Friday, April 04, 2008

It Is NOT Too Late

With the never-ending assaults on our constitutional liberties by the wanna-be fascists . . .

With the constant manipulations of the economy by the powers-that-be . . .

With the mountain of horrific crimes committed by the mega-corporations in Iraq and America
. . .

With the constantly-increasing blizzard of psyops and snow-jobs by the corporate media . . .

It is easy to lose hope

Or to have the fire of righteous anger doused by the dampness of fatigue

Or to ease up on trying to fix things

A Little Perspective

It is vital to put things in perspective:
  • We are (still) able to share real news on the Internet
  • We are (still) not locked in prison camps set up for those who criticize the government
  • We have (still) not bombed yet another country for oil
  • There has (still) not been a nuclear or bio false flag
  • We are (still) able to access food and other necessities
Therefore, we still have resources to work with . . .

NOW Is the Time

Indeed, while the forces of darkness are perhaps greater than ever before, we also have more awareness and more resources than ever before. More people understand the history of false flags than ever before. More people understand than ever before that wars are fought for the financial interests of the few (according to Noam Chomsky). More people can access uncensored information on the Net than ever before. More people see the big picture than ever before.

I'm not saying everything is okay and we should relax. I am saying that the battle isn't over yet. Liberty and justice and sanity can still prevail.

NOW is the time to stand up and insist on our freedom.
NOW is the moment to seize victory away from those who want to manipulate us.
NOW is the window of opportunity when the people can throw off the yoke of the tyrants.

We still have everything we need to win.
It is (still) not too late

NOW is the perfect time to take action!


Blogger Mike M C said...

By the way wanna-be fascists are peeking chicken hawks. They can't wait for the next opportunity (false flag) to declare martial law.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hear Here George Washington!! LOVE your work! You're right! We're stronger NOW than ever before, Japan's MP, Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura, more movies and books than you can shake a stick at, breaking through the major media a bit here and there...

6:07 PM  
Blogger Wayne Prante said...

"It Is NOT Too Late" indeed to use the tools we have right now for civilly informing our friends, neighbors and countrymen / women. Forget the obsession with MSM and BE the unfiltered media with truth, love and hope. Put aside the anger. BE the Change, not part of the problem. That is what people want and need, and respect, and which they will support. That is what THEY fear most.

7:04 PM  
Blogger budfox said...

I submitted a comment on the morning of April 5 and it never was posted.
Perhaps you never received it, as cyberspace can swallow things up.

I'm curious if you did receive it and decided to omit from comments what ws your reasoning? Nothing untoward in my comment at all.

I have updated my profile to show my email. Hope to hear from you.


ps. there does not appear in this blog format to be a way to contact you directly, so have to send a comment.

6:29 AM  
Blogger JJR said...

Slightly OT, but Mr. Washington, did you catch the recent episode of THIS AMERICAN LIFE, "The Audacity of Government"?

It examined minor Governmental issues, things that don't generally make the headlines...but even on these issues the behavior of the current administration is just appalling--specifically, the peaceable maintenance of the border with Canada per our treaty obligations, and the fate of foreign women married to Americans who are applying for permanent residency but have the misfortune of having their husbands die before the process is completed.

In each story the executive branch of the federal government demonstrates a sneering disregard for the rule of law, even in the most routine, mundane, seemingly uncontroversial matters...they take what TAL describes as "an aggressive, lawyerly stance" on nearly any and every issue...including withholding death benefits to 9/11 rescue workers, etc.

One American lawyer at the end of the last story was asked what his worst nightmare was about where all of this could lead, is leading; He was really uncomfortable with the question and took a long time to answer, and finally just managed to say, he feared he would not see things reversed in his lifetime. The lawyer in question reported his age as 39.

Also alarming was the responses given by the current presidential candidates regarding the "new" executive powers asserted by GWB. Obama and Clinton were both described as intending to continue the use of obnoxious "signing statements". While all of them took a more restrained view of the limits of executive power overall, some of the particulars were disturbing.

Of course, all that assumes that the current regime will even allow the elections to go forward at all, hacked and corrupted as they seem to be...we keep seeing scary stories every election cycle about "continuance of governance" plans in case of a major terror strike in the middle of an election that kills much of the nation's elected government before they can be seated, etc...basically giving "legal" justification to suspend the constitution, declare martial law and turn power over to a shadow government...basically the framework of a Coup'd'etat with no foreseeable end, other than through the R-word.

Have to keep our eyes and ears open, especially the next 2 years until the next Prez is sworn in, but even then we can't let our guard down.

12:15 PM  
Blogger marain said...

Responding to your post of 4 April 2008, "It Is NOT Too Late", I wish I had found your blog when you started it so long ago. I really have felt despair so many times since 9/11. I wish I knew what actions to take that would really affect something - it just all seems so out of control. I do try to speak out about the 9/11 false flag operation whenever possible, I've supported TheBradBlog authored by Brad Friedman who has been working tirelessly to raise awareness about the dangers inherent in electronic voting and tallying machines, I did join the ACLU after the coup d'etat of 2000, I wrote a letter to President Elect Obama asking him to close Guantanamo and to prosecute the lawbreakers of the last eight years, but it doesn't seem like it is enough. Have you posted elsewhere suggested actions?

Thank you for being a true patriot.

1:11 PM  

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