Sunday, February 24, 2008

Peach or Toast?

Devoted fans of a tv show saved their already-cancelled show by getting creative.


They sent tons of nuts to network executives ("nuts" was a memorable word from the show). The executives reinstated the cancelled show, which has virtually never happened before.

Why not save something a little more important . . . our country?

Just send a piece of toast and a peach to your congressional representative with a note saying "If you don't imPEACH, the fascists in the White House will make TOAST of America (and your re-election efforts will be toast)".

Let's inundate congress with toast and peaches ... so they can't ignore the will of the people.


Blogger Wat Tyler said...

An interesting analogy, GW. The show you are talking about is 'Jericho' - a terrific series about a Kansas town that survives a series of 'terrorist' nuclear attacks that knock out 23 American cities.
The attacks are blamed on North Korea and Iran and these two countries are incinerated in a retaliatory strike by the US. But we learn that the attacks were a false flag operation designed to usher in a new order and a new American government.
No wonder that CBS tried to pull it!
Here in the UK the BBC is airing 'The Last Enemy', a show with a similar although more subtle premise. Perhaps PBS will show it in the US.
Keep up the good work. Sounds to me like the 9/11 story is about to break cover in the UK national press.

3:22 AM  

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