Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If Innocent Mistakes Led to 9/11, Would the Government Have Promoted the People Who Made the Mistakes?

I have previously argued that - if 9/11 really happened because "no one could have imagined" that terrorists would slam planes into buildings, and that honest "mistakes were made" - then the government would have fixed the problems which led to the security breach -- especially the simple fixes.

Similarly, if 9/11 was caused made by mistakes by government employees, the government would have fired or demoted the people who made the mistakes. At the very least, the wouldn't give the people who made the mistakes even more power, right?

But that's exactly what the White House has done. For example:
  • An FBI official who tolerates penetration of the translation department by Turkish spies and encourages slow translations just after 9/11 is promoted (see this and this)
  • The CIA promoted two unnamed top leaders of its unit responsible for tracking al-Qaeda in 2000 even though the unit mistakenly failed to put the two suspected terrorists on the watch list. “The leaders were promoted even though some people in the intelligence community and in Congress say the counterterrorism unit they ran bore some responsibility for waiting until August 2001 to put the suspect pair on the interagency watch list.”


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