudential credibility to the entire thermite supposition.

2:09 PM  
Blogger john mccarthy said...

Super Heat??!! Let's look at the obvious for a change...

Why is everyone so afraid to pose the obvious: Some sort of Nuclear Demolitions brought down those towers!

Another choice for disintegrating steel and concrete would be the use of Directed Energy Weapons.

Think of a Star Wars Ray (Rail) Gun
Fired by a nuclear triggered Device originating from above as in a super stealth platform that may have been launched as a WEATHER Satellite!!!

Got a better idea?

BTW, I don't think that guy hiding in a cave in South Asia has either of these capabilities. In order to address this intelligently, one must assume that the destruction of the WTC was an inside job and the perps are still running around free instead of being charged and tried for mass murder and the follow on war crimes against sovereign nations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

The question. What caused those temperatures has a possible answer _ Pressure!! The falling tonnage caused massive pressure that produced the heat


Please don't allow anonymous comments. Authors who type nonsense such as the above need to be identified.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

"Anonymous said...
Guys...we don't know it was "The Jews" who did 9/11. Even if Israel was involved, we can't blame "The Jews" as a group. I would hate to have my race held responsible for everything Bush and Tony Blair have done."

1:58 PM

"Guys" is just slang for "goy", ie...cattle, animals. Why can't I blame all jews, israeli, or zionists? They're all the same.
Furthermore, it is just like a jew, israeli, zionist(covering all bases here) to cast all blame on another, Bush and Blair are equally complicit in the treason against their supposed countries. But then that begs to ask, which is really their country? To whom have they shown allegiance? Scan any MSM and the rhetoric is deafening, Israel, Israel, must save, protect Israel.

A man is judged by his actions, by which his 'fruit' is shown. You would have to be deaf, blind and stupid to be not able to judge what is rotten.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What were the rudder weights on the 767-200 made of?

What were the TUNED MASS DAMPER weights for the WTC system made of?

I'll bet it was DEPLETED URANIUM.


3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha. My old friend George Washington. (I made the mistake of revealing your real name once, and I won't do it again) There's something important here that you forgot to mention -- It was chemistry professor Dr. Davis from the University of California at Berkley who told Chris Bollyn that these iron spheres can ONLY be produced when iron (or steel melted by thermite) is brought to its BOILING point. So the physical evidence present in all of the dust of the WTC collapses is proof that the steel was not only melted, but actually boiled, so yes, jet fuel, and the ridiculous "pressure theory" suggested by the gov't troll are equally nonsensical explanations.
My sincere thanks to all of you (except the troll) for keeping up the good work. -- Jolly Roger

4:19 PM  
Blogger john mccarthy said...

When all of the information is codified, reviewed and concluded by the process of elimination, the standing facts will tell us that not only was 9/11 an Inside Job, but that all the Homeland (Vaterland) security BS that has put a crimp in our lifestyle since, was all part of the game that the government forced upon us in it's War on Terror (Truth) and that is why there has been NO REPETITION of 9/11 in the USA.

Just think about the amount of tonnage of Marijuana and Cocaine that has been successfully imported into the States since 9/11 and ask yourself why some "terrorist" has not used the smuggling community to challenged the security farce that strikes real fear into the public.

Another "proof" that 9/11 was an Inside Job!!!

War on Terror my ass.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out architects and engineers for 911 truth, Richard Gage has done and exemplary job of analyzing the 'demolition of the three towers' a DVD is available and is presented in an apolitical manner, purely structural analyses and with the analyses by Steven Jones it is hard to refute. It was a well planned operation with many participants. No coincidences here.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Richard C would care to elaborate on his assertion that thermite was used instead of standard explosives because it made a quieter explosion.

I have no hesitation in assuming it was an inside job. I have no problem attributing the implosion to something unconventional. I am pretty sure that those who planned this thing felt they were doing something noble and fine, because it arose out of a drill with its origins in the Pentagon. And we know what lengths they will go to for national security - or do we?

But clearly the object of the exercise was not to be caught at it right away by having someone notice it was just like plenty of other implosions they'd already seen in their lifetimes. If so, the propaganda value would be nil. Measures had to be taken before, during and after to obscure the cause. But weren't they worried that molten metal might be a giveaway? Did they do some kind of cost/benefit analysis which told them that the sound of the explosion in thousands of ears was more important a consideration than the testimony of blue collar recovery people down in an invisible hole noticing molten metal and talking about it in "deese, dem and dose" accents? Yes, I think they anticipated this. So who would work on such a deception with such experienced cleverness? Who wagged the dog from where, and when did they liaise with the Pentagon? Special effects/Special Plans/Blackwater/advisory services to movie makers... it's all one happy family out to generate box office, isn't it?

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh. and while I'm at it: the implosion of 7 WTC was a johnny-come-lately but not I would think an afterthought. Because it was part of the script, and they evidently needed to destroy some incriminating evidence there. The script was of course delivered to the BBC, which wasn't in on the whole thing.

But did 7WTC also have to have thermite? After all, the public was far away by the time that happened. Did they find molten metal there? Or was it a more conventional "pull"?

8:31 PM  
Blogger Shrink Rat said...

Molten iron/steel was found under WTC 7. And WTC 1 and 2.

The shill who argues the 'pressure' hypothesis forgets (on purpose, I suppose) to remember that there was very little pressure 'pushing down' on WTC 1 or 2 because most of the material (steel beams and concrete) were exploding *outward* from each building and spreading out all over New York. So where did all this 'pressure' downward come from? Not from the buildings themselves, that's for sure.

Further, is it so difficult a concept to imagine that cutter charges and thermite/thermate were used? Duh.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Journey Home said...

Great blog site and discussion - I've noticed that the quickest to post are actually paid to monitor sites like yours (maybe/maybe not) but I can't come up with another explanation of someone taking the time to post - refuting your point of view so adamantly (!!) and then signing anonymous.

Well I wouldn't be surprised I've seen this at other sites. As Dan Rather once said - if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

It was controlled demolition friends and paid apologizers (quack, quack)

"...and it's all to clear we are on our own..."

Author-Journey Home

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The shill who argues the 'pressure' hypothesis forgets (on purpose, I suppose)"

Wow! This type of language is straight from FreeRepublic. Maybe this whole site is a shill.

I would be with the first to argue that this event was an inside job, but I also understand the relation between pressure and temperature.

There are two or three basic facts that indicate an inside job and arguing about such details as molten iron does no good to the cause of getting the truth out. It just creates arguement.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad that many still fall for the molten metal hoax.

Where were all the steam explosions from the firehose and rainwater?

There were none.

Conclusion: there was no molten metal.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the temperature at the WTC was so high, where were all the burned bodies.

There were none.

Conclusion: the temperature was not that high.

[Note: saying the people were all vaporized is NOT a valid argument. There would have to have been at least SOME burnt bodies.)

The high temperature story is a hoax to distract people from molecular dissociation. Exactly why was potting soil trucked in to Ground Zero, and trucked out later on?

If the ground was so hot that it melted the FDNY boots, why weren't their feet and legs incinerated?

The ground was not that hot. Their boots were reacting to molecular dissociation. (Analogy: imagine acid being poured on boots.)

6:50 PM  
Blogger Masher1 said...

The only PLAUSIBLE explanation for Fire at Ground Zero for 8 PLUS Weeks is that the fire was fed from just what Claymoremind and I have Stated on the post

Depleted Uranium TMD's are the only even close mass to sustain this fire in the face of more than 2 times the volume of the space in water poured onto it.

Anyone trying to yap off like Anon here just awaken more and more to the HORROR of the plans of 911.

I wish i did not have to start this topic but Clay asked and I KNOW so you all need to see.

Look at the WUFYS 1002 post it is all there sad as it is.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wiring of the thermite charges and planting of mini-nukes in the basement could could have been subcontracted to Zionofascists in the weeks prior to 9/11. But what was in WTC7 that had to be 'pulled' off the stage of history? why did they destroy that building? That is the question...

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I found this on Wikipedia: “A dangerous steam explosion can be created when liquid water encounters hot, molten metal. As the water explodes into steam, it splashes the burning hot liquid metal along with it, causing an extreme risk of severe burns to anyone located nearby and creating a fire hazard.”

My questions are: Would the FDNY spray water if they knew molten metal was there?

What about the rain the following week? Surely there must have been dozens of rescue/cleanup workers with severe burns.

Can someone link to the news reports of FDNY and rescue/cleanup crew being burned? Thanks.

12:32 AM  

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