Monday, January 01, 2007

No, I Won't Shut Up

The State: Shut up.

Me: What? I was just saying the government would be better if . . .

State: Be quiet . . . you are a criminal.

Me: Why? I was just exercising my right to free speech.

State: You are a homegrown terrorist.

Me: Look -- I was born in the U.S., and I am a patriotic American citizen who loves the Constitution.

State: You've been saying the government is fascist. That's hate speech. That radicalizes people and turns them into violent terrorists.

Me: But the government is, in fact, becoming fascist.

State: Listen. . . we've got all of the mainstream media and the politicians in both parties in our pockets.
We've fixed the elections and cooked all of the books.
We've militarized the police and suspended habeas corpus.
We've got secret continuity of government plans to bypass the normal government system altogether.
We're ready to carry out another false flag if we need to clamp down even more on people.
And we label anyone who criticizes us too much as criminally insane or a terrorist.

So we can stop you from saying we're fascist.

Me: There you go again!
An honest and open government welcomes criticism and questions.

State. Shut up! Cut his mike!

Me: Do you support Cubans right to criticize their government?

State: (Frustrated) That's different.

Me: Would you have supported Germans right to question Hitler? Or Russians to question Stalin? What about the Chinese or North Koreans today? Would you support their right to freedom of speech?

State: (Hysterically screaming) That's not the same. You unpatriotic .....(Eyes popping, pressure building, explodes in impotent rage, collapses pathetically in helpless heap.)

Me: I'm just saying.

The last third or so of this essay was written by Phaedrus.


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Blogger Oberststuhlherr said...

Victronix:"Shut up."
STH:"No, I Won't Shut Up"
Victronix:"Oh yes you will. You're banned"

911blogger:"Shut up."
STH:"No, I Won't Shut Up"
911blogger:"Oh yes you will. You're banned""Shut up."
STH:"No, I Won't Shut Up""Oh yes you will. You're banned""Shut up."
STH:"No, I Won't Shut Up""Oh yes you will. You're banned"

Victronix:"We aren't in the business of free speech"
STH:"Do you even think about what you say?

STH:"I will stand by Truth whether that be in a tent or not."

Vehmgericht: Who owns 9/11 Truth?
We have been harshly criticized by others for this blog entry, but none of them has actually told us that we are factually wrong in our speculations. Indeed, the wording has always seemed to artfully evade the issue of whether some of these individuals or sites are covert agents or entities of one stripe or another. "We don't like it when people call those with whom we work 'disino operatives'". I'll bet.

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