Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The White House and Congress Knew about the CIA Interrogation Videotapes

According to a former "senior intelligence official", the White House knew of the existence of the CIA interrogation tapes since 2003, at the very latest, and tacitly approved the destruction of the tapes in 2005.

Indeed, former CIA agent and State Department counterterrorism official Larry Johnson said that it was “highly likely” that President Bush himself had viewed the videotapes of the 2002 interrogations that were later destroyed. And the White House counsel knew in advance about the planned destruction of the tapes. Is that why the White House has instructed its spokesperson not to answer any questions on the subject?

And according to the Director of the CIA, Congress was also informed about the existence of the tapes, and -- later -- of the CIA's intention to destroy them.

Indeed, Senator Rockefeller has confirmed that the Senate Intelligence Committee knew of the existence of the videotapes in 2003. And Congresswoman Harman has confirmed that the House Intelligence Committee also learned of the existence of the videotapes in 2003. Is that why Senator Rockefeller opposes any real investigation into the destruction of the tapes, saying “I don’t think there’s a need for a special counsel, and I don’t think there’s a need for a special commission"?

The obstruction of justice regarding the tapes appears to have been orchestrated by the very highest levels of the U.S. Government.



Blogger JB said...

Hello all,

They don't want you to know that 9/11 was a FALSE FLAG terror attack. How do we really know they even interrogated anyone, hm? Do you just take the governments word for it blindly? Look up the term FALSE FLAG and do your research--you will be floored. America has been doing them in the past and you can't tell me anything different--I've many sources and evidence. Although OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD (research this term also and you'll begin to rise and shine) would have you believe differently. The Matrix has you. Wake up, Neo.

Check out 911blogger.com and herewith the finest videos (saving the best for the last) to watch on YouTube:

- Alex Jones Predicts 911
- Aaron Russo - Architecture Of A Prison Planet (Pt. 1) [Worth watching all 8 parts!]
- Operation Northwoods
- davin coburn from popular mechanics answers 9/11 questions 1 [Be sure to watch both parts! As this is the mouth from which the offical 9/11 (pancakes & eggs) commission *theory* derives from.]
- 911 Commission - Trans. Sec Norman Mineta Testimony
- Sibel Edmonds Investigations Thwarted
- 9/11:Flight 93 Eyewitness Says No 757 Crashed in Shanksville
- DR. STEVEN JONES 9/11 THERMATE EVIDENCE PART 1 [This evidence alone is devestating!]
- Architect Richard Gage "How the Towers Fell" (1 of 13)
- Loose Change 2nd Edition (Full)
- 9/11 Mysteries - Updated Vesion 1 of 12


8:27 PM  
Blogger JB said...


The only words anyone really needs to know. That is what the FALSE FLAG terror attack 9/11 is all about and what the War on Terror is all about--which will never end--which is what they want because it generates money for the bankers which rule the Central Banks and the Federal Reserve, which want a one world government. This is why they are destroying America slow but sure--outsourcing of jobs, not building a wall against the invasion that is all but annihilating us, letting our economy rot, letting millions go homeless, letting corporations dictate the law of the land, the dumbing down of our culture so as to more easily control the cattle, and on and on and on. This is ultimately leading to our collapse and to the North American Union, just like the European Union. Everyday we are coming closer and closer to a Global Government and this is precisely the NEW WORLD ORDER's agenda. Ever hear about the frog and the boiling water?

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