Monday, March 26, 2007

Of Course the Fox Should Investigate the Chicken Coup Incident

9/11 Commissioner and former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman previously admitted that the Commission purposely put together a staff in which every single staff member had a conflict of interest. He rationalized this by saying that the Commission wanted senior people in the government agencies relevant to 9/11, since they would know what was important and what wasn't.

Now, it has been revealed by a leading professor of structural engineering that the government-funded engineering group which whitewashed the reason that the World Trade Centers collapsed on 9/11 -- the the American Society of Civil Engineers -- included the wife of the trade center's structural engineer and a representative of the buildings' original design team. The structural engineer called such a blatant conflict of interest "moral corruption". He also revealed that the engineering group's conclusion that buildings cannot be built to withstand plane crashes is wholly false.

Indeed, the conflict has been admitted by the team leader of the very government-funded engineering group which is accused of corruption. He tried to rationalize this conflict of interest by saying that employing people with ties to the original builders was "necessary" because they had access to information that was difficult to get any other way.

That makes sense. From now on, all investigations into organized crime should include members of the gang being investigated, because they have access to information which would be difficult to get in any other way. And friends and family members of the criminal defendant should sit on the juries of all criminal trials, because they have access to information which would be difficult to get in any other way.

Indeed, all investigative bodies should be loaded with nice helpful insiders who can
provide useful information which helps steer the investigation in the right direction ... away from finding fault on the part of those being investigated.

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