Monday, February 19, 2007

What Do the New JFK Revelations Really Mean?

The revelations by the Dallas County District Attorney's Office that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby may have discussed killing John F. Kennedy on behalf of the Mafia is getting mainstream press.

But what does it really mean?

Well, even if the Mafia hired the actual trigger-man, could the Mafia have:
  • Gotten the weapon fired by Oswald to violate the laws of physics, and shoot faster than Italian army tests show it can be shot? (in other words, Oswald could not have been the only shooter; see also this) (and if Oswald was not the only shooter, how could they have manipulated the Warren Commission to find only one shooter?)
Whether or not the Mafia had a role in JFK's death is not the question. Portions of the assassination may, indeed, have been subcontracted out to the Mafia. But the question is who masterminded the assassination. As the above 3 brief points show, only elements within the U.S. government had the means and opportunity.


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