Friday, March 21, 2008

Excuse Me, Mr. Emperor, Sir . . .

The emperor says he doesn't care if two-thirds of the public is now against the Iraq war (video). The emperor's spokesperson says that the public's input into the Iraq war ended in 2004.

Excuse me, Mr. Emperor, Sir, but:
  • Without massive vote fraud, you would not have "won reelection" in 2004
  • You lied in saying that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, and most of the American people did not learn we had been deceived until after your "reelection"
Excuse me, Mr. Emperor, Sir, but ...

You can stifle our voices in the short run. But all tyrannical governments eventually end, and the tyrants are eventually thrown in jail or forced to flee.

You can silence us for a short while. But, eventually, the American people will have our say.


Blogger Barbara Diamond said...

America is going to attack Iran and America's armed forces-overstretched and deprived- will over time through military fatigue and open ended occupation of the Middle East find itself decimated.

This is why Admiral Fallon didn't want further war in the region and was subsequently silenced by the Bush goons.


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