Thursday, November 08, 2007

Here's What the Democrats are REALLY Thinking

True, Democrats are just as weasley as the neoconservatives currently trespassing in the hollowed grounds of the White House.

But there's a purely political calculation which is also driving the Democrats, and about which they are deadly wrong.

When Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into effect in 1964, he famously said that, by signing the bill, it would ensure that democrats would "lose the South for a generation".

Ancient history? Not really.

Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid and the other Democrat leaders are secretly telling each other:
"If we keep pretending like we oppose the Iraq War, oppose the Iran war, oppose the destruction of the Constitution, oppose spying on Americans, oppose torture, oppose vote fraud, but then we don't really fix anything, the Republicans will lose the country for a generation starting in 2008."
The knuckleheads think that actually doing anything by revoking their authorization for the "war on terror", holding a real investigation into 9/11, cutting Iraq war funding, passing legislation against invading Iran, impeaching Cheney, Bush and company, restoring the Bill of Rights, restoring checks and balances, stopping spying or stopping torture would kill their plan.

Because -- these numbskulls think -- if they fix anything, people won't have as much to be mad about that is going wrong, and so they won't throw the Republicans out on their ears.

Not only is this a very destructive, cynical calculation which is flushing our nation down the toilet, but it is wrong -- even on its own, cynical terms.


There won't be a country to win, because it is being effectively destroyed.

Torture is causing hatred towards America to become so strong that you won't want to be its leader.

Shenanigans with the nation's finances mean that there won't be any economy for you to manage.

Authorizations of big brother spying are destroying your liberty to govern, as well as your constituents' liberty.

Stolen elections may mean that you won't stand a chance in the first place.

And further false flag attacks, or wars (against Iran, Syria, etc.) , between now and election time might mean that elections have to be "postponed" due to "national emergency" or disruption of the nation's infrastructure.

The strategy of the Democratic leadership will not be successful. The Democratic leaders are not only selfish and corrupt, they are also stupid.


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